• Tony Absolute AM

    So if a politician is considered dangerous, do we then red flag them and take away the guns from their bodyguards?

  • ninjaman dragonslayer

    This is unconstitutional this is not right and this is very dangerous this is a slippery slope heading right off the cliff we have rights as human beings in American citizens especially as Americans here this is absolutely insane and I as an American citizen do not consent the unlawful search and seizure of my property and my rights and will not comply God bless America God bless freedom this is not right we are acting on emotion not logic stop it we the people

  • ninjaman dragonslayer

    Mentally ill people have rights too stop demonizing mentally ill people not all of them are insane crazy people that are not in control of their self God sakes you know how dangerous this talk is wow

  • Tommy Sullivan

    Now we wonder with a prez who says unruly things an hatefull speech and its shown and talked about on every station 23.5 hours a day 7 days a week. What did you think was gunna happen, although about 1/2 are questionable?

  • Kevin Jones

    "shall not be infringed" Trump is taking your guns and giving every nut job to accuses you of anything then you lose your right to hold a gun, its over if this gets passed

  • timm mcdonald

    Assault weapon ban im force. And if that means we take it from your cold dead hand, thats your choice if that ban gets restated. So far as red flag laws, thats harder. You want to hunt a deer, hunt it with standard rifle. You need a gun for protection, if 6 bullets is not enough for you, i question if you should have a gun.

  • Truthify

    The problem I have is who gets to make the assessment that you’re mentally L. I’ve been called mentally ill because I voted for Trump.

  • Westbay Willie

    If all gun owners will burn their Trump paraphernalia on YouTube he might have a change of heart.
    After all it is election time. He has led all of us good law-abiding citizens down. Now a trump hat means instant gun confiscation

  • Neighbor Bob

    At least one guy in a red flag law state is already dead because of this law! They tried to take his gun, a fight broke out, and the Police killed him. The second amendment "SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED"!

  • tjslooking

    Here we are a year later (2019), Trump comes out pushing for red flag laws nationally. Trump just lost the 2020 race. Ted Cruz, can't run again because he seems to be backing the law as well. "A nation of sheep begets a government of wolves"

  • Chris Lapp

    And you know the state or the town cops will arrive at your door with big friendly grins with their sidearms holstered, when they come to confiscate your property.

  • Robert Washburn

    Since we've had that War on Drugs, I sure am glad there aren't anymore drugs around 🙄 oh yes it'll be the same for guns right😦

  • bs itis

    So if your guests on your program can't focus on the argument, should they be red flagged until they can prove they are not going of any harm or detriment to the show (or any other show as wel) ?

  • Pat Geren

    Now that Trump has purposed Redflagging why does not Fox talk about it ??? Dump Trump and all traitors that support Redflagging. Gun owners need to start a new party . Let republicons go to hell — they will never hold national office again !!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • David Sherrod

    These mentally ill people will just keep more under the radar or just get a weapon illegally you can’t stop lawlessness with more laws you just restrict the law abiding.

  • Randal Lawson

    What happens when you can't afford due process the rich can they have all the bodyguards the poor can't afford it you're simply guilty to your proven innocent huh

  • James Hewitt

    Medical malpractice kills more people annually than mass shootings every year, what are we gonna do about that, nothing right.

  • Knarf Trakiul

    Think this will stop the gun violence in Chicago? Where someone is killed every day? Oh and hand guns are illegal.

  • Knarf Trakiul

    No because no matter how many laws or regulations the put in place it will NEVER stop the bad guy from getting a gun

  • harry Henderson

    why RED ?






  • Dennis Pfeifer

    Pre-Crime laws are what we need…it's right out of Orwell's book 1984. Your guilty until you can prove yourself innocent…What a concept! It's diametrically opposite by the US Constitution which is the basic law of the law and protects us from the overreaching power of the government.

  • Howard Rodgers

    If you are found mentally ill then red flag that person and their social security number and finger prints and take their guns not law abiding citizens rights

  • Chris Stroh

    Law that has good intentions , but does nothing to stop actual crime. What is the point of this law? Many states have this law and if law enforcement or parents and guardians don't report mental health problems. Nothing gets done.

