Right Wing Pastor Brags About Trump’s Assault On The Rule Of Law
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Right Wing Pastor Brags About Trump’s Assault On The Rule Of Law

Earlier this month Focus on the Family. James Dobson joined a monthly prayer call
with intercessors for America where Dobson actually praised Donald Trump’s efforts to
destroy the judicial branch of the federal government. Although of course, Dobson doesn’t think it’s
destroying the judicial branch. He thinks it’s restoring it to some kind of
former glory that I guess Dobson thinks that it has during this phone call. Dobson specifically praise the quote, godly
people behind the scenes who were feeding Donald Trump these nominees, and we know who
those people are. It’s people like Mitch McConnell, people like
Lindsey Graham, the Federalist Society and other right wing think tanks funded by corporations
who are feeding these right wing judges directly to Donald Trump who doesn’t know any better
and just says, yeah, sure. This person, why not? As it stands right now on the district courts
here in the United States, 25% of those judges have been appointed by Donald Trump. 25% of the district courts are made up of
Trump appointees, and here we have this right wing evangelical pastor bragging about that
specifically said they’re literally changing the nature of the judiciary. Now. That’s something we have said plenty of times
here except we say it as a warning. They’re literally changing the nature of the
judiciary. Whereas Jame Dobson comes out and says they’re
literally changing the nature of the judiciary and the reason Dobson is happy about it is
because these right wing judges that Trump is appointing left and right and nobody’s
really paying that much attention to, they would finally win the culture Wars for the
Republican party. We’re talking about anti LGBTQ judges taking
the bench. We’re talking about judges who believe that
marriage is only between a man and a woman. Judges who believed that Christians are a
persecuted minority even though they’re not. These are judges who will side with corporations
at every given opportunity and that’s the thing we all have to realize about these judges
that Donald Trump is putting in place. It’s not just the culture war issues. That’s what the media will focus on with these
judges and they are important. Yes, this is a issue of equality. This is an issue of treating every human being
like they are the same. These right-wing judges don’t want to do that,
but they also want to allow corporations to poison our rivers and our streams and our
drinking water. As it stands right now, according to the latest
reports, there isn’t a single person in this country that has tap water going into their
house that is not contaminated with cancer causing chemicals at dangerous levels, not
one single person. Those are issues American citizens don’t even
realize are happening because they’re not reading these reports. They’re not following these judicial appointees
that Trump is putting into place, and here we have religious frauds like James Dobson
telling us that this is a good thing, telling his followers that they need to pray for the
judiciary, pray for this branch of government, pray that we get these religious people who
believe what we believe on the benches and so far they have been hugely successful with
it. A lot of the damage that Trump has done can
be undone. A lot of it can be undone by executive order,
by the next democratic president, but these judges is, nothing can be done about that. Not a single thing. They’re there for life. Jeez, you’re doing impeach a president than
it is to impeach a judge. So good luck getting rid of these people. If they don’t explicitly break the law, then
it doesn’t matter how many bigoted or horrible pro corporate rulings they put out, they’re
going to be there for the rest of their lives. And that is why people like James Dobson are
willing to overlook all of Donald Trump’s moral failings because ultimately he’s still
just pushing the conservative agenda.


  • jackson342002

    It was worth having a man as evil and incompetent as Donald Trump in the White House, solely for the purpose of expediting the death of the Christian belief system in America.

  • Stream Fisher

    This people have been Cheating, stealing, lying, n killing So Often, Now There Are Doing It In The Light Of The Day N Who Will Stop Them ?

  • terrible Tom oh

    Separation of church and state!!! Time for the good Christian preachers to start paying taxes. Take the tax free status away from them and see what they have to say.

  • judd442009

    Dobson is a dotard just like the sinful Pus*y-Grabbing POTUS who he supports. Dobson is a hypocrite and wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • kathy smith

    Mr. Dobson should realize that his statement is about as far from Christlike as you can get. perhaps he should lay off the Leviticus for a while and spend more time reading nothing but the Gospels and perhaps taking Jesus words to heart, rather than ignoring them.

  • R McElhaney

    Many Christian Pastors don't even come close to acting like true Christians.
    One of the Ten Commandments says "Thou shall not have any other Gods before Me!"
    Trump is a False 'God'. They are breaking a Ten Commandment and are sinning.

