Rosenstein Says He Authorized Release of Page–Strzok Text Messages
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Rosenstein Says He Authorized Release of Page–Strzok Text Messages

Former Deputy AG Rosenstein Authorized Release
of Page–Strzok Texts. Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein
authorized the Justice Department (DOJ) to release text messages between former FBI officials
Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, according to a sworn statement by Rosenstein in a Jan. 17
court filing. Rosenstein made the revelation in a declaration
filed with the government’s latest arguments (pdf) in a lawsuit brought by Strzok. The former FBI deputy assistant director is
suing the DOJ, claiming he was wrongfully fired and had his Privacy Act rights violated
by the release of the texts. Page has filed a separate lawsuit against
the DOJ that alleges Privacy Act violations. The Privacy Act protects information that
the government holds on private individuals. The release of the text messages in December
2017 sparked a political firestorm over the origins of the Russia investigation. Using their FBI phones, Strzok and Page, who
were having an extramarital affair, aired their disdain for then-candidate Donald Trump,
spoke of stopping him from being elected, discussed an “an insurance policy” in
the “unlikely event” he won, and mulled “impeachment” around the time they joined
special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Rosenstein said that he chose to release the
text messages after learning that the DOJ Office of Inspector General had cleared the
messages to be disclosed to Congress. Facing questioning by lawmakers on Dec. 13,
2017, he decided to disclose the messages to the media to prevent the intermittent release
of the messages before, during, and after the hearing, fearing the reporting would damage
“the public confidence in the FBI” and exacerbate the bad publicity for the DOJ,
Page, and Strzok. “The disclosure obviously would adversely
affect public confidence in the FBI, but providing the most egregious messages in one package
would avoid the additional harm of prolonged selective disclosures and minimize the appearance
of the Department concealing information that was embarrassing to the FBI,” Rosenstein
wrote. Rosenstein’s declaration addresses Privacy
Act concerns raised in both lawsuits. Prior to releasing the messages, Rosenstein
consulted with the department’s chief privacy and civil liberties officer, who informed
him that the release of the messages would be legal because Page and Strzok sent the
messages using their FBI phones, fully aware that the content is subject to review by the
bureau. Rosenstein’s declaration is likely to make
it more difficult for Page and Strzok to substantiate their Privacy Act claims, which require a
government official to knowingly disclose information on a private citizen in violation
of the law. In response to the news of Rosenstein’s
involvement, Page wrote on Twitter, “All I can say is this: I very much look forward
to Rod’s deposition.” Attorneys for Strzok and Page didn’t return
a request by The Epoch Times for comment. The pair played key roles in the FBI’s counterintelligence
investigation of the Trump campaign and the bureau’s probe of Hillary Clinton’s use
of a private, unauthorized email server to conduct government work. The origins and conduct of the Trump probe
are currently under investigation by U.S. Attorney John Durham. The Clinton email investigation is under ongoing
scrutiny by Congress and nongovernment watchdogs, including Judicial Watch. In his role as deputy attorney general, Rosenstein
made decisions that would shape the Trump presidency for years. He backed the firing of FBI Director James
Comey, and, in response to the firing, appointed Mueller as special counsel to investigate
allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Rosenstein oversaw the Russia probe for most
of its duration until Trump appointed Matthew Whitaker as acting attorney general. Mueller concluded his investigation in April
2019, finding no evidence to substantiate allegations
of collusion. Follow Ivan on Twitter: @ivanpentchoukov


  • Marvin Montgomery

    Let's get real about tarnished image of the FBI they were exposed for the thugs that they were at Ruby Ridge along with the other thugs in the DOJ. Let's not forget about whitey Bulger and how the FBI overlook his murderous behavior and even help him flee from Justice. Ellis. Be shocked about the so-called tarnishing the golden image overlook apartment that was overseen by a sadistic racist cross-dressing homosexual J Edgar Hoover for whom the building in Washington DC bears the name

  • Daniel Campbell


  • Dwaine Castle

    The FBI manufactures false information to use against people now they are upset about true information being reported about one of their own.

  • Neil Slater

    A government phone is always subject to public disclosure. These elitists should know better! Their the suits out and let them continue their walk of shame.