  • Umberto Errechitto

    Red Flag laws and Background checks are being enacted with the intention of being abused with the DEVIL in the DETAILS.  Anti-Gun activists will report “targeted” gun owners as being "unstable personalities".  Activist judges & police will confiscate any and all firearms the gun owner has.  The gun owner will never get his investment back. Same with BG checks: Minority Report Pre-Crime swindle.  Existing laws can be enforced to prevent persons with prior FELONY violence CONVICTIONS from owning guns.  Feds ordered 4,000 guns seized in Dec 2017 over BG check anomalies already, how much more tyranny will Anti-Gun freaks impose?  Seizing guns started the 1st American Revolution.  When democrat tyrants demand gun control, we must flatly refuse and COUNTER-DEMAND expansion of 2nd Amendment to its broadest interpretation.  Demand abolishment of all gun-free massacre zones, Demand right to concealed carry to MORE conservatives. Demand conservative’s right to BEAR arms openly to protect from radicalized hysterical leftists who commit violence targeting conservatives

  • xxbobdeexx

    I’m over 50yrs old, comin up we never had mass shootings, we did have hella guns tho,,,in a Free Society Regardless of your crime, you are innocent until proven guilty by a court of law, hell Jeffrey Dahmer was innocent until proven guilty, Red Flag Laws are PreCrime, and violate our 2nd,4th,5th and 14th Amendments,, no matter how you slice it, and that WILL be proven so as soon as they hit the Supreme Court. Thank You.

  • PC Cooper

    Meanwhile heart-disease is killing nearly 598k a year………… half a million…………………………but, freedom


    Again. "That's why we have courts", says the former prosecutor. Omitted is the fact that people who can't afford to be robbed by the attorneys, etc. will be left high and dry.

  • Josh Tame

    It doesn't work in New York. Because New York is one thee largest illegal weapons imports on the planet. Soooo your dumb.

  • 31kilo

    McCarthyism is the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence. The term refers to U.S. senator Joseph McCarthy and has its origins in the period in the United States known as the Second Red Scare, lasting from the late 1940s through the 1950s.

  • Carl Henry

    I think that lunatic lefty is crazy and a danger to me. If I report him will he be put in jail? Have his microphone taken away from him, prevent him from being on TV?

  • Conrad DuBois

    This red flag laws are going from state to state like wildfire! We will lose our freedoms pray for America! These people are crying peace and safety while sudden destruction comes

  • its Me

    Being some state who embrace this and some states who reject these laws, with the passing of the laws on a federal level all the states now become part of the happy family of centralize government. And the best part of all, it’s now the federal government who will pick up the tab.

    The problem with the so called red flag law is the same with the national probation act, its sound high and mighty however, when the enthusiasm and finances run out or becomes cost prohibited, then it will become inert law.

  • Mike Hayes

    Someone should redflag the black guy on the left and then he might be singing a different tune. Due process and the appearance of due process are two different things. The standard of proof that a judge needs to deny someones gun rights is low. Citizens either have to proof they are fit to possess a gun or that they are innocent of an accusation. Thats not how due process works.

  • James Richard Retta

    President Trump. He killed America. He deceived and betrayed Americans by giving leftist democrat dictators everything they wanted – his Red Flag and Pre-Crime Prison and other new gun laws. Trump killed the US constitution 1st 2nd and 4th amendment rights. He knows the recent staged set up fake mass shootings” are premeditated and preplanned performances to scare and trick good citizens into giving up their guns. Trump gave bad guys and corrupt government god like power. President Trump is helping set up a Marxist Leninist Stalinist style dictatorship int the US. America is dead. Trump killed America.

  • Raymond Reid

    I'm sorry who did you talk to? How about you show us the people? Because you never ask me for my opinion. Which leads me to believe you got the gun control leftist liberal Democrat opinion but you don't want to talk to men and women who want and uphold our constitutional rights.

  • Raymond Reid

    That's why you have to pay the courts that's why you have to pay a lawyer and get an evaluation which cost us money out of our own pockets just to prove we are not mentally ill and that why you are saying that I would be guilty until I prove my innocence. Wait that's not right I did nothing wrong and its innocent until proven guilty. But you are saying the opposite which makes theses laws unlawful and your right a dangerous slope. So they are unconstitutional and anyone who tries to enforce them should be removed from office and charged with treason for infringing on our rights. By the way BOZOS you media better start realizing that we are not listening to your rhetoric propaganda.

