Peace Corps Trainees Share Their Thoughts Before Leaving for Nicaragua
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Peace Corps Trainees Share Their Thoughts Before Leaving for Nicaragua

(music) Peace Corps is exactly what ties in all my interest and my professional goals. I believe very much in global solidarity
and trying to help out humanity in general. I’ve always had an interest in helping people,
doing medicine. Saying goodbye to some people not sure
I will be able to say hello to again. People like my grandmothers. Leaving behind my dogs. Which sounds kind of silly but
I’m really gonna miss them. I was trained as an EMT basic stateside and I’m hoping to expand upon that training and be able to bring that capability
to rural Nicaragua. I’m hoping that my skills from working in health education will transfer. I’m going to be able to use a lot of
what I learned in school and what I’ve experienced in the hospital settings. Really I spent a lot of time talking to
Returned Peace Corps Volunteers that have just gotten back. I’ve been reading a lot about Nicaragua,
my country assignment. And about maternal health and just making sure that I know what I’m talking about when
I’m down there. I found a tutor and worked with him
on Spanish a lot. Trying to find out as much about the
culture and the people as possible. Just go with it, take it day by day, and it’s going to be fine. As long as I keep an open mind and just except everything that comes in, I’m going to have one of the best times of my life. Trust the people that you’re living with was
the best advice I got from the other Peace Corps Volunteers. I really wanted to bring a Green Bay Packers hat. The special item that I’m bringing is my Kindle. I’m definitely bringing my journal. And I think that
will be one of the most valuable things I’ll take with me. The special item that I’m bringing is my wife. The furvored elections that are going to be going on
for the next couple of years. My family and my friends that I’m leaving behind. Aside from my dogs, I’m going to miss the washer and dryer. I heard that they don’t have peanut butter anywhere else. I really like peanut butter. (music)


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