Probate Real Estate | Estate Sale of House
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Probate Real Estate | Estate Sale of House

probate real estate estate sale of house that’s what we’re talking about today let’s get started hi I’m Kim Ward real estate broker in San Diego an expert with helping with properties in probate or trusts and developer of probate probate real estate estate sale of house probate is when someone has passed away and that person didn’t have a trust then their assets have to go through probate including the home they will be either appointed as the executor if there’s a will or an administrator if there is not a will so where we come in as real estate professionals is we help them with the home in probate since 2004 I have had the privilege of helping people by leading guiding and protecting them through the preparation the marketing and the successful sale of a loved one’s home so how can we help our clients first you learn the basics about probate since I’ve been doing this for over 15 years I am an expert and the other things that I do is anything that makes it easier on the client meaning when I first meet with them we sit down we talk about what’s important to them through the sale of their loved ones homes then I will walk through the home and I will determine things that are cost effective repairs that will help the house to sell quickly and have more buyer interest and remember it’s cost effective repairs then we handle what’s going on with the personal property the house needs to be empty at some point of the decedent’s personal belongings so then once the house is all ready to go then that’s where I truly step in and do the real estate part of things so what do I do that helps me to stand out in the crowded field of real estate agents first I learned what probate was in my area I truly know the paperwork and everything that goes along with it how to help the client then I learned what does the client need besides the paperwork and a probate expert they need help with the personal property they need help with cost-effective repairs they need me to lead them towards a successful sale over the years I have developed a list of trusted vendors and here’s the list of them and you can do this too you need to have people on hand to be able to do the things that will make the house sell for the most money quickly and many of our clients are not in our city they don’t live anywhere near here sometimes not even in the state and they are counting on me to be their eyes and ears to let them know what’s happening with the property and as their eyes and ears you know I typically meet with them one time then all of our communication is over the phone or via email sometimes text so all the things that need to happen to prepare the house for sale cost-effectively repairs cleaning some soft staging need to be overseen by me and my team that way I help them to feel comfortable that things are going along as they need to and they don’t have to worry about anything I’ve got their back and what’s really cool about that is that they then tell their attorney what a great job my team and I did and how grateful they are for the help that we provided what does that lead to it leads to attorneys thinking of me as a go-to person the attorney becomes my advocate so again the plan the systems that I have in place that our part of probate are what helped me to stand out in the crowded field of real estate agents so thank you for watching I will be posting weekly videos and you wouldn’t want to miss any so subscribe and hit the bell button and please feel comfortable commenting or asking me a question I love to read your comments and I love answering your questions see you next week


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