Probate Guardianship Abuse | Stopping Elder Financial Exploitation
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Probate Guardianship Abuse | Stopping Elder Financial Exploitation

Imagine you have an elderly loved one – maybe
a parent or grandparent. How would you feel if someone took them from
their home against their will, isolated them from you and looted their estate? What would you do? Believe it or not, this is big business – and
the adult probate guardianship industry operates under color of law. Guardianship abuse poses a real threat to
the well-being of seniors and their families. Lives are irreparably damaged and fortunes
disappear, all because of the greed of skilled manipulators who use legal mechanisms to commit
what amounts to elder financial abuse. The duty to protect is turned on its head
when predators claim the right to plunder the innocent. There are ways to fight back, both through
litigation action and advocacy. Americans Against Abuse of Probate Guardianship
(AAAPG), led by my friend and colleague Dr. Sam Sugar, is on the front line of this battle
to keep our seniors safe from exploitation. Along with Rick Black of the Center for Estate
Administration Reform and Teresa Kennedy of Elder Dignity, Sam is leading the charge for
additional safeguards to stop probate guardianship abuse. Their comprehensive video, The Deception of
Protection, is a call to arms against wrongdoing in a deeply flawed industry, and I highly
recommend it as a quick way to get informed. When you see how predatory guardians can get
away with egregious abuses of legal authority against the weak and the vulnerable, you’ll
know the time for excuses is over. Now is the time to act. Thank you for listening.

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