• Cyclingmasterseller

    The Evil LEFT has completely taken over the Democratic party. If you are an old Dem, it's time to switch parties, any party, but don't stay with FAKE, FALSE, DISHONEST MONEY-GRUBBERS. Example: What a way to reverse-money-laundering per the Bidens, hence, a cheap, easy way to rob American Tax Payor money by Joe Biden / Hunter Biden committing extortion to haul in big cash. How about we all become the Bidens — I didn't think so. Come on Democratic viewers, get a real grip on things.

  • AlphaMicKilo #V3NMclan

    If this goes to the judiciary committee, wouldn't they shoot this crap down in minutes? 80% of the judiciary are Republicans

  • Texas75023

    The fact the "WHISTLEBLOWER FORM" was intentionally and strategically changed to ALLOW HEARSAY just so that a so called "Whistleblower who has no direct information can simply repeat gossip should be a significant Republican talking point.

  • Robert Blanscet

    Edward Snowdon should get a full pardon and his record exponged,All he did was try to protect the American people from a government that was spying on everyone collecting their phone records.Snowdon should be given the medal of honor and brought home to be with his family a free man instead of living I'm another country in fear of his life.

  • Vera Howard

    The burden of proof is on the accuser! The Democrats are All Conspiritors. And should be charged with Treason and Crimes against America! Arrest them all!

  • Timothy Scott

    Rand Paul is stupid!!! YOu just said it, AT A TRIAL!! THIS IS NOT A TRIAL DUMMY!! If you reveal his name, YOU ARE BREAKING THE LAW IDIOT!! Why do we vote people who have no clue about the Laws??

  • Michael Placenti

    They should pressure Adam Schiff to resign if he doesnt he needs to be impeached for wasting taxpayers money and time at the taxpayers expense!!!

  • Steven Paul

    The so called "whistleblower" isn't even a whistleblower!
    In a whistleblower situation, the person who is alerting the public to wrong doing is the one meant to be holding the whistle… as in they are the ones who have first hand knowledge of the wrong doing!
    This guy… he heard from someone who heard from someone else that someone else was concerned about the phone call, albeit concern based on a presumption that is literally the polar opposite of direct statements from the President! Therefore, this so called "whistleblower" isn't the one holding the whistle but rather someone who thinks he heard the faint echo of a whistle from 20 blocks away!
    I really wish they'd stop referring to him AS a whistleblower… because he absolutely IS NOT!

    This whole impeachment thing is a total [email protected]*k of absolute insanity designed to trash the President in a pathetic bid to win the election. They seem to think that if they can smear him enough they can get his popularity down to a level that will transform their lack of popularity into popularity… lol.

    Its disgraceful that the Democrats have actively chosen to push for impeachment, albeit not grounded in reality, in lieu of an ACTUAL campaign, which is traditionally run on policy issues.
    Its quite telling when they have forsaken the American people & the issues they have that desperately need addressing (you know… the things Trump ran on in 2016) in favor of a power grabbing political hit job to satisfy their own narcissism & delusion.

  • Eileen Scovitch


  • Mary Jeremiah

    I thought they did mention him? What’s the big deal? If you accuse someone have enough courage to speak up! Hey what about the safety of republican and our Great President!!! Please mention his name! TRUMP 2020🙏🏿🙏🏻✝️🔯🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • J Kumar

    Dems are just playing the long game in trying to keep this person anonymous. It is just for polling and to affect the election as much as possible.

  • Janice Thomas

    It is such a shame that Democrats are bodily attacking Republicans. Take a look at the recreational baseball game a few years ago when they were attacked by a man with guns. How can we law abiding citizens give up arms? I am beyond certain that Democrats will never be charged and punished for crimes they continue to commit against Republicans and anyone who is not an extremest. Old Maxine Waters, Boss Pelosi and SCHIFF will see to that using by SPECIAL CALIFORNIA POWERS–like gerrymandering put in place by PELOSI.

  • Fultonfalcons86

    It is no longer the dem party it is the party of pedophiles traitors sick deviates not to mention our great POTUS has exposed them for what they truly are anti-American……..

  • marathonman

    THANK YOU SCHIFFTY for throwing every leftist Democrat under the bus and exposing the whole leftist coup against Trump. DRAINING THE SWAMP !

  • Sister Regina

    This whistleblower will regret going in this direction, it will never go to trial. It’s a total sham. Borrowing from China? We hear China has more gold then USA. Thanks politicians.

  • Dusty Flyntgravel-Sporn

    Paul Rand is a great American. They don't make many of these any more. If you took seven Q-Tips and put them in his velvety-smooth little girl hands, he could channel the beauty of the Vlad.

