[Nizi Project] S1 #1-1
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[Nizi Project] S1 #1-1

Participants from all over Japan! Battling to pursue their dreams! She’s real idol material. Which rough diamond has
caught J.Y. Park’s fancy? The best solo dance singer in Korea The No. 1 hitmaker in Asia The idol producer who
pioneered the K-POP boom I want to create
an upgraded girl group… while maintaining the color
of JYP Entertainment. Right now, K-pop has fans
all over the world. A lot of people love it,
especially in Japan. I wanted to try something new. A joint Korean-Japanese project
between JYP and Sony. We’ll find talent in Japan,
develop and train them, and blend them into our K-pop. A project to develop a new girl group The global auditions begin. Regional heats held in 8 cities
in Japan and 2 cities in the USA Those with potential
will be brought to Tokyo. A 4-night 5-day training camp We’ll then select the final members,
who will be taken to Korea. 6 months of professional training Placing the letters “Nizi”
on top of each other… forms a square with 4 triangles inside. The triangles represent standards
of excellence in 4 areas: dance, singing, star quality,
and personality. Those who pass the heats will be
given an empty pendant, which will be filled with triangles
during the training camp. Those who fill their cube will be
the final members who go to Korea. From different countries,
a new generation. Those who can express themselves… freely and naturally through
words, singing and dance. That’s who I’ll choose. Her facial expression is great. You’re astonishingly talented. I’m so surprised! What a wonderful performance! Come here, please. Come here, please. Congratulations. Thank you! The heats begin! Where are we going to first? Nagoya Lots of participants are
here for the heat. The name Nizi (“rainbow”) inspired me
to want to become one of the colors. That’s why I’m here. I felt like I had to grasp
this opportunity. The preliminaries Participants must pass
a group audition, and an individual one. Those who qualify
will be judged by J.Y. Park. He’ll decide who goes
to the training camp! Our criteria are slightly different
from other companies. There’s something more important
than dance and singing skills. Naturalness. Can they show their own personality, their own voice and expression?
That’s what I’ll judge. I’m looking for star quality. Alright, let’s begin! Here are… the participants for
the final screening. Wow! Are we going to meet J.Y. Park? I guess so. I’ve dreamed of this moment. Who will be first to audition
in front of J.Y. Park? [in Korean] Hello. Nice to meet you. [in Korean] Hello. Nice to meet you.
Her lively entrance makes him smile. Nice to meet you.
Her lively entrance makes him smile. Please introduce yourself briefly. My name is Erina Hanada.
I like cooking. Nice to meet you. You have a really cheerful smile. Thank you! Erina has always loved to dance. I was never really interested
in show business… until I encountered TWICE
in the 1st grade of elementary school. I really got into them, and dreamed of joining their
production company JYP. I wished they’d hold auditions in Japan,
so when the Nizi PROJECT came around, I decided to apply. She’s excited about
her first ever audition. She’s applied for the dance section. “I’ve been practicing my smile
and dancing harder than ever.” You have confidence in your skills? Yes! I’m good at facial expression. I’m not so good at singing,
but I’m good at dance and expression. – Show me your stuff.
– OK. 「Candy Pop」 by TWICE Seeing Erina’s expression
would make anybody smile. [in Korean] Thank you. Do you think… you have what it takes
to be a special idol? Yes! Yes! Among the other participants, a lot of them were good at dancing,
but lacked facial expression. I was born with a talent
for facial expression. I want to utilize that
as an artist in the future. She has confidence in her strengths, but can’t hide her nervousness. Will she receive a Nizi pendant? You need to work on your dancing, but your smile has the the power
to make other people smile. Yes. His comment has brought her to tears. And it isn’t a fake smile. It looks really natural. You have a lively and cheerful aura. I really like that. Your dancing needs work, but you’ve passed. You’ve passed. Thank you! Come here, please. – Congratulations.
– Thank you! The first Nizi pendant goes to Erina! Thank you. I passed! I was nervous, but he said
my facial expression made up for it. I want to improve my singing
and dancing for next time. She’s so cute! Her facial expression is great. She’s real idol material. It’s not something you can teach. Hello. Oh, sorry! He’s watching her carefully. Nice to meet you. Likewise, nice to meet you! Please introduce yourself briefly. My name is Rio Hanabashi.
