Parents go against Ryan’s advocacy | MMK (With Eng Subs)
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Parents go against Ryan’s advocacy | MMK (With Eng Subs)

Come on, kids!
Get on the raft! Be careful, okay? – Are you excited?
– Yes. Be careful.
Take your seats. Get your books. – Dagul…
– Yes, Teacher? You’ll be my assistant
today, okay? Okay, Teacher! Help me teach
your classmates how to read. – Okay, Teacher.
– Get on the raft now. Give your classmates
their books. We’ll just wait for the food, and then, off we go. – Ryan…
– Oh, here it is! Ryan, this is
our last supply. We don’t have rice
for tomorrow. Don’t worry.
I’ll take care of it. – Dagul, put it there
– Ryan… What is it? Can we bring
the kids out tomorrow? Tomorrow? I’m afraid not
My students have exams on Monday.
They need me They also look forward
to the weekends for this. – Is that so?
– I’m sorry. Acel, I promise
I’ll make it up to you. – Fine.
– Thank you. – Come on, let’s go!
– Let’s go! Mary Ann, get off
that raft now! I told you to get off! What’s with you, Ryan? Why didn’t you tell me you’re bringing my daughter
|with you in rafting? – Miss Mara..
– Miss Mara… Get off now!
Come here! I’m just teaching the children some additional knowledge. You teaching them in school
is already enough! What you’re doing is dangerous! What if the children drown? Just look at your raft! It doesn’t even
have a life vest. I won’t put
the children in danger. He’s right, Miss Mara Ryan doesn’t sail
if the weather is bad. But still! We can’t tell
the weather anymore! It might rain, so I’m bringing
my child home! – Let’s go!
– Miss Mara… Nay, that’s enough. Don’t be stubborn! Just a piece of advice. If I were you,
I’d stop this already. Will you wait for the children
to drown first? If something bad
happens to them, will you be able
to save them?! Can you please behave like
responsible parents?! Let’s go! Teacher! We’re done reading! Really? Open your books again,
and read the story of Maria. Teacher… ..are you sick? No, I’m fine. You look down.
It’s not like you. I’m just thinking
of the story I told you to read. Maria just wanted to help. But she had to face
challenges to do so. “In the end, Maria learned
that doing good to others more especially if the help
comes with sacrifices. Mario, you’re now
good at reading! It’s because of you, Teacher.
Thank you. So please, don’t mind
what other people think. We know that you’ll always
take care of us.


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