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Probate Investing Simplified – Probate Investing Course

Welcome this is Sharon Vornholt and
thanks so much for stopping by my site Probate Investing Simplified. Llet me ask
you this; are you looking for a way to find great deals and have a market
virtually free of competition? Well then you’re in the right place. Probate
investing has been my number one source of leads for more than a decade. Now in
probate investing simplified, here are some of the things you’re going to learn.
You’re going to learn everything that you need to know about working in the
niche of probates. You’re going to learn how to become the go-to expert in your
area. That is really huge. You’re going to learn the terminology and how the
probate process works. This is a big factor in your success. And you’re going
to learn how to market to these folks. So that’s the thousand foot view of what
you’ll learn in Probate Investing Simplified. So let me tell you a little
bit about how each module works. We have six modules plus a bonus module
which I’ll tell you about in a minute, and in module 1 you’re going to learn
all about the probate process. Now there will be people that will tell you you
don’t need to know this but I disagree, because if you’re going to show up as
the expert you need to know how to go out and have a conversation with these
people. You need to be able to to talk to them,
you need to be able to understand their mindset and that’s a huge when it comes
to going through this whole process with them and it is a process with them. Even
though they have lost someone, I want you to understand clearly that there is the
business of settling this estate that they have to attend to. So we’re going to
talk about the process. You’re going to learn how that works and why you might
want to create kind of a long runway when it comes to working with these
people. Now in module 2, we’re going to talk about getting the leads and this is
by far the biggest stumbling block for people and this is why most people quit.
In the U.S. there are over 3,300 counties which means there are over
3,300 ways that each of these counties handles their leads.
But I have some tips for you and I can tell you some ways that you can find
these leads. It’s it’s easier in some areas than in others, but most people
simply will not stay in the game long enough to see the results. So that’s
where you’re going to find a huge difference once you have an
understanding of how to get the leads. Now module 3 is all about learning the
lingo. Once again there’ll be people that will
tell you that’s not really all that important but if you’re going to talk to
these folks and they bring up a term that you don’t know, then you’re going to
seem like you’re not the expert when you’ve shown up there to buy the house.
So you need to be an attorney? Do you need to have that level of knowledge?
absolutely not. You do not, but you do need to have a basic understanding of
how things work and of the terminology that’s used in probate. So I’m going to
give you… I’m going to teach you all of those and give you a handout so that you
can have those to refer to. Now in module four we’re going to talk all about
marketing and this is where the magic starts to happen. The marketing to
probates is different than it is marketing to absentee owners or foreclosures are
any other niche in real estate. There’s a different way of
doing it. Once again you need to understand the psychology of how you
contact these people, what the preferred method is. and and you’ll learn the
things that you absolutely should not do. So module 4 is where you start to put it
all together. The first three modules are what I like to
call the backstory. So once you get the basics down then you can move forward
with marketing to probates..Now in module 5 we’re going to have some tips for
working with these sellers. At the end of the day, they do need to settle the
estate. It’s what the business of probate is all about. And what your role
in that is that is that you are going to buy the house which they’re going to
need to sell in almost every case to close the estate. So you’re providing a
valuable service. Now it’s not creepy. it’s not odd; once again it’s just
business and this business happens to involve a house
where someone has passed away. Now in module 6 we’re going to talk about tools
tips and technology. And the big thing that’s in that module is websites and
some other other tools that you absolutely must have. Folks I have to
tell you you have to have a website. But we’re going to talk about do you need
just a website that has a probate section, or do you need a probate website?
We’re going to talk about that and you’re going to learn what the answer to
that question is. Now I have some super awesome bonuses for you. The first bonus is the direct mail module. Now this module will expand on what you’re going to
learn through the course and it will also be something that you can use and
the other niches that you would market to in real estate. It’s just going to go over
all the things we’ve talked about and then have some other things that you can
apply whether you’re marketing to absentee owners foreclosures whatever
whatever niche you want to market to. There are a lot of niches. But I have to
tell you I’ve worked in most of them and probate is by far the most profitable
niche I’ve ever personally worked in. So you’re going to get a direct mail bonus
module that’s going to released … all your bonuses are going to be released the
last week of the course along with module 6. So why do I do it that way?
So you don’t jump ahead and just start nilly-willy sending out some letters.
We both know that would happen. So you’re going to get a lot of direct mail
resources. I’m going to give you a complete series of letters for investing purposes.
So it’s a series. You know direct mail is a campaign and I’m going to give you all
of those letters in the final week of the course week six. I’m also going to
give you a set of letters should you happen to be a Realtor.. Now this is a
kind of a wide open niche if you’re a real estate agent. Probably something
like 85% of the houses that are the ones that are not distressed properties will
be listed by an agent. So if you are an agent and you want to go at this
directly from an agent’s perspective, then you’ll have letters …
all the letters that you’ll need to work at it from that angle. You will also have
a letter that you can send to attorneys, and I will tell you how to market to
these folks. How to get them on your side, and get them to pay attention to what
you have to offer. And let me give you some tips that are
maybe not what you want to hear. but about ways to get in front of them.
Attorneys can be a valuable resource when you’re working in the
field of probates. I’ve also got an awesome handout for you
that is the “Comprehensive Guide to Working with Virtual Assistants”, so we’re
going to talk about outsourcing and why you should be outsourcing a lot of this
work rather than doing the day-to-day stuff yourself. Let’s face it, you’re
an investor you’re your strengths are finding deals and putting deals together.
Your strengths are nothing doing the clerical work, in the scrubbing of lists,
and all those sorts of things that also are part of the business of probate. And
last but not least you’re going to know how, when you get to the end of this
course, how to put together a marketing plan for probates
I’m going to tell you a simple but very effective way to stay on track with this
to get it done every month. Because think about this for a second, sadly or you
know to your advantage if you’re a probate investor you are never going to
run out of leads. Every month you’re going to have new leads. So if you master
this niche this can be your number one source of leads for sure. So, that’s
pretty much the course in a nutshell. One thing that … well a couple of things
you’ll have, you will have access to a private Facebook group forever. So as you
grow your business, the questions you will have today will be
very different than the ones you will have a year or two from now. So the group
will always be there for you to interact with the other people that are on the
same journey as you. And the other thing that you have is a
weekly Q&A. We’re going to have an ongoing Q&A, pretty much every week. I may
occasionally change it up a bit and do a Facebook live or something along those
lines, but you will have access to getting your questions answered in one
form or another going forward. I don’t see and end to
this any time in the foreseeable future so as long as I’m here doing this
you will have access to the Q&A and to the Facebook group. Now if you have any
questions just email me at [email protected], and I hope to see you in the course. It’s just going to be awesome.

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