Pulmonary & Respiratory Care at UVA: A Compassionate, Team Approach to Lung Disease
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Pulmonary & Respiratory Care at UVA: A Compassionate, Team Approach to Lung Disease

When people come into the clinic, it’s probably
our first job and priority to get to know the
patient. Our second job and priority is actually for
the patient to get to know us. We have to be comfortable knowing that we’re
going to be delivering the best care possible to those patients and the patients have to
know that and feel comfortable knowing that, A; that they’re going to
get that care but then, B; that care is going to revolve around them. We can offer cutting-edge
treatments that sometimes require stays in our hospital that sometimes require multiple
providers coming into the patient’s home. When you come to an academic center what you
want is that higher grade of knowledge that’s going to create more opportunity for the patient
to have more choices in regards to their care. The real exercise is getting people to the
right doctor and that’s the point, right? I want to marry patients to the right people
to get the best possible care. I’m really passionate about helping people
with advancing lung disease understand their condition. I love being able to work with patients to
discover new treatments, new therapies, and begin to understand the biology of the disease. I think that really pairing
research along with excellent clinical care is the way forward in the field and I also
really love inspiring students and residents and trainees to be excited about some of the
things I’m excited about and sort of train the next generation. I really love working with people and I love
combining the science and biology with the personalities and the arts of medicine. That
combination together is really something that I think is special and I love to be a part

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