• landsolo

    At what point did Brian? lose his ability to see the obvious physical advantage that a boy or man who is a transgender female has over a biological female? He ought to be ashamed of himself for saying that supporting the right for women to have a level playing field is going to lead to an increase in discrimination and racisim.

  • Kevin Burkett

    The irony of the left demanding men who think they're women being allowed into women's sports is they're proving the biological fact that men are more capable at competing in sporting events than women are so, in their attempt to not discriminate they're actually discriminating against women…transgenderism needs to be treated for what it is, a mental health disorder, rather than blindly going along with it

  • Mary Brock

    NIKE has a long history of sexually abusing kids- of course they would fund a pedophile/sexual predator- avanatti is in jail because he exposed Trump and was about to expose NIKE- odd how his trial wasn't reported- complete silence so you never see exactly the crime playing out. BAN EVERYTHING NIKE

  • Mary Brock

    if you aren't discriminating EVIL you give EVIL power- life is about discriminating else crime is nonexisting – you discriminate behaviors all the time

  • Adam Vance

    When science is conveniently ignored. Needs hormone replacement therapy to change her nature. Smooth move comparing this to civil rights. Civil rights it's not.

  • david prince

    lol, this is not discrimination. This is such a pathetic argument. Much like the argument to have woman's spaces as "inclusional, rather than exclusional"…see youtube videos by Posie Parker.
    This is all insanity.

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