Newton’s Third Law of Motion by Professor Mac
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Newton’s Third Law of Motion by Professor Mac

5 4 3 2 1 Oh, hello, welcome to my laboratory. My name is Professor Mac, and today I’m going to be talking about Newton’s Third Law of Motion. Come join me to learn more. Newton’s Third Law of Motion. It appears a simple law but has
tremendous implications on us every day. It introduces the concept of Action and Reaction forces. The law explains why this rocket takes off, and why I’m standing here on the floor and not falling through it. And it explains why you, are able to sit watching me, and why your tablet or phone is lying comfortably in your hand. So let me explain the law, by studying some examples, which you experience every day. First of all, the ability for us to stand on
a floor without falling through it. While I’m standing here, I’m applying a force to the floor as a result of my weight. Newton’s Third Law, says that as a result
of this interaction, the floor will apply an equal force on me, in the opposite direction. In this case, we refer to the force I apply to the floor as the Action Force, and the force applied to me from the floor as the Reaction Force. The Action and Reaction forces are precisely the same magnitude, but in the opposite direction to each
other. Now it is easy to get confused about the law, but there is a key element to focus on,
which will make it easier to understand. Let me show you. We have here a wall. When I push on the wall, applying an Action force on the wall, this results in a Reaction Force applied
to me from the wall. Now look carefully. Can you see that the Action Force is applied to the wall, and the Reaction Force is applied to me? It is important to understand this. The Action Force and Reaction Forces are the same size, but are applied to different objects. I apply a force on the wall, and as a result of this interaction, there is a force from the wall, applied on me. If you remember, that the forces are applied to different objects, it will help you when applying Newton’s Third Law of Motion. It is also important to realize that forces are not just generated by live objects such as you and me. Inanimate objects, such as the floor or the wall here, generate forces. Forces result from the interaction of objects, and Newton’s Third Law, tells us that the forces appear in pairs. Hence the phrase “Action and Reaction”. So what about this rocket I have here, and how do I use Newton’s Third law, to launch it? Well join me in my laboratory where we will conduct a series of experiments, to understand, how Newton’s Third Law of Motion, enables me to launch my rocket, Mac 1. So you may be asking yourself, “How does Newton’s Third Law of Motion, enable a rocket to be launched?” Well you’re going to find out. Join me in my laboratory, as we conduct
experiments, such as ball throwing, and releasing compressed gas, to accelerate me in my kart. Do you know why this happens? Well it is all to do with Action and Reaction forces. You will also learn, how a rocket engine uses Newton’s Third Law of Motion, to generate thrust, to launch the rocket, high into the sky. So please visit my website, learnwithmac
dot com to enjoy my video, of these experiments. I look forward to you joining me. All the best.


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