Papa, Tum Kab Jaoge?
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Papa, Tum Kab Jaoge?

We’ll cry. Don’t worry. We’ll definitely cry. Yes. We’ll cry, brother. Brother, Who was she? – What was she?
– What was she? She was my girlfriend. But she was not good. But I’ve already deleted. Remove her. I’ve removed her from everywhere.
From phone, mind and heart. – I’ll bring ice for you.
– Yes. Please. – You just wait.
– Yeah. Radhika! Please call me back. For how long will I keep
sending you these voice messages? And this is not fair. It’s not even a week of
our breakup… …and you’ve started sharing
funny memes on instagram. This is not professional.
At least have some dignity. You know I found your cute
pink slippers from the bedroom. I’m missing you Radhika. I miss you Radhika.
Are you listening to me? Idiot! These pink slippers are mine. Your girlfriend used to wear it. Nonsense. Now keep your phone aside and
start bitching. We’ll feel good. Let’s just enjoy. You make a peg. We’ll enjoy. Cheers! Yes. Coming. So brother, where’s the cigarette? – What are you saying?
– It’s my dad. After a great struggle, I brought liquor.
I thought we’ll enjoy but you are like… – Dad…
– Why did you call him? – I don’t know.
– You should know. – Give me the glass.
– Hide it somewhere. My dad has come. Finish it off. Finish quickly. Dad, when did you come? Blessings! Dad. What? Why did you shut the door on my face? – We usually shut the door like this.
– Seriously? Uncle! He thought that someone
has come for donation. Then nobody cursed. So we thought that
someone would be from our family. Yeah. And what is this? Why such an inconsolable atmosphere? Just like that. What’s this smell? Oh, it’s jasmine. Jasmine. – Yes it’s jasmine.
– Yeah, jasmine. Who applies so much perfume? He does. He does not take bath. – #savewater, uncle.
– #idiot. What is this? What is this? It’s Pikachu. – Pika Pika Pika…
-…chu. Pikachu. Dad, how come you’re here
I mean without informing. I’ve come here for some
business related work. I hope you know Khurana sir, right? – No.
– Yeah. That’s right. He’s opening a new start up. And want me to invest in it. So I told him clearly that I
can’t invest just like that. I’ll first come, check and understand
that what exactly does a startup mean. Just a matter of one day. Then I’ll come to know for
how many weeks I’ve to stay. Till then we three of us
can stay comfortably. Right? What? – Yeah.
– Yeah. Yes. It’ll be fun. – Look, Golu!
– Yes, dad? From today, we’re room partners.
Roommates. – Yeah.
– Alright? So all the expenses between three
of us will be equally distributed. – Soldier system. Okay?
– Yeah. And yeah, just because I’m your father
that doesn’t mean you’ll do whatever I say. That’s impossible. Alright? By the way, remove this rubbish
poster and put a picture of Sai Baba. – Okay. I’ll do it right away.
– Wait. Listen. Not now. Sit. It’s not that urgent. You can do that later. Right now let’s just talk. Okay. So… – Did you eat?
– Yes, dad. – Health?
– Absolutely fine. I’m fine. Job is also fine. – I’ll bring water for you.
– Yeah. – You must be thirsty, right?
– Yeah. I need water. – Goal.
– Shut up! Hey, dad. You would’ve lost weight if
you had played in the field. Not possible. By the way,
which one is you among the two? Dad, the one with the ball, that’s me. Now I pass the ball, so that player becomes me. Then what about the last player? That’s a computer. So who’s playing football then?
You or the computer? Uncle! It’s very simple. The blue team who’s winning it, that’s me. And the red team who’s losing
it, guess who? – Who?
– He’s the one. Son of a loser. Why don’t you do something? What should I do? Yeah. I can become a referee. I even know how to whistle it. I’ll show you. That’s good, man. Radhika, I knew you would call me back. – I love you too, Radhika. I love you.
– Shut up! I called you just to inform
you that I left my toothbrush in your bathroom, give it to Neha tomorrow.
Okay? Now Bye. Hello! Radhika. I love you. Radhika, please listen to me. Where should I go? Right or left?
He’s running. Uncle! You’re catching up so fast. Just keep playing like this.
One day you’ll definitely get the ball. Yeah. Towards left. Oh, god! Dad. It’s 5:45 am.
Why do you want to become Akshay Kumar? – Please sleep.
