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    What legal issue should I tackle next? Check out my other Real Law Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUvQ_mNbE83XujugJUpexqpw6jtNpjOV6 Also, check out my reactions to Suits, Better Call Saul, A Few Good Men and tons more: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUvQ_mNbE83XwzqDWj6Sc9-UspQpxBy72

  • Fredrik Dunge

    You shouldn't ever be forced to pay for someone elses legal fees unless that person has a problem paying those, which donald trump does not.

  • Reverend Brother Christopher Lawson

    If Stella, "the Legal Beagle", ever tried to sign a legal document, she might be revealed as "the doodle poodle". LOL

  • James Hutchings

    'Rhetorical hyperbole' strikes me as a strange doctrine. It seems to be saying "lying is such a common part of political speech that it should be allowed".

  • workoutfanatic787

    antislapp actions are insanely subject to abuse though. 14 months later, I'm still on a 20k slapp-atty fees appeal, representing respondent.

    My client was slapped after suing a contractor for trespass, conversion, 17200, etc., on the basis of the contractor's "petitioning" by obtaining a permit to renovate property adjoining my client. So I dismissed the contractor as we already had his principals as named defendants. We won the fee motion handily, and yet his atty filed a frivolous appeal on the basis that my argument in the slapp fee motion contradicted the position I took on a subsequent demurrer.

  • Pixality

    Objection! So pretty much no one can ever claim defamation against trump because all of his tweets are that ridiculous. His followers dont take it as hyperbole and it causes real damage. I dont even think its hyperbole when you speak that way all of the time. Hes smart though. He says so many outrageous things people just hope he cant be serious.

  • MississippiRebel

    OBJECTION – how can you be in favor of more speech and still be a liberal lol? We all know who is shutting down debates and who wants to silence everyone that has a different opinion because they are all liberals! I don't think I have ever seen or heard about conservatives protesting or rioting because a liberal was giving a speech at a college or some other place. Also talking about the 9th circuit court, everyone knows it is nothing more than a bunch of activist liberal judges that could care less about the constitution.

    I can't wait to see how liberals react when Trump gets elected again. Maybe they will actually do what they promised the first time and leave the country.

  • Suck My Ass

    Horseface is a slang word for a heroine addict. Or maybe it was oxy…same category. Remember her huge pupils on CNN?

  • Justin Sander

    I love hearing the analysis. Since almost everything is illegal somewhere at some time almost everyone will stand before a judge for something. As a layman its good to learn enough to at least not hinder ones own attorney and or case. I do not know if I could ever retain the information nessisary to become even a paralegal, but watching your videos has taught me enough to know what to expect if I ever did end up in a court room.

    On a blatant side note I bet that white spot in your beard on your cheek drives your significant other and opposition counselors insane. If I was one of your clerks I would stealthily and anonymously leave beard dye kits in random places for your to find. I never noticed it before, but for some reason it kept grabbing my attention in this video like it was mocking me lol. Hope you could tell I'm just jabbing your ribs. I love your videos and thank you sincerely for all the learning I have received from them.

  • SB1

    The dog is too cute to be reading anything. Should use auto books so the dog can enjoy endless petting and briskets. It’s a law look it up. 😂

  • Paddy Barnes

    DJT sleeps with a professional sex worker and she pays him?! Well played sir. Also, here’s hoping Avenatti and Geragos are cell buddies in federal prison.

  • edgar2prado

    I love your videos. But keep your dog taxonomy straight. And forgive me for the macho stereotype. But I HOPE that's your wife's dog. And just in case, do your homework before getting another, and stay well away from Beagles and Dachshunds.

  • Andrew Cobb

    OBJECTION: I don't have an objection, but I wanted you to look at this comment. Will Avenatti get paid from this? If so, what are the ethical/legal implications? This seems like a losing case from the get-go – ignoring how hard it would be to prove, is it illegal for counsel to recommend pursuing case they know they can't win?

  • J Whippet

    Can you imagine if rhetoric wasn't protected? You call someone a son-of-a-bitch and are sued bc you knew his mother was not a k-9.

  • Steve Lee

    Time for an update on Avaneti’s troubles!

    And Trump’s comments this week about how he wouldn’t turn over info from a foreign government about his opponents.