  • Raymond Reid

    And what if you are innocent but don't have the money to get a lawyer? Oh let me guess you will provided me one who will make sure I never have my rights.

  • Mike Nettles

    Adding Meth users and other drug users to list of those Ref Flagged should be considered. It will affect most gun use everywhere in America.

  • ken1139

    What we are witnessing is a replay of Hitler's "enabling acts".
    Every American's rights are natural and unalienable. Our rights were not granted by government, nor can they be repealed or regulated by government. CONGRESS HAS NO LAWFUL POWER TO INFRINGE UPON OUR RIGHTS!
    Public servants at all levels have forgotten their primary duty – protecting our rights. They are our servants, not our masters.
    This usurpation will not end well for any of us.

  • R Cece

    Ok ok most family members play the “oh I had no idea “ card so pleaseeeeeee this is bs — our government is literally trying to take over our country as we know it, knew it— very scary times !

  • MAGA_2020

    Make no mistake folks, Democrats & Republicans BOTH are playing (Good Cop/Bad Cop) with this new 'Red Flag Law' it would appear. Take note how they laugh & smile with each other during this session on Gun Legislation😠

    I'll tell u what (DemocRats) you get the guns out of the hands of all the numerous gang bangers we have running around in this country & you CLEAN UP our streets as well as SECURE our borders once & for all so ISIS & Al-Qaeda can't step foot on our soil & then & ONLY then can we talk about the possibility of gun confiscation. Until that happens? F-OFF. Wait, you want to OPEN UP our borders sooo… F-OFF period.🖕🏻🇺🇸

  • no name

    If police dont start arresting politicians who pass laws that violate the law of the land and the officers that enforce them, police will become a lost cause, only going after the easy poor, even though many powerful people in government get away with the same crimes over and over again that the poor have their lives destroyed over. Police- to harass and collect the citizens and serve and protect the corrupt government. That is 100% the truth.

  • SC EM

    The real “coup” here is against ‘We The People’ of The United States of America who are being played by both sides like a fine violin, and robbed with diversionary pick-pocket style tactics.

    Definition of ‘FOX’; to baffle or deceive Despite their endless smoke and mirror show, ALL primary media networks and politicians are all on the same side. Be careful who you rely on for your information. ‘The Art of the Deal’ (Trump’s defining MO) is about to pull America’s Constitution right out from beneath it’s people.

  • MegaGideo

    What was it conservatives always say? ”If you just follow the law then you have nothing to worry about.” I found it especially hypocritical when the one host complained about losing his rights because someone else messed up. Yet he would still cheerleader stop and frisk laws.

  • jack foyer

    Red flag laws strike me as being roughly the equivalent of having one's car impounded today because someday in the future (next week, next month, next year, just some point in the future) one MIGHT be involved in an accent in which you or someone else COULD be injured. Even though you have done nothing wrong you have no choice but to give up your car. If you resist you will be arrested, fined and probably go to jail. Or if you resist to aggressively you will likely be shot.

    And remember this has nothing to do with the enforcers, they are just following orders, doing their jobs.

  • Brian G C

    Anyone that thinks they will get a fair hearing to get their guns returned is sorely mistaken. Once a judge signs the initial order to deprive a person of their firearms, the burden of proof switches to the accused having to prove beyond reasonable doubt he/she is not a danger.
    The domestic violence laws work the same way. During a divorce, it is common practice for the woman to falsely accuse her husband of being a threat. His guns are confiscated and he can not get them back for a year or more. No judge ever reverses a domestic restraining order, so the guy is considered guilty based upon lies and false accusations prior to a hearing and then when he does get his day in court, the judges don't follow the law.

  • Hassan Chop!

    See this is exactly why I just tune out the Left nowadays. Not a single one of them can have an honest conversation about anything! Just saying 'these laws work' does not make it true, and even if it were true for NY that doesn't mean it will be true for Wyoming (for instance) Georgia. You can infringe on my 2A, property and privacy rights when I can infringe on your voting rights.

