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Probate Attorney in Anderson, South Carolina | SC Probate Court Lawyer | 864-226-7222

Today I’d like to discuss with you probate law in South Carolina. My name’s
Christopher Pracht I’m an attorney in Anderson, South Carolina.
probate law is often misunderstood by most folks out here on streets every day. The fact of the matter is that every
time an individual who is domiciled in South Carolina passes away, the law requires that a family member
friend or person designated in the persons visit the probate
court and open up an estate, it may just be a
small estate, but, for the individual has passed away,
for their assets to transfer to their next of kin, or
whoever the designee is in their will, they
must open an estate and have that estate probated by their
local probate court. This process can range from being very
simple to very complex depending on the size of the person’s estate, meaning
how much money they own, whether they have real estate, cars, bicycles, boats, all that has to be
legally transferred to, again, the person designated in the
decedent’s will, or the next of kin if they died without
a will. In order to navigate this complex legal
minefield, it’s important that you reach out to your local probate court as
soon as possible after the death of an individual. Once you’ve done this you may or may not
need a South Carolina Attorney, if it’s a larger estate, you likely will
need an attorney to assist you in preventing the estate dealing with
creditors claims and the many other issues that can arise through a probate case. Additionally some probate cases can become contested if
there’s a will contest, or a dispute over the validity of a
creditor’s claim against a person’s estate, it will almost
always become necessary to have an attorney involved. If you have more questions about probate
law in South Carolina, please give our office a call 864-226-7222 or you can always visit us on the web at

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  • Greg Bond

    Hello sir, thank you for the info.could I ask a question about the selling, property like land and homes, process under probate. Once an appraisal is finished and submitted to the court how much leeway is given to get a good price for the property? I have seen for example a property that appraised at $200,000 the probate judge says it can be sold at no lower than $180,000,10% less the appraised value. Is this true and could you cite the law. Thank you. Oh, I am in horry county sc. Thank you for your time.

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