Nathan – School Based Horticulture Trainee
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Nathan – School Based Horticulture Trainee

[MUSIC]>>INTERVIEWER: Hi there, Nathan,
how are you today?>>NATHAN: Good, yourself?>>Good, thanks for asking! And… you’re doing the Certificate 2
in horticulture – school-based?>>Yes.>>Okay. And can you tell me how your actually
got the traineeship?>>Um… I done horticulture at my school,
and I think it was, maybe a year-long course,>>Yeah?
>>Year or two. At my school. So, they, um, after doing it
for a while, they came and asked me, um, do you want to do this course?
>>Okay.>>And I said yes. They said there was
a certificate at the end… yeah, we’ll see then.>>Excellent. Okay. And can you tell me what you do
when you’re doing your traineeship days, um, what activities you do?>>Um… maintaining the garden, there is… potting plants, whole…
>>Um… [INAUDIBLE] Gardening potatoes. Reconstructing a garden.
>>Right?>>And… basic garden maintenance. Learning all the botanical names…
>>Yep? That must be pretty tough! There are a lot of botanical names. [LAUGHS}>>Don’t ask me to name any of them! [LAUGHS}
>>It’s okay, it’s okay. Can you tell me what you like most
about your traineeship?>>Hanging out with friends.
>>Yeah?>>Trying to learn botanical names.
>>Um… my favourite is construction, currently.>>It’s fun.
>>It’s fun.>>And so, is that what makes you happiest,
when you’re doing your traineeship?>>Yeah, I always like hanging with mates,
constructing a garden with your own gloves, it’s fun, I reckon.>>Excellent! Thankyou very much
for talking to us today.>>Thankyou. [MUSIC]

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