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Hello everyone. My name is Jennifer
Haber, and I am the QEP faculty lead. And I am here at the Health Education Center.
We are in the scene lab today, and we are excited to be here to share a little bit
of information with you about the SACS and QEP. So I just want you to know that
while we’re at the Health Education Center today, we will be visiting your
campus. So check the website for more information about when we will be there,
the date, and time. So I am excited today to be here with Sabrina Crawford who is
our SACS guru and Dawn Janusz who is one of our QEP ambassadors to share a little
bit of information about what you need to know about SACS and QEP. So OK,
Sabrina, can you tell us a little bit about what SACS is? Sure Jen. So SACS is our regional accreditor and every 10 years they come onto our campus to see
how we’re doing. They’re going to be here this year on Oct. 9 – 12. We
hope that you get a chance to meet them. And Dawn, can you tell us a little bit
about what the QEP is? The QEP is our Quality Enhancement Plan. This plan is
going to teach students strategies for success. The students we’re going to reach out to are students who have opted out of developmental education, and we’re
going to put them into neighborhoods for success. All right. So, just to recap – two
important things. First of all, SACS is our accrediting body. They will be here
Oct.9 – 12. And, second, remember our QEP slogan – Ready, Set,

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