  • robert23456789

    OBJECTION stellar is not a Beagle looks more like a bichon or westie to be a legal Beagle one must be at least a Beagle or it deformation of the Beagle Class of dog please make steller the legal bichon or westie ok comment section i know what your going to say SHUT UP AND QUIT BEEN A SMART ASS

  • William Peterson

    Although I have no knowledge of the legal aspects involved, I still consider DJT to be the worst (and most corrupt) President this nation has ever had and that he is a racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, egomaniacal narcissist and presents a danger to our republican democracy.

  • XCyclonusX

    Trumps tweet did not say or even imply that the judges ruling in this case meant that he had won any other cases. He simply said that since this one was over he could now continue on to other "Horseface" cases.

  • alan D

    Objection! What an amazing video not only did it explain the laws applicable here but also the implications of limiting speech here would have. "…We are better with more speech not less"

    Can you cover red flag laws?

    They seems to to bypass due process, and constitutional rights of sreach and seizure. Could they set a dangerous precedent?

  • XthegreatwhyX

    Wouldn't these anti-slapp laws make it EXTREMELY dangerous for a common man to sue someone with a very expensive legal team? After all, being right doesn't guarantee at all a favourable ruling.

  • Matthew Kuehl

    It's good to see a win in the president's favor from time to time. I will have to admit it has been difficult for me to come to terms with the fact that I can support someone's politics and think they are doing a good job but hate there sexual home life. You Democrats have been doing that your entire lives! With people like both Clintons and President Kennedy.

  • Broxalax

    Australia and UK don't have freedom of speach, so extreme left wing garbage humans use that to silence anyone from centerists to far/alt right. Using words like nazis to try to deplatform anyone that goes against their rhetoric.

    It is happening in America as well. Twitter and Facebook are banning non left members

  • Frank Phillips

    The ACLU uses SLAPP suits on a regular basis when it comes to religious freedom of exercise. They use lawsuits in the attempt to silence religious expression regardless of SCOTUS prior rulings in favor of expression. They do this because they know that most win back down for financial reasons even though the ACLU would certainly eventually lose.

  • Tom Servo

    your president picks the classiest ladies. Did the two meet while he was shooting a steak commercial or on the set of his board game promo?

  • Pixel Perfect

    …horseface? Really? How amyone can defend Trump is beyond me. The manner in which he conducts himself is absolutely disgusting.

  • Stevie Lamb

    Objection: Trump's tweet did not contain political ideas or opinions. It contained assertions of fact, which I feel would fail a "balance of probabilities" scrutiny, and more closely match the definition of "lies".
    This appears to be a form of reverse inference?: "politics are discussed on Twitter, therefore all discussions on Twitter are political".
    What am I missing?

  • asher scott

    this politics stuff is very helpful. I like in-depth explanations of these things, but it is hard to find the info on my own

  • lam bda

    Here is the President, wrapped up in one of the silliest things imaginable, fighting with a porn star. The inanity of this is simply breathtaking. All The Donald, Cliffords or Daniels or whatever her name is, and their confederates are doing is causing intense dismay to rational citizens of the United States, and almost certainly giving comfort to our enemies.

    The next Presidential Election is only thirteen months away. Ask yourself, do you want four more years of this?

  • techmouse1101

    9:48 Trump's grammar is terrible. "the Great State of Texas" Why is "Great State" capitalized? I don't think we changed the name of Texas to The Great State of Texas. And even if that was the case, why didn't he capitalize "the"? Would that mean it's just called Great State of Texas now? Does Trump not know how proper nouns work?

    I'm not criticizing this for nothing, because in the same tweet he says, "She knows nothing about me, a total con!" Does Trump realize he just called himself a total con? Is that an admission? Is he trying to hide a confession behind a wall of terrible grammar? Trump knows nothing about me, a person commenting on a youtube video!

    This, boys and girls, is why good grammar matters. Don't be a fool, stay in school… or you could end up president…? God, I hate this planet…

  • rylog8

    "this rule exists to prevent rich people from silencing the poor"
    Yeah, by allowing the rich to silence the poor simply by being able to afford a stronger lawyer, and then get money back on it?








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