0:04 – Getting Started

    1:07 – There's No Law And There's No Attraction

    2:12 – The Reason Why The Secret Is Trash

    6:43 – We Don't Have Enough Respect For The Magic That Already Exists In Our World

    7:40 – The New Thought Movement

    10:53 – Softening The Whole Map Of Reality

    17:33 – What Happens If You Soften The Map Of Reality And Blur The Boundaries?

    20:25 – The World We Live In Is Created By People Who Are Somewhere On The Scale Of The New Thought Movement

    22:00 – Magic Is Repetitive Discipline

    24:37 – Wrapping Up

  • RavenStealstheNight

    I HATED the secret. A stupid therapist told me I'd benefit from reading it. Bullocks!!!! Couldn't that middle ground be also defined as Existentialism? And, there are no absolutes. Interesting to ponder. Where's this story???

  • Sol Journey

    The law of attraction community is full of narcissistic people. Tried for a period of time, some things manifested, some don't. Most importantly it damages my mental health. If I keep thinking positive and raise my vibrations I became less of a human, as if I'm allergic to negative emotions, even speech, I mean, normal daily human things. And these folks in the community have such inflated egos the size of hot balloons, constantly covertly putting people down for being lesser than them. These LoA peeps are subtly abusive and they don't even know it. All of a sudden some spiritual guru puts on a robe and call himself some Master Sri something tells the viewers he now attracted some serious wealth and driving in his Maserati. In his new robe. Using his Master title . And if I dare to even question anything in the community, as well as spiritual community, I'm labeled low vibrational and negative. They make me nauseous. 🤦‍♀️

  • sana Hussain

    Two days ago I was thinking I am not sure about the law of attraction. Is it real or not, I wish I wasnt so confused about it. Then I come across this. Lol. Now it makes a bit more sense.

  • I weigh more without clothes

    So if you have a convincing enough argument for something and a persuasive presence, you can alter the belief systems of others, creating bias, and therefore affirmation bias. Ergo; you impose control over the subjective reality of suggestible and/or consenting minds… hmm.
    That sounds like "black magick" to me.
    So, by a similar mechanism, you could apply this magick to yourself… but as it is a manipulation of truth, it leaves one vulnerable over time.
    Left hand = manipulation. Right hand = seeking truth, the alternative; to strip away layers of falsehood in order to bring one's cognition in line with objective reality, therefore strengthening one's relationship to the world, and to see with increasing clarity the ways in which someone can negotiate with and make effective use of all existence has to offer.
    Logically, this means that the path of deception really does undo itself over time, and that the path of striving for truth really IS what gives us longevity and success… if God is the potential that calls us forth, to approach that potential by the left hand really will fail, and to approach by the right really is our best bet at fulfilling our ultimate potential.
    Truly fascinating stuff!
    Therefore every law must be a method by which we can strive for knowing Truth without making enemies of each other, ourselves, and our environments.
    Everything else is likely us being bogged down by details of increasing complexity (eventually forgetting and missing the point).

  • Johannes Mann

    The term law of attraction is maybe a bit misleading. I definitely believe it plays a big role though perhaps not in the same way that many people might think of it. More subtly and not like some sort of magic trick. I think consciousness is fundamental and we probably affect things in all kinds of strange ways.

  • Michelle

    The book The Secret I feel explains the law of attraction in a poor way like its some magic but I believe in the concept. What would you say about Dr Joe Dispenza’s research? I’m curious

  • 1 2

    there is something to the idea that the law of attraction only really works for the authors who wrote about the law of attraction. idk if it's like a fate thing or really how to articulate it but it did work for them as they are now millionaires