  • Yvette Lee

    Yes we have to realize half of amerikkkan people are stupid & dum they believe a lie over the truth and that's the truth ruth😁

  • Gym Jordan's Hairline

    The Right Wing loves lawlessness, tyranny, authoritarianism, totalitarianism & Fascism so long as it's their side doing it.

  • gramps2matt

    First things first, Farron. Do NOT call James Dobson a Pastor. He is not now nor has he ever been ordained. All his degrees and professional titles are academic based. At the beginning when his focus was on leading families on a more spiritual path I enjoyed his radio messages and video series they were very helpful and well intentioned yet there came a point where he became an arch activist for all things he proclaimed to be unholy for the family and launched the extreme right wing Christian organizations. That hate toward women who sought abortions and especially on clinics and doctors who provided them were very UNChristian then he lit into the LGBT community and help found conversion therapy programs. He is not a practitioner of Christian love. He is one of the frauds out there who has led many astray from what Christ actually taught.

  • Let’s grow

    It’s the Number one reason I absolutely don’t trust a Christian . They’re to gullible. You would take the poison blue pill if trump tell them to.

  • ROSS Bryan6


  • Don Bolton

    I found this video on Reddit r/atheism. I'm skeptical of anyone on any issue who's this definitive and apocalyptic in their fervor…BUT I'm going to subscribe, check out the content. That being said I generally agree with your message here.

  • James Renaud

    Saudi Arabia and Iran are both controlled by the same type of religious conservatives that we shall soon be controlled by. Different religion, same control

  • Dak Lamerbusch

    He is no "man of God." Christ preaches LOVE FOR ALL. If you hate, you are going against the word of Christ. (I am convinced that donny is not a man at all, but a lesser devil. I can hate him. 😉)

  • Icecream Headache

    Evangelical churches vote in block. They don’t look at their own self interest. They do as they are told. Why are they tax exempt?

  • Karen Shaub

    That's what they've been after ever since the first liberal took a breath.
    We're headed for a theocracy. Time can change an oligarchy, but getting rid of a theocracy is a hell of a lot harder.
    Ask the Iranians.

  • taylor Merriweather

    If he was the pastor he would not serve God to let somebody separate our nation and separate kids And all that. A Christian will always be loyal to God and not serve for the greedy for the fake God you know what I'm saying here! God does not play These games! God does not let any body serve the ones who are very evil. and Let a a greedy pig in office to ruin our nation with lies and corruption! I think God knows exactly what he should do with that fake pastor. He is going to punish his butt to the grave alongside with the monster in the White House! No wonder God blew down that wall. He can't stand to look at it at that weak flat crud!🙄😡

  • Losaiko Vote!!!

    Dobson wants what all evangelicals want. The reversal of LGBQ rights, Gay Marriages, the Right for a women to choice what to do with her body, the fusion of christian religion & the US Government. THESE ARE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS IDEALS!!!!

  • Daniel S

    culture war is bothsiderism as coded language for white supremacy. there is no war there is just one side and its herrenvolk racist social dominance hierarchy that has always been America. don’t succumb to their fallacious semantics especially the white supremacist ones.

  • Darryl Robbins

    I am angry you morons religious or not just about worshipping that peice of shit trump* and his brainless minions should wake up to this ranting fuckwit you call a president. He would be the most self serving peice of excrement ever to be in power in your country. He is peddling mischief without any conscience at all. He has betrayed your rights as American citizens and betrayed your constitution. I cannot work out why so many of your population back up this megalomaniac, shame on you not thinking morons. Fox is fucking with your brains.

  • Glenys Thomson

    No decent pastor would involve himself with politics. What did Christ say…Render unto Caesar that which is Caesars.. Plain to see the separation from the two things right there. Pay taxes churches if you get involved with politics is what should happen.

  • Georges Cote

    I can't believe that the U S law mechanism is locked in such a stupid scenario. Change the laws.!!! Make it retroactive, Make it intelligent and progressive. This state of affairs is completely stupid and creates abnormal outcomes like the ones we witness right now. What's wrong with being normal? Why leave a back door open to greed and psychopaths.???????????????wake up america. Fix it.!! Fix it!!!

  • Georges Cote

    Beware russian paid coments here . When the coments are weird and confusing that is russia, fox, trump ,china, north korea , paid coments.

