ONEL YEAR – first semester, new apartment | law school vlog #1
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ONEL YEAR – first semester, new apartment | law school vlog #1

Hey yal! I wanted to come on. This is really
bright. I’m just going to keep my hand here. There we go! Hey guys. I wanted to come on
and just catch up really quickly. This is kind of awkward. This is risky. I wanted to
come on and catch you guys up on a couple things because I know I’ve been MIA and I
know that’s annoying. I really didn’t intend for it to happen like this it just kind of
happened like this. What’s been new with me, where have I been? I never really talked about
it on my channel, I kind of spoke about it vaguely in a couple videos. But I was applying
to grad school last year, law school and I got in. I’m in law school now so I’m a 1L
and it’s the craziest busiest time of my entire life. But it’s great, it’s awesome, it’s so
exciting. I love the people at my school. I love the classes that I’m taking. I feel
like this is where I’m meant to be and I’m really grateful to be here. But it is super
busy. Camera is shaking, sorry. It’s still shaking. No shaking! Stop shaking!
Really quickly because I know people are gonna ask. On my lips iahve on (01:33) by color
pop, these are Beats headphones. This sweatshirt is from H&M years ago so you probably won’t
find it and this skirt is a denim skirt from ASOS. I try to keep it cute still. That’s
what I have on today. Earrings are just diamond studs, faux diamond studs. I have been in
school it’s been crazy, I don’t have a routine anymore. I don’t go to the gym like I used
to. A lot of things have been falling to the wayside. But I made up my mind this weekend
I was like I’m gonna hold on to the things that make me me and things that I used to
love doing. I’m not gonna let this whole school thing come and take over my life. Filming
this really quickly was kind of the first thing that I was like I’m gonna let myself
have this today. Mondays are really great for me because we get out of class relatively
early. This is 1 of my lightest days in terms of just class time. This light is annoying
me. So I was like I’m gonna film a really quick vlog style catch-up for you guys and
then put it up and then you guys can know kind of where I’ve been, what I’ve been doing.
I think my content is just gonna have to change because I don’t really have time in this semester
to do the whole sit down, do my makeup, then do a video that’s super produced and edited
whatever. A lot of my videos from now until I can get
it together are going to be in this kind of talk format, if that’s okay with you and vlogs.
Things that are just easier and there’s less production time and less editing etc. So that’s
what I wanted to let you guys know that. My content is going to change. I’ll do a lot
of outfit of the day pictures. Those of you who follow me on Instagram you’ll see those
photos. You guys already knew I was in law school. Those of you who don’t follow me
on Instagram, see your life! I want to show you guys really quickly I can’t decide if
I’m gonna do an apartment tour, I keep going back and forth. But really quickly I wanted
to show you that my filming/study room is coming together. You see my computer, my desktop
computer. Then I have this sign that I love Mandela quote “it always seems impossible
until it’s done”. This is perfect for this area because my work always feels impossible
until it’s done. Come through silhouette! I have all my lip products, you guys know
I’m crazy about lip products. That’s just my nail polish stuff, that’s my nail station.
Then this not completely happy with it but God willing I have time to film a makeup video,
I’ll be able to use those. Then right here is this really pretty picture I got. I was
obsessed with it when I saw it and then I decided to just put a couple things of significance
up here. This is what I was supposed to do last week. Do you see this 1? Upload at least
1 video. Serious girl you are writing things, you’re not doing them. But it is well
I have to leave you now, sadly I have to leave because I work to do. So yeah, I’ll talk
to you guys soon hopefully, I really do want to get back into the rhythm of doing my thing,
doing my videos, doing what I like, going to the gym. I don’t want to come to law school
and scatter. So I have to go back to the gym, I have to start taking care of myself again.
Thank you guys for sticking with me. Those of you who don’t follow me on Snapchat and
Instagram definitely do that because I’m going to be a lot more regular on those platforms
now that I don’t have that much time and will probably start doing short little videos
on Instagram. I remember that I had my relationship series we’re still gonna do that, we’re still
going to talk about those things. I plan to talk about law school to and grad school and
just application process and how that worked and what’s helpful and what’s not helpful
now that I’ve been through it. So stay posted I you want to see that stuff. If you have
any questions or requests leave them down below. I love you guys so much as always and
I can’t wait to see you guys in my next video.


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