  • M.E. and You

    Our perspective affects what we believe and what we can believe. Therefore questioning (doubting) our own perspectives is essential to growth of understanding but skepticism is essential to preserve a working foundation. We know we don't know the whole truth of anything and we know we are not sure our perspectives are correct on most of what we do know so this condition is fairly blind. But we must draw some assumptions to live and function, in that we try to do our best. It is said that any sufficiently advanced technology will seem like magic. If we define magic as any material or process of reality suddenly behaving or changing inconsistently with the normal laws we have observed and known then the following might provide some clarity. Physicists now say 100% of the contents of an atom is nothing (material) at its' most fundamental, atoms are made of interacting energy waves held in tension giving mass to subatomic particles. This is why the higgs boson discovery was such a big deal. It is the frequency at which this occurs. This is the key to reality manipulation. All atoms are now understood to be information expression fields; change the information and you change reality i.e. "magic". This is why the mandela effect changes (no matter how insignificant or small) are such a big deal. It is evidence that quantum change is happening. All the normal rules of reality occur in a stable quantum field of atoms creating "normal" reality. Bypass that by going directly after the information field and reality changes in less than the blink of the eye. This is what Cern was really created to discover and control. The theories of exactly how they raise the energy levels of the quantum field to become subject to a direct information alteration and how they broadcast that are mostly their secrets but the evidence of their work is not. The next big revelation of this is our understanding of how we fit into the picture. Our brains are also atoms connected to this quantum field and can both send and receive quantum field information from it and to it. That means under certain conditions we can introduce information which can change reality, a "miracle" or direct quantum field manipulation. So what are these conditions? It is a topic worth consideration and exploration. Perhaps one of the most important questions of this life. Evidence seems to suggest there are several ways it happens. Dark religions claim one category of accomplishment. Science another. It is what our culture has considered the Spiritual realm in many respects. My primitive theory is that Cern raises the flux state of the quantum field to conduct their next experiment (desired change) and at that moment anyone who has an idea held in a certain mindset of intent and "ought to be" and an odd ability to conceive of it as "already" existing that way can, like a surfer catching a big Hawaiian wave have that idea change reality. I've had it happen a couple of times so I'm convinced it can and does happen. It also explains all legitimate miracles. The documented power of prayer, etc. I don't know of, or believe that consistent control by anyone occurs naturally. But with this new technology (which has become the new taboo to talk about publically) I suspect we may soon be entering a time of "reality wars" as other countries bring their own colliders online. I encourage everyone to investigate the changes reported and pay attention to their own environment and don't discount your own memory of things. It's ridiculous to claim tens of thousands of people all mass miss remember. Some people can't see it. A change happens and they say it has always been that way, so weird! But honesty demands we see it as it is to the best of our ability; without bias. There are so many details I'd like to include but those can be found by determined searchers. So in conclusion; it is not really a question of wishful wanting. It seems to be a backdoor into the function of a stable quantum universe probably due to people trying to install a zipper there.

  • Pixi not Dust

    I usually don't leave comments.
    BUT…thank you very much Mr. Grannon, Sir.
    I enjoyed this post very very much!👏😊
    Your "noyo zone" post is one of the most accurate, suitabil descriptions that have been made public in recent years of what is also officially sold (out) an named as "witchcraft" aka "Pagan Tradition".Thank you for that. Allow me to say: Congrats, your "Guru" and you have dreamed good.
    You entered " the Circle" in your very own special way.🙏 😉Enjoy your journey.May the "gods of the nonyo zone" bless you!☀

  • ToND1Ne

    The magic that exists in every-day life isn't 'magic', although it IS wondrous. The fact that your mobile phone exists & works is purely down to science. And, we are not wrong in sneering at the emotional gaslighing & deceptive, manipulative pack of lies that was the so-called 'secret'.

  • Duke Toxo

    Positive thinking will have a positive effect on the mindbody. Negative thinking will have a negative effect on the mindbody. Positive thinking will help you along on your path in life, and negative thinking will hurt you along your path in life. Is this magic? Not in the Penn and Teller sense of the word but one can chose any word they like for it as long as you understand the concept. However, you need to take action before anything will happen. Think positive and take action to travel on the life-path you chose to travel.

  • Damian Lopez

    Richard…I was given both books. I read them. The narc brohter is not dead…lol…And I was wishing he croaked with all the power of the secret…lol…I'm just kidding…I was trying to manifest that his narcissism stopped and he would change to a non narc…to an Empath instead…second….I'm not A multimillionaire Yes I'm a multimillionaire…surrounded by beautiful women…Yes I'm surrounded by beautiful women….lol…so you right. yes no nes yo yos nos….Wow…Awesome Video.