  • Biph Kreimier

    I love it when the Epoch times shows up on my feed. I just wish they were longer. Is it possible to do a REAL TRUTH newscast that are longer than 10 minutes?

  • stu wilson

    Rosey was all in with the coup. I do find it interesting as they flip on one another. I think Lisa Page's come back at Rosey will be entertaining. Maybe he was her other boyfriend (too)! Swampy.
    See you soon

  • Richard Laurent

    Mr. Rosenstien deserves what he gets, he is a snake in the grass involved with all the Democratic Party’s dirty deals. Won’t miss him when he goes to jail.

  • sahara alfie

    **"Rosenstein IS a proven .. an hypocrite-pathological liar." The guy is dangerous as hell .. and MUST be taken out of circulation **

  • Bill S

    I'm thinking that the two lovebirds shouldn't have been discussing election meddling, a coup, and their affair on their government devices. Just sayin'

  • Stephen H

    We can only Hope that the Strzok LawSuite will Force the Exposure of Communications which will Only Further Take the Coup Comey / Brennen / NSA / DOJ / State & Obama > Players Down !

  • Triple G

    We don’t know how many people were blackmailed or had their family threatened with their lives. What would you do to save your family?

  • Skydiver

    I think Rod Rosenstein is a self serving rat. Rosenstein has no law enforcement reason for appointing Muller, but he did it for political reasons.

  • Derk Doys

    These scum love birds should bold go to Gitmo for high treason. Thinking they know what is bether for the country instead the voters, who do these low lifes think they are?

  • George ONeal

    That doesn't make Rosenstein a good guy. He has always and his wife also have been deep state. It was judicial watch getting the work done

  • Cliff Drake

    I’ve believed for over a year now that Rosenstein and Mueller were told what their roles would be or else they’d be exposed for the deep state they are/were. If Rosenstein recommended a wire, maybe it was to expose more involved. Go figure, that’s what’s happening and that’s what POTUS does…places people in the spotlight to expose themselves. WWG1WGA

  • Priscilla Weston

    They were using government issue phones. Those texts are not their property, those texts are property of the FBI. They should have had no expectation of privacy and if they wanted privacy then they should have used their private phones.

  • JJ Wen

    I think that considering the American tax payers covered the cost of this 2+ year fiasco, we deserve to see all the evidence that is uncovered. Everything. We paid for it, so let's see it.

  • James Feldman

    Rosenstein was simply following a standard government/industry strategy called the "big bath." When an organization has some bad news that will be made public and the organization's leaders know that MORE bad news will be on the way, an organization often elects to release ALL damaging information at once, taking a "big bath" as opposed to releasing the bad information in drips and drabs. The idea is that you lessen the extent of future damages and long-term injury to the status/reputation of the organization by taking the "big bath." There's an extensive history of this strategy generally working in most cases, so Rosenstein simply took that approach.

  • James Feldman

    Here's a reality check for Lisa Page. If you work for any government agency, you should know that ALL emails can be viewed by various other individuals and agencies and that a government employees enjoys no expectation of privacy.

  • Jose Pagan

    I'm tired of all the political drama!!! I want to see all of these elected and appointed officials do their jobs, and get to the business of people. Im sure we'll see just that after the 2020 election. As far as I'm concerned the DINO'S and RINO'S have all slit their own political throats. My protest will be at the ballot box.

  • tim tripp

    I remember Judicial Watch talking about Peter's Wife found the released texts??? Terned them in to official's?
    What about the rest?

  • Mike Burke

    Rosenstein is CYI-ing himself, because BB Gun Bar came on the scene and had Rosenstein betw. a rock and a hard place. TIme to come clean now, or get implicated in the madness coming.

  • Danny Thomas

    Thanks Gina for some real news and hope Barr and Durham can find the real truth about the corruption in our government !!!

  • Dougie FrogHopper

    My personal understanding is all – information and documentation that is produced on government property is government property.
    Information sent and received on government equipment is government information. Personal commo must be authorized and cannot be abused.
    The government can do what ever it wants – break rules or abide by rules.   Reference "Crossfire Hurricane" break rules to legally attack a political enemy.
    It is not your report it is the governments report – it is not your text message it is the governments text message – time at work is the governments time not your time.

