• joshua carpenter

    The law is a clear violation of the 4th 5th 6th and 14th amendments which law enforcement is sworn to uphold if they violate their oath they nullify any Authority they have as law enforcement. Lujan deserves to be publicly hung from the neck until dead for treason.
    Mark my words this is a catalyst that will start a civil war we are willing to die to protect our rights you had better be willing to die if you want to take them away

  • Southwest med grow

    That's good for their county the governor of New Mexico has no right to sign any bill that would infringe on our laws to own a firearm

  • Lil Crumb

    People that are mentally incompetent or are threatening their spouse or others with violence should have their guns taken away.
    The second amendment is not a suicide pact.
    Use some common sense.

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