  • futureshocked

    @12:21: the word your grasping for here is ATTENTION. There's no law of attraction, what it is, is a combination between Intention, Attention, and Discipline. I do tarot every morning. I don't do it because it has INFLUENCE over my life, I do it because it's a Jungian view on *tweaking what you're thinking about that day*. Does that make sense? It's introspection and a widening of my view. So, during the day when something connects to a tarot pull I'm ready to think about that event in a different way.

    If you REALLY pay attention to what the Alchemists were saying, they weren't talking about magic and shit at *all*. They were talking about the hard, hard road of self-improvement. YOU are the philosopher's stone.

  • Gwen Mary

    My personal point of view is similar to yours and I'm happy you're talking about it.

    I do believe in the power of our subconscious though. What we feed our subconscious can help us to achieve what we wish for. Maybe that's what you partly meant when you talked about aligning your thoughts with your emotions?
    Yes, there may be afformation bias at play too but I don't believe it is solely that.

    Since our subconscious picks up so much more than we are aware of it can help and tell us what to do to achieve xyz (talk to the right people, go to the right places etc).

    That's why I don't believe in magic (the Harry Potter kind) but in the power of our minds.

    Did you ever make a video about intuition? I think it would be interesting because I don't believe of the whole spiritual "go with your heart"-smuck because often we are broken and starved and our "heart" tries to fill these gaps with unhealthy things (kind of like emotional junk food).
    In my opinion intuition can be really reliable in certain situations but is also something you have to learn otherwise it will lead you astray. What is your take on intuition and what does it feel like to you?

  • futureshocked

    17:00: this is what the alchemists were talking about. YOU are the philosopher's stone. YOU are the lead being turned into gold. Alchemy was the blend between chemistry and self-improvement.

  • ToND1Ne

    You ARE the 'meat'. It is just that consciousness is not located in your leg or arm. IF you suffer a brain injury, you can become someone entirely different to the person you were prior to the injury. You can go from being an aggressive, violent person to a docile, sensitive, artistic one. You might not remember or recognize your spouse or kids. Your interests might all change. That does not occur with the loss of s limb, but, disturb physical brain matter, & you become someone else.

    Consciousness is, as yet, poorly understood scientifically. That does not make it some quantum pseudo-scientific woo-woo thing where we can craft a patchwork quilt of poorly informed reasoning based on if-then rationalizing of quantum mechanics (few people even understand) & equally naive questions. When you are asleep, you remain you. You wake up the same person you were beforehand. The same goes with losing consciousness under anaesthesia. We are biological entities, whose physical traits are inherited, yet shaped by environmental factors. On an atomic/molecular/quantum level, we are mostly space. To viruses & bacteria, we are not solid, but, highly permeable. But, we do not live at that level, so, we cannot apply what is true for them, from that perspective, to ourselves.

  • Damian Lopez

    Thank You Richard Grannon. Very intense and very strong video. I always come back a better person after watching and listening intently to You. Thank You for what You are Doing. May GOD Bless You. P.S. My other comment have a little humour to lighten things up. Because these topics are quite scary and serious.

  • Nick Fields

    I grieved heavily this morning, had the greatest kettlebell session of my life, swam in the rain, and then LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY through this delightful video. Cheers, all.

  • Amanda

    I do agree that this idea has been capitalised on. It's ridiculous to think you can just think something and it will happen. However, manifestation helped me to form positive thoughts/self-talk. I think if we constantly tell ourselves we can't do something then it becomes a lot harder. When we combine positive self- talk WITH action (hard work) then we can see results. It gave me the confidence to say no to what isn't good for me and to say yes to what is good for me. I don't think there's anything magical about it. I think it's a mindset thing. I know I can want to win the lotto all day long but the chances of that happening are slim to nothing no matter what I do. It's about being realistic.