  • sailormanariel

    As their children die of lead poisoning they will take solace in the fact that transvestites can't use the wrong bathroom.

  • ThatMetalHead72

    Minor point, but I don't think Dobson is with Focus on the Family any longer. They forced him to retire before he started a new organization.

  • OrionPax09

    All the more reason to put term limits on the judiciary. It's the only way to remove all of these corrupt corporate shills from their seats of power.

  • Edward Jones II

    I'm not surprised Dobson would say this… As the founder of Focus on the Family, or course any who want to enforce his bastardized view on women's rights and and LGBTQ rights would get his nod.

    I mean, this is the same man who was involved in a mentor-proege sort of manner by Mike Pence, AS VICE PRESIDENT… That should be telling enough.

  • Bella Claire

    Our country was founded on the separation of Church and State. This Man is setting himself up as a politician influencer in the name of God. It should be remembered it’s just his personal opinion. From the Bible : “God did not send his only Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.
    “God promised sin would not win; though a battle would rage between light and dark, between good and evil, that Christ would “disarmed the rulers and authorities” of darkness “ and triumph over them”.
    Those who believe in Jesus Christ will turn their back on fear, hate and greed. They will say, Thanks be to God! He gives us the victory of mercy through his unconditional love of all mankind. In the name and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

  • Jody Sheridan

    These are judges who put their personal belief structures before the rule of law and US Constitution. Sounds like a whole bunch of jusicial reviews are going to be needed.

  • M C

    It’s staggering to see Humpty Trumpty has so little respect for the name his parents adopted when they came to the US. He has tainted that family name for at least a century into the future, possibly longer. To be honest, if my name was trump, I’d change it to something else that doesn’t sit in the bottom of the swamp.

  • WPG S

    Moron Bible Basher. I'm Agnostic but this red never had no place in a church. It never ceases to amaze me the people who call themselves the men of the cloth. Yes a dish cloth.

  • Charles Martin

    Ring of fire put Dobson picture up damn you can do better than that. Instead of just talking about what trump is doing and what Dobson is doing

  • Lindalee Law

    BTW: This Yahoo is in Sen.. Cory Gardener's district. As is the Air Force Academy , where rapes of women cadets occur.

  • Life's Good

    Demons cling to politicians both R and D . They also find pleasure in creating conflict between us thru politicians. This is truth.

  • Randolph Holmes

    They can pray over their dying spouse or children when they get cancer and can't get a judgment in their favor against the corporations. MAGA

  • Marc F. Nielssen

    Fascism is here. Even if people understood what it is, they'd say "Let's give it a chance."
    The biggest demonstration against Trump took place in … London.

  • Renard Leblanc

    "'Literally' changing the nature of the judiciary…" you know, I'd much rather see them change the nature of the judiciary metaphorically. Like, instead of a blindfold and scales representing blind justice well measured, maybe blacked out tea shades and a geiger counter.
    Or: instead of the kangaroo court they have now, like, a wombat court… or a koala court.

  • Ian Tan

    You know what they mean when they say back to the good ol ways; prehistoric like the dried up lizard that this con is.

    They're no modern man if they think like the missing link. So, that's where they've always been.

  • Sally Daniel

    What happened to the separation of church and state??? Trump and the self-righteous right are destroying this country!! Evangelicals are the enemy of democracy 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  • Hellmuth Schreefel

    Basically, these fundamentalist xristians hypocrites (I don't think they are actually Christians) want to turn the United States into a xristian version of Saudi Arabia.

  • Donna Martins

    What propaganda bullshit does anyone read are we all comercial idiot.Take responsibility for the break down of our society Trump is a druggie sniffing slring the Congress gave Trump one billion dollars for water epa did he properly dispense nope stole the money how much did he sell the kids for him and Jared selling citizen ship for 500 thousand each.How much more from this idiot Mitch needs to be charged and fine250 thousand dollars for every bill on his desk tell his wife 68 million she stole to give it back

  • Tanya Nelson

    Dobson is a very disturbing man. He wrote a book about beating your kids based of lies in the Bible and then marriage rules like if your husband cheats on you it’s your fault but god forbid if the woman does. Had a conversion therapy group that he had to close due to suicides. He is very dangerous. Don’t give these creeps any money. Ugh.

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