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Listen, Marcos, I liked you. I liked your energy,
I want to give you a shot. -When can you start?
-Start what? Work.
Monday would be good for us. But if you want to wait
till next month, it’s up to you. -I don’t know what to say.
-I’m glad you’re happy. I really don’t know what to say.
I never got to this part. -What part?
-The part when I get the job. Your resumes says you worked
at IBM, Pão de Açúcar and Adidas. Those are the places
where I did job interviews. Just the interviews? At Adidas I did a group dynamic,
but it’s not in my resume. I don’t understand. You said
you had 9 years of experience. Looking for a job. I have a lot of experience
in the job-hunting market. I tried to be
a party entertainer, a truck driver, a dentist… If there’s a spot,
I’ll send my resume. I spend all day in Catho,
that job-hunting site. I work from home. So you’ve been unemployed
for 9 years? Unemployed? You think looking for a job
isn’t a job? I work from Monday
to Friday, I work extra hours
looking for a job. I take business trips. I spent 2 months in the Northeast
doing job interviews. Now I’m thinking about going
to Buenos Aires to expand
in the international sector. International sector…
That’s a good job you have! -Does it pay well?
-My parents invest in me. They tell me, “You’re 37 and you live
with us. You need to at least look
for a job.” So I started looking
and I haven’t stopped. It worked. -What’s this spot again?
-Administrative assistant. -I’m not that.
-No? But if you have another spot,
I’ll gladly send you my resume. Listen, I’ll take a look at this
and get back to you. If you call me,
I’ll lose my job. Listen, I’ll call you, okay? Thanks. God bless. Now we’re talking. That’s nice.
Finally, Josias! Thanks, buddy. -Hey.
-Hey. -How are you? Marcos?
-Yes. -Sit down, please.
-Excuse me. -How are you?
-I’m fine. Why do you want
to work at Catho? Catho is a job-hunting site,
right? We’re the number one
job hunting site in Brazil. You just found the new start
of the company!


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