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preview Vlog start: Hi everyone~ Today I’m going to shoot a video about a very typical DATE routine in Korea Me and my boyfriend are going to meet in Hongdae which is a place that I recommended you to visit in Korea I know I really had to bring my camera But I was in a hurry So I just brought my cell phone, I forgot to bring my camera So if the video quality is not good, please understand T-T So right now I’m waiting for the bus here, it’s a bus stop in Korea And it’ll come in 8 minutes I guess 😀 In almost every bus stop in Korea, it has a screen like this It actually reflects me because of the light But it shows the bus number and how many minutes left until my bus is coming There’s my bus coming! cute idol bus 😀 Arrived to Hongdae! Arrived to the movie theater! We were late for the movie T-T ~ Watching movie ~ Finished watching movie 😀 Now I have finished watching the movie called, “The Mummy” And now me and my boyfriend will go to the cafe It’s kind of a special cafe because we can play board games there My boyfriend is really really into the board games I’ll film a video with him later Here’s the main street of Hongdae! There’s the giant new balance shoes! hahaha OMG too many people are here LOL Here’s the one of the busiest streets in Hongdae It’s called 옷가게거리 (in Korean) In English it means, a clothing lane? There’s the board game cafe! And the sushi restaurant And you can drink beer here! But we’re going here 😀 You want to drink chocolate? :->Hello~ Clerk: Hello how many of you?
Lara: We’re two! Clerk: Please sit wherever you want Nick you want that seat in the corner? I really like this game called Catan! And my sister really loves this game Splendor And these are really popular! I think you would know Also here’s Halli Galli My boyfriend chose to play this game with me It looks so complicated but I should do it anyway Now we have finished setting up I’m on a team red, and he’s on the team black And now we have to pick on card to decide who we are (Playing) And I should pick one too! It’s saying that I should do certain quests to win the game And this is my boyfriend’s role card ~2000 years later~ Guys there’a big news! Here’s mine, and there’s my boyfriend’s, so, well I won Now we came to eat dinner And I’m trying to order food right now I’m gonna order this steak! So we have the appetizer here It’s a cracker with…. what kinda cheese is this? Ricotta cheese! And here’s the salad! Now we have the main menu. This one is Risotto And this one is the steak that I love! Pan steak! What steak? Pan steak! X2 Look at the cheese~ Wow we have eaten almost every food 😀 So people are dancing and rapping here! But Hondae is actually known for these They are probably from the university circles Or they are Kpop trainees?! I don’t know It’s Bigbang’s song! I’m 90% sure that they are trainees Idol trainees I mean 😀 So I think they already have fans, so they are having a fan meeting Between their performances Let’s remember these guys, maybe they are going to be stars you know? Oh they are taking pictures~ I guess they are really idol trainees omg There are so many people~ if you come to Hongdae, you should come to this street To see trainees and other people dancing, rapping ~BTS~ Do you remember this place? I showed you this place last time in my vlog They are playing my favorite song at the moment! I wanna wear something like this and this But actually Korean clothing store usually has one size So it’s not going to fit me No, I’m not gonna fit in that! We finally reached our favorite comic book cafe Here are the all the comics that people are reading What’s Your name~ One piece! It’s a cat slipper 😀 If you come to this comic book cafe, You’ll get one figure to figure out your number And our room? kinda place? space? Is, Chooper Three Dinggul There are so many comic books! People are reading comic books, lying down~ You can also eat food here! you can order almost everything like cafes So many books~ You can eat Rameons here~ Snacks here! Also they will cook some food(if you order) ~Coffee, non-coffee, ade, tea~ They also have places like this And also like this. They are lying under the leaf. So cute XD Even the water dispenser is so cute It says Smirnoff, but it’s just water So now I’m in Dinggul, the space Only for me and my boyfriend Ah it’s so comfy here, and it has lights up here so you can read comics inside Now we are on my way back home It’s almost 11pm. It’s actually 11:20 So if I arrive to my house, it’ll be like….. 12:30 or 12:40 That was the end! If you enjoyed my vlog, please click LIKE and share it with your friends! Thank you for watching


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