  • Charles Thompson

    Look at our politaions, You have mental. Deceptive people holding in there hands our rights, All corrupt. Most working for George Zorios, For a one world order. Pepole never give this right up ,

  • Excaliber

    Red Flag Laws are just away for them to circumvent the 2nd amendment! Soon EVERY Gun owner will be under attack with them saying they are mental or pose some type of threat! They know they cannot amend the 2nd amendment so this is there walk around!

  • Defiance Illusion

    Guy on the far left is a full-blown races this is targeted at white menand that's what I'll wipe been realizing here in Ohio that's why they're about to impeach Mike dewine and put sherrod Brown out of office. That'll make Ohio totally red and if the next guy who takes off his tries that you'll be voted out just let him just as fast if not faster than they are and eventually they'll be a problem and somebody do something stupid and there will be secession

  • IntelligentDesign-Evolution-God

    This guy to the left is against the constitution. What if we could complain about a reckless driver to have their vehicle confiscated and a few months later return it? DUE PROCESS is very important. One judge should never have the power to confiscate guns, cars or other items. It should be handled by a jury of at least 5 citizens.

  • Dennis Robinson

    States can pass as many laws as they want…..they will all be reversed by the Supreme Court if they have any balls at all…."will not be infringed". Enemies foreign and domestic…..Tyrants included!!!!!

  • PhoenixArises Googleisantiwhitefakejws

    They care more about keeping the thirdworldIllegals armedup the cowards,weakling want others unarmedto.Jws want openborders and guncontrolto.

  • randy Thompson

    this will be abused to take your guns away this law will turn family friends xwife's xhusbands policy offers trun to hate and fighting against each outher Americans love their guns just to give them up with out a fight

  • Dudley

    There is already laws in place that allow the family of a person to have them held for mental evaluation. All this law will do is get innocent people and police officers killed in the name of protecting them.

  • D. Allen Martin

    I'm not as concerned with friends, family, neighbors etc "weaponizing" these confiscation laws, but EVERY such law has become "weaponized" by the left wing politicians and government agencies like ATF. Just look at how they have done so many things they SWORE they were not going to do when previous "slippery slope" laws were passed. The bottom line is, no one should have their property taken by the government until due process has been met. The government should not be able to simply take our guns and then hold them until we prove ourselves fit to own one, that is backwards. If someone is considered a threat to themselves or others they can already be put on a 72 hour psych hold for evaluation, and obviously they don't get to bring their guns with them. If they are fit to leave the holding facility, then they are fit to own their guns. If not, then that is a failing on the mental health community that needs resolved, not a gun rights issue.

  • Mark Holt

    Just recently my state of Washington invoked its red flag law to rob a man of about a dozen guns and some gun parts on the basis of his political and racial beliefs. Although he was a deplorable thought criminal and the leader of the state chapter of a politically incorrect group, he was not known to have actually done anything nor was he accused of doing anything. A few days ago, a hearing was held on the robbery, and it was decided by a judge that his guns would not be returned.

    Some of the evidence used against him was that he spent about a month in a gaol in Canada and was then deported and barred from ever returning to that country. However, he never actually did anything there either. He was thrown into the clink for just revealing facts that the government did not want to be known and for expressing opinions that the government did not agree with.

  • David DiRusso

    You politicians are corrupt to the core it's not happening no red flag laws shell not be infringed you want war your gonna get it.

  • Juan Rodriguez

    There is no such thing as laws to confiscate guns its called POLICIES,MADE UP RULES TO BENEFIT THE ELITE PUPPETS OF GOVERMENTS.

  • Larryellis Ellisk

    Not. Many. Men. To. Go. Around. And. Get. The. Guns. And. Still. There. Are. Many. More. Out. Here. People. Who. Give. Them. Up. Worry. About. The. Pigs. Who. Come. And. Get. The. Guns .

  • Phil Carreon

    You gotta prove it first but to democrats all gun owners have no ownership rights, even if you prove yourself innocence judges at their dicrestion can refuse to return guns anyway citing some legal "precedence" or public safety BS.

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