PK Law for Adopt-a-Family #GivingTuesday
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PK Law for Adopt-a-Family #GivingTuesday

I am Nicole Ames, the Chief Business Developer Officer here at PK Law. Out of this program, we will fill about 125
boxes and what we like to do and what we found over the years is that organizations that
actually give the boxes away as part of holiday celebrations. And so we found organizations such as The Arc Baltimore that incorporate it as part of their holiday celebrations. We found that it is a really nice opportunity
to give back to the community. And we provide the food boxes which consist
of breakfast, lunch and dinner items for families to just try to help them get their pantries
filled at this time of year. We really enjoy doing it and we get the whole
firm involved. And it’s a great program. This really gets us into the spirit of giving as we get ready for the holidays. It gives us an opportunity to take a moment away from what we do every day practicing law and to give back to the community. The labor that you see behind me is done with
a lot of enthusiasm with people packing the boxes, stacking them up, and also purchasing
the boxes. Then, we write a special note on the box for
the recipient of the box. This is just one way in which we can do something
for the community, in particular, The Arc.

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