I’m in the 3rd grade of high school. He’s thinking about something. To me, you look like you have… the face of an actor. The face of an actor. A lot of people say that. Why did you apply for this audition? I always dreamed of getting into
the music business, and joined EXPG Studio
with that ambition. But my ambition changed. I began to dream of being an actor,
and quit the studio. What should I do?
I’ve danced since the 2nd grade
of elementary school. I joined EXPG Studio in the 2nd grade
of junior high school. I was a member of the top class, and performed as part
of the Bunnies unit. She quit dancing, which she loved,
to pursue her acting ambitions. However…
But I still want to utilize… my experience as a performer
to the fullest, in some form. Torn between two dreams, she’s come to this audition
looking for an answer. If you ask me if I want to be an idol, I can’t honestly say that’s
all I’ve ever wanted. But my only ambition is
to be some kind of star, so please consider me! Will she get the answer
she’s looking for? Show me your stuff. She’s taken her shoes off! 「Hoshikuzu Venus」 by Aimer She’s chosen a soulful song to dance to. Yeah, I’m fine
Because I’m strong It’s too hard for me
To look up and say sorry What will he say? As a singer, you need acting ability
along with singing ability. Your dancing was full
of emotional expression, so I was really entranced. Entranced. Thank you.
His words seem to have
dispelled her doubts. You got my full attention. Thank you. Your dancing was effortless,
full of confidence and expression. Thank you. You’re astonishingly talented. Thank you! At last, she’s relaxed! You’ve passed. You’ve passed. Thank you! Come here, please. Congratulations.
She receives her Nizi pendant. I can’t wait to see you
at the next stage. Thank you. I’ll do my best. Congratulations. Thank you. She’s a fantastic dancer. Really artistic. Nagoya, huh? With a new talent discovered,
the mood is good. Sendai These participants… have come here to pursue their dreams. I want to work for J.Y. Park.
I admire him so much. If I ever become an idol,
I’d like to belong to JYP. I want rigorous training
in dancing and singing. It’s my dream. Who has made it to the final screening? Hi. Hello. Let’s have a good one. For me, things that are beneath
the surface are more important. I want to see those that can express
thoughts, emotions, and personality… through their words,
singing, and dancing. This is my favorite saying: “Art means bringing to light
the things that lie…” “beneath the surface.” Excuse me. Hello. – Hello.
– Nice to meet you. Likewise, nice to meet you! Of all the participants,
you’re the first one… who knocked on the door. Really? According to this, you live in Nagoya? Yes. Yes. So why is she in Sendai?
Why… The Nagoya audition had already
finished when I heard about it, so I’ve come all the way to Sendai. I hope it’s worth the plane fare! Me too. – Please introduce yourself.
– OK. Nina Hillman, 14.
I’m in the 3rd grade of junior high. I was born in Washington State,
in the USA. I moved to Japan 2 years ago. 2 years ago?
I can speak both Japanese and English. You’ve only lived in Japan for 2 years? That’s right. How come your Japanese is so fluent? When I first came to Japan, I couldn’t write or speak Japanese. I attended a normal Japanese school, and it was frustrating not
being able to communicate. So I’ve studied very hard,
and become able to speak Japanese. I think you’re very smart. No, not at all! Time to see what she can do!
OK, would you mind singing for me? Sure. Nervous 「Brand New Day」 by Rei Yasuda A stable and attractive singing voice Beautiful high notes Thank you! He’s lost for words. – Could you dance for me?
– Sure. After her singing,
what’s her dancing like? 「What is Love -Japanese ver.-」 by TWICE Thank you! She showed us an energetic performance.
Thank you! What will he say? The best thing about
your performance was… the way your character shined through.
Her expression of individuality
has captivated him. That’s really something special. Thank you. I’m really looking forward to
seeing your next performance. Thank you. I’ll do my best. Come here, please. Congratulations. She’s passed.
Thank you! Thank you. I’ll try my hardest for you. Thank you very much.
Excuse me.
The first Nizi pendant recipient in Sendai She’s just so amazing! It’s the first time we’ve seen
such phenomenal talent. I’m so surprised! With her on board, I’m sure
the group can succeed.


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