Our solicitors are specialists in a crisis
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Our solicitors are specialists in a crisis

Welcome to Mary Monson solicitors. Many clients
tell us that to be accused of a financial or fraud offence is no less scary for the
person than if they were accused of something really serious. Now our approach is informal,
practical, its direct and its designed to make you feel relaxed in the process. This
whole thing is scary, and when you understand more about what’s going on, and when you are
given time and space to understand it with a lawyer that you’ve got a nice relationship
with, then the whole thing becomes a lot easier. With that in mind, what we’ve done is put
together these guides explaining different areas of fraud law in language which anyone
should be able to understand, cutting out the legal jargon. And those are available
for you on this site. Our approach is designed to enfranchise you in the process as a client
so you’re not just feeling that we’re patronising you and saying, you let the lawyers understand
and make all the decisions in this. We’re actually making you part of the legal team,
so that you’re in control of your destiny, well guided by good lawyers. Many of our lawyers
have a business background and this is an advantage in fraud work. The reason for that
is that in business you are paid according to results. The reality is that for you as
a client you are completely results driven and you want lawyers who are results driven.
Our approach is to leave no stone unturned in the preparation of your case, going through
all of the little details and really listening to what you say you want to achieve out of
the case so that we can achieve that with you. The way that fraud prosecutions and investigations
are carried out can be a bit of a guessing game. They’ve got missing money, they may
have a money trail, they’ve got a few witness statements, often from disgruntled employees
or associates. They join the dots and they decide that you’re guilty. Its our job as
defence lawyers to challenge guess work and accusation. Its our job to know more about
your business and more about what went on through spending time with you and involving
you as a client in the process than the prosecution can with their guess work. This is what we
call pro-active defence and its what we’re known for.

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