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Office Administration – Legal – Durham College

I chose Durham College because it’s recognized
at legal firms, and throughout Durham, and Toronto. I chose the legal option because I was really
interested in real-estate law, and that was my main focus but once I got into the program
I realized the other laws were just as interesting. It’s really neat to learn all the preparation
behind things that you didn’t know happened. I came into the program thinking I didn’t
know if I could do it, but once I got into the program I wanted to excel. I wanted to be an honour student. Well, there’s many career options, to be in
the office administration legal. The big firms are looking to hire new fresh
people to get started. The teachers have definitely prepared us to
be confident and they give you feedback. A lot of the time good feedback, and things
that you need to improve on as well. Success for me before coming to Durham College
was just finishing, but now success to me since being at Durham College is definitely
personal growth and personal success more than just finishing a program. It’s about working as a team, getting that
job, and getting the high marks, and getting that positive feedback. Success is learning to be you, and being the
best you.

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