Omar And Tlaib Giggle And Laugh As Lee Discusses American Deaths In Iraq
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Omar And Tlaib Giggle And Laugh As Lee Discusses American Deaths In Iraq

Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar and Michigan Rep.
Rashida Tlaib apparently think the injuries of American servicemen and women is hilarious. Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee was discussing
American casualties during the Iraq War and Omar, who was whispering to Tlaib, could not
contain their giddiness. “I’m very glad to say that I was part
of the 132 and also the vote for Barbara Lee’s amendment, but I think that the point of that
is that that is the same war that we’re dealing with today,” the representative
said. “We never solved any problems with AUMF,
we left four thousand plus, maybe even forty four hundred dead, and over sixty thousand
who came back injured in some form and the war never ended,” she said. As Rep. Lee was speaking in somber tones about
the deaths of our soldiers Omar was just laughing her head off. “I recall the language in AUMF, it deals
with hostilities in Iraq,” Lee said and Omar and Tlaib whispered and giggled like
schoolgirls. “It doesn’t deal with an incident or a
dislike or someone in a car coming in from the airport. That is the danger of not acting and I do
think with our leadership, meaning the leadership CPC, that will come together around specific
answers,” she said. And it gets better. Omar, who was nowhere near any military combat
in her life, again undermined the troops as she said she is suffering from PYSD because
of the tensions with Iran. “I feel ill a little bit because of everything
that is taking place. And I think every time I hear about — I
hear of conversations around war,” she said. “I find myself being stricken with PTSD. And I find peace knowing that I serve with
great advocates for peace and people who have shown courage against war,” she said. This woman is a blight on the United States. She is perhaps the most anti-American representative
in the history of Congress. Take what she said after President Donald
Trump announced that he would not strike back at Iran right now. “This makes no sense. Sanctions are economic warfare. They have already caused medical shortages
and countless deaths in Iran. You cannot claim to want deescalation and
then announce new sanctions with no clear goal. This is not a measured response!” she said. She should resign from Congress or be removed. It is ridiculous to have someone who wants
us to take whatever Iran gives us an not respond as a representative.


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