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Probate Real Estate Agent | Opportunities in Real Estate

probate real estate agent opportunities in real estate that’s what you came to learn about today this niche program in probate that’s our subject today let’s get started right after this hi welcome to my channel I’m Kim Ward certified probate real estate advisor and developer of an online probate real estate training if you’re new here be sure to subscribe and hit the bell button because I do weekly videos and you’re not gonna want to miss any of them being a probate real estate agent is a great opportunity to make money so you can feed your family and pay your bills and you can do this with a consistent reliable business model I’ve used a business model my business model to create a successful business today I get to help 30 to 40 families every year with homes in probate or trusts helping those people it’s me and a part-time assistant now I just want you to know I did not come from the corporate world I came from the world of being a full-time homeschooling mother I have four children that I raised and before I started my real estate career I had a friend who had a business and she needed some help two days a week so she asked me if I would be willing to come and make phone calls and basically I was doing collections to insurance companies so then I worked for her for a few months and got the bright idea that I could start my real estate career and I foolishly thought I could work two days a week doing real estate we all know that is not accurate so then I joined a big real estate firm and started working like everyone else in this business trying to figure out who our clients were but where they gonna come from after doing okay for a few years I was invited by an attorney to help with a probate case this was the first time I had ever experienced anything like that helping someone with a home in probate someone that a loved one had passed away it was truly an aha moment for me I then started trying to figure out how I was gonna market to people to get more probate business so I spent years trying to figure that out I had brochures that I did up I really really wanted to figure out how to do this how to get more clients with properties in probate and I spent years doing it and I wish that there had been some way that I could have fast-tracked this whole thing so that I could be more successful quicker and after years of having a consistent reliable business year after year I decided that I would build a training to help other people like me to fast track towards successful business so I’ve told you some about my story of how I got to where I am today and how I built this training for you I also want to share with you how having this niche business has changed my life you hear all the time how real estate agents work 24/7 that is something that I was not one bit interested in doing and this business model has helped me to have more of a normal life and still be a real estate agent because so many of these clients don’t live in the same city as the house of the decedent they fly in and they spend a few days here and I get to meet them during normal business hours so most of my time in my real estate business is normal business hours I do not work after 5:30 I do not work weekends on a regular basis it really is the kind of business that helps me to have a life so again I started this over 15 years ago and I slowly built the business up figuring out what worked what didn’t work and you don’t have to do that you have the opportunity to start from where I am today and build your business perhaps quicker so thank you for watching again make sure you subscribe and hit the bell button please put your comments below and if you have any questions put those in the comments below and I’ll be sure to answer them have a good day you


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