Phoenix 11 Advocacy Statement
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Phoenix 11 Advocacy Statement

For a long time we were afraid. We were afraid of the dark, we were afraid
of the unknown, we were afraid of our past and what it meant for our future. Alone, isolated, yet exposed to the world,
we knew there were others like us out there, yet we were scared to confront their pain
because of what they understood about our pain. Last year we all took a bold step to overcome
the fears about ourselves, to band together to become a force for change. To speak for all those who cannot speak for
themselves. To make the invisible visible. To make the two dimensional three dimensions. We are the Phoenix 11. Sexually abused as children, reduced to child
sex abuse images, and stripped of our dignity and humanity, we have risen together as powerful
young women who are retaking our identities and self-worth. No longer content to live in the shadows,
we are redefining what it means to be victims who were powerless to stop the relentless
onslaught of the technology of abuse. We are survivors of sexual torture, child
rape, erotic photoshoots, pedophile sleepovers, elementary school sex shows, streaming BDSM,
and twisted sexual desires whose digital images are trafficked worldwide to fulfill the endless
needs of an evil perverted community which takes pleasure from our pain. Now we are putting the world on notice that
we will no longer be a silent suffering collage of young girls and boys whose nameless and
often faceless images and videos circulate worldwide in the internet cesspool of humanity. We are the Phoenix 11. Hear our voice. See our strength. Answer our call. We will not be stopped. We will not be silent. Phoenix 11
This statement was recorded in Canada on July 12, 2018 by the Phoenix 11, with assistance
and support from the Canadian Centre for Child Protection and the National Center for Missing
& Exploited Children ©2018, Canadian Centre for Child Protection,
Inc., 615 Academy Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on behalf of the “Phoenix 11”,
a group of survivors whose child sexual abuse was recorded. All rights reserved.

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