  • Ralph Bourke

    Rand Paul just said something that is more important than any of this impeachment crap but you had to listen closely. And I quote " You don't get any money because we have none and will have to borrow it from China " un quote. Time to wake up people your government have bankrupted you, your family, your children and there children and yet you still pay in and support and finance a corrupt and miss managed butch of political thieves. You deserve every thing your about to get and it comes in the name Bloomberg and he will put the final nail in this countries coffin.

  • vortexrider1

    @2:33 lie! Sondling said clearly that there was no quid pro quo regarding aide but that the quid pro quo was only involving an invitation to ve a guest at the White House.

  • Steve B

    Notice to "the whistleblower". I've got a little whistle you can blow. You backbiting prick. Go Mr Trump. Drain. This stinking swamp.

  • Deborah Kushner

    The real whistleblowers Snowden and Guccifer 2.0 and others haven't had this level of protection and we need to ask ourselves why. In years to come those who keep tract will see agendas play out in decades. What you hear today is laid out as conspiracy theory. But then come to light in a decade or two with always good reasons why we should go against our own constitution and give up our protections under the bill of rights. They will always argue times were different then. Are times so different or is history repeating itself or are we ignoring the warnings from those who created these protections?

  • shellie browning

    The whistle blower should be known. They wouldn't protect Edward Snowden or Jillian Esange because they were informing the people of bad tntentions. SPYING. The people have the right to know !

  • Debbie Gershon

    The whistleblower, under cross-examination, will have to testify, and confirm, corruption by the Bidens and by extension Obama…this is why they're protecting him

  • iga boa

    True,the "whistle blower" should be call as witness of past very dirty deals done by Biden's in Ukraine, since allegedly "whistle blower" him self was there, to: see corruptions in Ukraine.

  • Sue Ginger

    Adam Schiff is the Whitsle Blower ..Or It's Hillary Or Obama Cronies Omar Harris AOC Booker…After All Mikee Obama Harris Booker Got Somllett too lie on About Being Beat By Whites ..Which was a Big ..We all know 8 Years Obama Started Riots and All ..We all know Obama And His Cronies Want Back into The WH

  • Maybe its Just me

    The leaker (he’s no whistleblower) is
    1st name:E ric
    2nd name: C iaramella
    YouTube will delete your comment if you write his name in your post, which is why I put space between the 1st letters.

  • Mark Dobzyn

    They Obama and his ilk iligeallly got a hold of the Hammer & that will be their undoing. Obama, Clapper, Brennon, Comey, DOJ Obama officials, & that's how they were able to spy on Trump officials & got Comey watch dog Bully Mueller activated in the 1st. place. Now , the other team wil feel the pain.

  • Ms Roxy Baby

    The whistleblower does not matter. There are 12 whistleblowers Trump could have stared down them 12 witnesses blowing their whistle

  • dcaudio1

    Game, set, and match folks…Checkmate! Trump cannot lose this in anyway. If the house decides not to impeach because of failing support trump wins. If the house votes and fails to get the 216 trump wins. If the house votes and its partisan…the vote goe to the judiciary (Senate) and guess who testifies UNDER OATH…Adam Shiff, Joe and Hunter Biden, maybe Barry the country destroyer, and many others…Trumps wins. Trump cannot lose this. Their is a idle threat out there about John Bolton testifying against trump. I'm willing to bet this is a setup effectively bating the Dems into giving him a subpoena….Please make Rudy testify…please. he will slaughter the dems on live TV.

  • K Barbre

    This dude is a straight liar. There is no need to reveal the whistleblower. The republicans had the senate and house for the first 2 years why didn’t they investigate the Biden’s at the time?

  • Q

    No law against saying we have a living God we will not betray., And he has already steped forward. , Otherwise u would think everything is Great.

  • Alana Bunch

    Actually, this so-called "whistleblower" IS Not one at all!!! So stupid a circus! I never liked this reporter either FOX!!! Becoming like the rest of the jerks who cannot think for themselves and cannot research any news whatsoever!

  • Robert Blanscet

    If this whistleblower is telling the truth he has nothing to worry about but if he is lieing then he does need too worry only because if he is lieing he should be in jail and not running loose worrying about being found out,if you are telling the truth then stop hiding,The President has a right to come face to face with you and if you will not come face to face With Trump then you need to retract your story and tell the truth you are lieing.

    Edward Snowdon should be given a full pardon and let this man come home to his family.

  • Splat Dragon

    Rand Paul is a patsy for Trump. He is not his father.

    Let’s have a trial then? Once there is a trial, then the WB can be named… until then, no.

  • Joe Boyer

    Say his name, the American People demand it. The American People override the government and laws. We ARE the government and law.

  • Sandy Mihal

    They have tapes of Trump talkING and trying to get Ukraine to get dirt on Biden,s son….Trump knows that. IT WAS WHISTLEBLOWERS JOB TO REPORT THAT….

  • Mary J

    Than why don't he say the whistleblower name if nothing prevent you? Don't just do the talk to talk! Do the walk the walk and stop i can do this i can do that.

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