  • Jim's Inkspot

    You know what's ridiculous? Rosenstein will succeed and make a bundle of taxpayers money. It is an impossible situation where a person in our Government can commit Treason, not be fired or Convicted in anyway and walk way richer and probably with an apology from the president of the United States. The American Government is nothing but a bad joke anymore.

  • Kane O'opu

    WHAT A TANGLED WEB THEY WEAVE!!! They should all be taken out behind the SHIT HOUSE and face a firing squad made up of President trump and those who went through unfair and biased prosecution/persecution!!! SHOOT FIRST, QUESTION LATER!!!


    Rosenstein just may be THE most misunderstood player in the whole Spygate saga. Was he a good cop or a bad cop? Did he go back and forth in his loyalties? Whose side was he on, other than his own? My mind is still not made up yet.

  • Mj Davis

    I can't tell what side Rosenstein is really on but what ever happened to the ability of the secret service to send people that threaten the higher ups in office. The movies I remember Strzok and Page would have had a black sack thrown over they're heads and black sited never to be heard of again. Trump as just a nominee at the time I understand, but shouldn't that sort of thing hold retroactive action. Why are they still walking around?

  • ckaz007

    Strzok is a corrupt G-Man. He covered for Hillary Clinton and then went after Trump. Hopefully Durham prosecutes him for his criminal actions and sends a message to the other Deep State rats working in the FBI.

  • Brad

    Future proves the past. Both Rosenstein and Mueller are patriots, and they helped to keep the law upright while people thought they were villains. They're GREAT actors. Watch for more evidence of that as more comes to light.

  • James Gillespie

    Rosenstein/Hemler job was to keep the nazi ruse going. His daddy would be proud. One thing Hemler didn't have was Internet. And now it will be the fall of these losers.

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    Don’t be fooled by Rosenstein he’s doing everything he can to suck up to the president now and put the Scent on someone else. He’s no better than Schiff and Nadler. Bet he has a one way open ticket to safe haven Israel

  • Johnl White

    R R. Should be in Gitmo with all the rest. Wray and Barr are traitors as well and if Trump doesn’t fire them he will probably get impeached

  • Brian Hill

    It's about time these msgs were released. Now we should see some very interesting criminal facts regarding the deepstate democrat socialist scum. I'm so glad it's being released thank you….now could you please bring out the Epstein little black book of names so that the rest of the world can be made aware of the sick GLOBALISTS…elites…pedowood pedophile child trafficking molesting and murdering ref. Children. The Epstein book will reveal a lot of sick fucking globalist wealthy elite CRIMINALS.Go Trump go…Go Trump go….Go Trump go

  • Le Adkins

    Strzok and page is more likes spying for the Democrats party they both dirty. Trow both of them in jail. Americans had the prove. The text messages is proven that masterminding is Schiff.

  • dethtrk Jones

    If strok and page wanted privacy they shouldn't have used govt issued phones paid for by the public for their private conversations. Idiots.

  • Patsy Faulkner

    Where Awan brother came to hear Peter Strzok hearing and you look at Awan facial expression when Louis Gohment grill to Peter go about of his affair. Look on Awan expression was shock but he understand, partially. it was so funny about Awan watch whole thing I really don't how he got in that hearing. I don't care about Peter and Lisa future and their marriage is failing miserably. Th tax payer pay them to do the job. They waste the time , and everyone time. But they were supposed to watch Hillary but you see they are on Hillary side. That why both were spying on President Trump on every move. The suit is not going to work, because both have committed the crime ,that a fact. Both should be charge for Treason.

  • 2th Man

    Impeachment is about damaging senators in my opinion. I think Trumps greatest contribution to our country is his reshaping of Supreme Court and other life time appointments. That will change our judiciary for 20-30 years. But he needed senate majority. He will probably be re-elected, but a democratic controlled senate will stop the Trump as we have come to know him.

  • Davison Horst

    He should be prosecuted for treason in helping to orchestrate a coup against the President of the US. An arrogant criminal like this should not be roaming around free for an hour much less for months.

  • rick4electric

    Strzok's wife became suspicious of her husband and started looking at messages in his phone. When she discovered the Page messages she became furious and SHE released the first messages! She is the ONLY reason that we know about them!

  • MAGAman20201107

    Neither Strozk or Page were "private" individuals, they were Government officials and as such have no privacy act protection.

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