Oxfam’s trainee scheme – Bond Diversity Award 2019 submission
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Oxfam’s trainee scheme – Bond Diversity Award 2019 submission

I’m Isabelle. I’m Sagen. I’m Uday. I’m
Rosie. I’m Nada and we’re some of the 18 people who have
participated in Oxfam’s paid trainee scheme. We created the scheme to improve
diversity and provide an entry route for people who might otherwise struggle to
get into the sector. We work hard to make it as accessible as possible to people
from different backgrounds. So people don’t need formal qualifications or work
experience. As a mum, this scheme helped me have a work family balance. As a
student, the trainee scheme has helped me to expand my horizon about the development
field. As a Syrian refugee living in the UK, this scheme has helped me to restore
my professional career. The training scheme of Oxfam was the only thing I
could apply for without a degree. The Oxfam training scheme gave me the chance
to start working while in recovery from mental illness. We’ve been really
successful at bringing in people from diverse backgrounds.
More than 60% of all trainees have been non-white. Nearly 20% had a declared
disability. And quite a number of them have had lived mental health experience.
We are spread across the UK. Half of us get jobs at Oxfam afterwards, and the
other half go to other jobs in the third sector, which not only bring diversity to
Oxfam, but to the whole sector. To ensure sustainability we seek feedback and
evaluate our processes on ongoing basis. We have a steering group made up of
people from across Oxfam to help guide our strategy, and we share our learnings
around diversity both internally and externally

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