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Probate Attorney

[background music]>>Aaron: A trust is one of many tools used
by estate planning attorneys to protect your family and your assets should tragedy strike.>>Aaron: Among other things, a trust contains
provisions to protect and distribute your property should you pass or become incapacitated.>>Aaron: Trusts can be arranged in many ways
and can specify exactly how and when your heirs receive their property. This includes providing for the financial
well-being of any minor children you may have.>>Aaron: Whether or not you need a trust
depends on your goals your assets and your profession.>>Aaron: Family dynamics also play a large
role in determining whether you need a trust. Are you single? Are you married? Is this a second marriage, and do you have
minor children?>>Aaron: These are all important questions
in determining whether or not you need a trust.>>Aaron: If you’d like to learn more about
trusts give us a call. We have extensive resources to help you in
any way we can.>>Aaron: We offer free consultations and
flexible scheduling and are here to help you in any way we can. [background music]

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