  • Kim Gordon

    Ha! Exactly… Tony Robbins straightened me out with the simple illustration. "You can't go into the garden & say 'there's no weeds, there's no weeds' … lol ❤

  • Bonpu

    The dead give-away of all trash spirituality is: "There's something in for you./It will solve your worldly problems: money, health, loneliness." It unfailingly comes up after five seconds latest. How people fall by the thousands for something coming along as some trashy telemarketer's spiritual sauna pants is totally beyond me.

  • Victor

    LOA is a religion and worse over it's a cult of a religion. The fervent defense by it's devotees, it's offloading of ALL responsibility on to the individual while the top-tier absorb the underlings wealth and the twisting of scientific or philosophical data to fit it's perception. Cult at it's finest. I'm sure a kid who is about to die with of starvation really appreciates their self-involved, narcissistic, privileged nonsense masquerading as spirituality. It's funny how many mansions this "law" can buy but how little effect it seems to have on war, poverty and hunger. Weird huh?

  • Sally Eckhoff

    This is one of the best. Compassionate, funny, and with a few real solid takeaways. Thanks, Richard, from the freezy Hudson Valley, where we psychoanalyze horses.

  • Virgil Palmer

    I'm not sure what LOA is, but I know if you're life is screwed up, you'll attract others who are screwed up..

    Successful people will hang out and attract other successful people..

    Crack heads hang out with druggies, druggies hang out with dealers..
    Generally speaking, whatever you are, you are going to associate with…

    I think. I'm not sure..

  • Virgil Palmer

    "Narcissistic materialism"..

    That's awesome… I've always seen it, have friends who live it.
    But, I could never put a stamp on it..
    Great video..

  • Tyler Dixon

    90% of anything like this is just the reticular activating system at work.focus on it and you will see opportunities that lead you to it, as with prayer also.

    Think about a model of car with enough intensity and you'll be seeing them everywhere

  • Lee Fray

    As a devout Catholic it’s pretty impossible for me to believe in the LOA however I have put some things into practice and surprisingly it worked. A few months ago I was all sad about an ex. We hadn’t talked in weeks and so I got a post it out and just wrote his name down and wrote the statement Tom will call me today 10 times. And…he called that night on the phone. My mind was blown.

  • Mai Iben Barslev

    Ofcause you got to have you fokus the right place, and sometimes happy people get more, than the one who is not happy, and actually need it more, so try to pretend happyness … vibartion-atraction. But ithere is a limmit, and it is not allways your fault when shit happens, so like everything else, not too much of one thing, less is more. What do you call it in english, in Denmark we say everything in not to little and not to much. Everything in moderation.

  • Lee Fray

    What Id like to know is what’s it called when you know you are in an empty parking lot and you park way in the back away from cars cause you want privacy to like eat food or whatever and someone always comes and parks next to you. Or the gym has 20 open and free treadmills but some asshole always comes directly next to yours. LOA? So if that’s how it works and we want to attract a great spouse should we trick the universe and say we don’t want to find a good spouse and that’s when it will happen 😏🧐
    Great video btw

  • Unpopular

    The Law of Attraction is so ridiculous; the only way this will ever work is if higher powers, angelic beings, answer our prayers because God tells them to, or terrestrial powers bring them up for temptation. I had a horrible "oh so sweet spiritual" friend who approached me online because I was lonely, and decided to start pushing his beliefs on me. He had no money, didn't care about the Bible or Koran, called himself a Buddhist and no real interest in deep contemplation because "it was negative" for some reason; yet, he went out of his way to buy me the DVD and send it to me unsolicited. This movie literally nearly ruined my life. I'd prefer to believe that God gives us what we need, and better, rather than this capitalist trash of obsessively clinging to selfish ideas regardless of who you may be, or what you deserve & earn.