– Golu. You lazy bum. I didn’t wake up. I’m going to sleep now. Being with Bunty, I didn’t realise
where time goes. I mean, we binge watched ‘Savdhaan
India’ and ‘Crime Patrol.’ Good night. Girdhari bro, tomorrow let’s
binge watch ‘Taarak Mehta.’ It’s an amazing show. Good night Golu. Oh, brother! Where is it? Brother, where is it? Hey, where is it? – Where is it?
– I don’t know. Bunty. – Bunty.
– Yes? – Have you seen my red boxer?
– You can borrow mine. Am I going to fit in?Waka Waka…Waka Waka…Hey, that’s mine. What’s going on? Nothing. We were doing
some research on start up. Yeah, right. – What say?
– Let’s watch. C’mon! C’mon! Wait a minute.
I’m getting a call. – Bro?
– Oh, god! Wait a second. Sorry. Yeah. C’mon! Hey, Golu. – Golu.
– Yes. Coming dad. My girl is calling me. She keeps calling me all the time. Tell her that I slept. But dad, it’s mom who’s calling you. But she’s my girl, right? Yeah. But… – Common sense, Golu.
– Common sense, Golu. – C’mon. C’mon.
– Very good. Oh, shit! My baby! Did you eat? So then you also eat. Yes, baby. So what’s the menu for today? Yumm… Crispy bitter gourd. That’s nice. – Chik chik boom. Fire.
– Chik chik boom. Fire. – Yes, baby.
– Yes, baby. Take this. You only watch.
Here’s the headphone and laptop. All yours. Dad, what are you doing?
This is my shaving foam. What? – You don’t even have a beard.
– What? Really? Even you didn’t had a
beard in your childhood. But still you used to apply it and ask… ‘Dad, even I want to shave.’ But I never got irritated. I was being slapped. That’s because you used to
spin your fingers on a blade. But now you’ve become a big man. And also smart. You use Gillette Mach3 for shaving. – I was already smart.
– Hmm. Tell me one thing. Bunty was saying that his
boss troubles him a lot. Just because he doesn’t come on
time, doesn’t work at all. Silly. I hope you don’t face such problems, Right? No. See. We are bros. We are roommates. You can share anything. Anything with me. Job issue? Girlfriend issue? – Premature ejaculation?
– What rubbish are you talking? Why are you putting an
effort to have small talks? – We are bros.
– We are not. We are not bros. You are not my friend.
You are my father. Why don’t you understand? We were roommates for 20 years, right? That time where were you? And now suddenly you
want to create a bond. Let it be the way it was. I can’t be frank with you. Without making mistakes, I become
conscious and get scared of telling you. I don’t understand because since childhood,
we only had a conversation on scolding. We are not bros. Do you know, I fell down while
riding your bike in school. My leg was badly hurt. But till today,
I did not reveal it because If I do, you would first slap me and
then you will ask about the bike. Dad. Whenever I used to cry… I used to get scolding rather listening. Stop crying like a girl. Be a man, face your problems. Be strong. See, now I’ve become a man. What have I achieved? Absolutely nothing, dad. Radhika is no more in my life. She says that I’ve an emotional blockage. She said that its over. I said okay. What else should I say? I was not able to cry. Because people will start
judging and I was feeling ashamed. I don’t want people coming
and telling me that I’m weak. And also stop crying like a girl. Be strong. I’m not strong. I’m sorry, son. The mistake is probably mine. I took out the frustration
of my struggle on you. May be that time I was not strong. That’s why I wanted you to be strong. Because if you don’t then… …how are you going to survive in
this competetive field. That’s why those frustration, scolding… May be… …my definition of strong was wrong. No harm in crying. Yes. Anybody can cry anywhere. Nobody becomes strong
by hiding the tears. But yes he can
by wiping it. And what you thought
that I never cried? I used to but not in front of everyone. A father creates a distance between
him and his son by hiding his tears, a father comes to know after many years. I don’t like asking you same
questions over phone. Yes. Tell me. Did you eat? How’s your job? Do you want more money? And when there’s nothing to
talk, I handover it to your mom. Even I feel that we both
should gossip about your mom. You should come and hug
rather touching my feet. And because of all this,
your mom became your best friend. But I couldn’t even be a friend. And today, I’m staying with you on
the pretext of this business meeting. Do you know why? Because I want to know my son. Girdhari bro. Alcohol in the house. Idiot! Why did you bring alcohol?
Dad is here. Dad… I’ve asked him to get it.
To celebrate your break up. Being a roommate,
I can at least do this much. You thought if you don’t tell
me, I won’t even know it. Our spies are spread all around. I love you papa. I love you too. I love you 3000 bro. Bro! Let’s make a peg.
I’ve to get up at 12 in the morning. Yeah. Right. 12 pm is early morning.


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