  • Warrior Life

    Loved this video man. It reminded me of a saying by Sadhguru (Indian mystic) he speaks about the external and the internal becoming one, because they are. I had a hard time understanding that concept but this video sums that idea up perfectly

  • martycrow

    Very interesting and thought provoking. Combining an advanced scientific understanding of molecular physics (eg what the Large Hadron Collider is about) with the latest understanding of neuroscience, we've ended up in a truly post-modern reality. There is a need to introduce the word – as you say – NoYes, Nes, or whatever into our lexicon. It is a time of neither one or other. But that is not sitting on the fence. Rather, it is about questioning why the fence is there and perhaps whether it really exists. (Lol)

  • Heather Allingham

    My unpopular RESPONSE is that I will not "throw out the baby with the bathwater". LOA (which needs to be renamed…honestly) like anything else in life, can be hijacked by narcissists. Rhonda Byrnes' atrocious book is a PRIME example. It is mostly just name dropping and ego stroking, appealing to shallow greed. But I don’t dismiss LOA itself because of people like that. I use LOA for healing from narcissistic abuse and increasing my self respect, not for getting insanely rich or manifesting (say) a gold-plated Ferrari. To me, that’s not spiritual. I just try to focus on what is good in my life and show gratitude and as a result I “attract” positive emotions, greater discernment and higher self-esteem. Insight comes into my life at just the right time. Conversely, I find that focusing on the negative brings about negative emotion, depression and CPTSD flashbacks. In THOSE states, I feel powerless and lethargic. In fact, when used in a simple, non-materialistic way, LOA does pretty much the same for me as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, but on a slightly more spiritual level. And that's it. And that's all it ever needs to be.

  • citizenspace71

    * What's scary is that the creepozoids in the documentary 'The Secret' say the 'law of attraction' COMPLETELY WRONG (while quoting 'theoretical physics'.)
    * It's NOT 'like attracts like' as they say. It's that OPPOSITES ATTRACT! As in magnetic poles. LIKE POLES REPEL!
    Think back to your high-school science class!
    * So, if you apply the more occultish 'principles' of 'The Secret' to your life, you attract the OPPOSITE of what you 'wish' for.
    * THE REAL QUESTION – are they pulling a mean and dirty trick on the gullible, while pocketing their money in the process? How narcissistic and parasitic is that?

  • Pwecko

    If someone is ambitious and knows exactly what they want, and they are willing to work ceaselessly to get it, there is a good chance that they will succeed. I guess some people find that believing in 'the secret' helps them to stick to their path. I'm a sneerer, I'm afraid, which is why I've never got anywhere in life.

  • martycrow

    @RICHARD GRANNON – just a reflection on politics and economics of it all – in the UK context Thatcherism privileged the ego and the equation of Self Actualisation with money/assets/perceived monetary value. What are shares other than an imagined worth? That was also underpinned by the misappropriation of Buddhist and other spiritual practices (we all love rituals) into "chanting for a Porsche" that morphed into "Greed is Good" (Wall Street) and 'Trickle Down Economics' (Milton Friedman).

    Politics and perhaps 'ideology' (in the sense of Government of the People) was emasculated into 'Market Led Solutions'. This reinforced a new emergent super-rich class (who were in a sense classless – but co-believers). So something like debts (mortgages) became about selling dreams. 'Attract a House' was a transactional exchange – your dream as debt. (See also sub-prime and 2008!) Amortised Collateral Debt Obligations sold and bought in bundles. The 'Home' that conjures relationships, wellbeing, community also got privatised in the process! (Thatcher was elected only 34 years after WW2. And 34 years ago was 1986 and the height of this drive.)

    These personalised dreams were peddled so that others could fulfil theirs of running hedge funds or property portfolios. So the ones with 'The Secret' had the ideology, psychology, economics and politics by the balls. The non-believers were caught by a rationalist, empiricist trap – you can trace this back to Marx/Engles, Keynes et al – who have roots in the Age of Enlightenment. You need to be able to count it to prove it. We now fret about relationships, wellbeing and community and are nostalgic about the 70s. (They weren't that great btw).

    Somewhere in the process, we lost sight of humanity and what it is to feel joy, connection, the pleasure in small things. But all is not lost, for the magic still exists in being able to find videos like yours!

  • Iquey

    I don't like the false positive toxicity of law of attraction. I know that the world is chaotic, multiple timelines exist at all moments but only because human beings have something like free will, that we can bring pleasant it unpleasant timelines or possibilities into our realities. I believe we love in a chaotic universe. We can only react to what happens to us and act on our desires or anti-desires. Hopefully after a bit of gaming around in our natural world, we can get to something close to our wishes. But the parts that do not agree with put absolute imagination, they are the parts that teach us the most about life and reality. If it was all predictable and moldable, we wouldn't learn anything new. And other people wouldn't be able to pursue their own kinds of happiness.

  • D S

    Not everything that is visible is real. Not everything that is real is visible. Reality is best when you can lean on it without falling over.

  • Mysterion

    The discussion where you question what you are while refering to the quantum realm inhibits, I think, a mistake people often make. And that is mixing up levels of scale in a single question. The concept of "a human" is void at the quantum realm. Humans are an emergent phenomenon at a much larger scale. Both humans, animals, objects, etc. are made up of a limited number of elementary particles, so it's not about the particles. It's about their interactions, relative positions, etc. That is what we refer to with certain words. It is also a problem of language being imprecise. For example, imagine a bike. Now imaging taking parts of it. At what point is it no longer a bike? There's no good universal answer, because language is just imprecise.

  • Hedgewitch Hazel

    This video couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been wrestling with this concept a lot lately- sitting in the middle of logic & mysticism & trying to find balance.

  • Incontinentia Buttocks

    Just cuz you’re not a big enough narcissist to make shit happen just by thinking about it doesn’t mean im not.

  • Freya Fitzroy

    I think maybe everything is much easier than our perceptions tell us. We think earning money or getting a new car is really hard because that’s what school, college etc tell us. If we suddenly believe it’s easy then it becomes easy. It’s maybe more about mindset. If performing a ritual engenders a new mindset of ease then mores the better.

    I have also had weird unexplainable synchronicity but also at times when I was feeling by coincidence extremely positive and inspired. So I was in the mindset to find those synchronicities.

    I also live in an area full of crystal dangling new age hippies so I understand that fascism can develop through this thinking. Just look at the magical thinking around Jews in pre war Germany or Palestinians at the moment in Israel. That is magical thinking also but it’s destructive. If you check out Rudolf Steiner he had a whole bunch of made up stuff about how blond haired and blue eyed people are more evolved than black people. He also believed that kids being bullied at school deserved it because they’d done something bad in a previous life.

    Since I left the Steiner community I’ve struggled with wondering about this. My brainwashing says that I’m now “outside of god” – a black sheep, that bad things will happen because I have angered god. Then the community is ostracising me to an extent. My challenge now is to find a higher power and keep myself positive, turn off the introjects and think that everything is going to be even better now I’ve rejected the cult.

  • Freya Fitzroy

    I think basically that LOA is a form of brainwashing. If you brainwash yourself into believing you can manifest what you want you’re likely to make that thing happen. That’s actually been proved in sociological studies. It’s basic fake it til you make it

  • maya george

    Oh thank god! I was beginning to think I was the only grouchy bitch (aka Spiritual Grinch, aka The Unawakened) out there when it comes to this crapola. I truly believe in the spiritual world, and have experienced profound cause and effect, but LOA makes me lose my shit.


    The first thing a neighbour once said to me when i told him i had started writing songs was…"I can imagine you ending up with a huge boat in your back garden".

    I, personally can't think of anything worse…this statement of his NEARLY put me right off songwriting….but not quite…it was" his" DREAM. I can't stand swimming in the sea…or the sea itself….sitting on a huge boat…naaaah.

  • Olga Frolova

    As true sceptics we must be sceptical about everything, including our own scepticism. All the models (like materialism and airy-fairy stuff) are incorrect in principle, but some are less useful than others, hence "nyes"! Reality is made of particles, that are not "real" at all, that's why magic becomes technology sooner or later!

  • Julie Cairnes

    Wonderful! I loved watching this, it did my heart a lot of good! In late 2017 I interviewed 23 prominent thinkers, therapists and authors relevant to my YouTube Inner Peace MasterClass series of interviews. One of these interviews was with one of the original speakers and authors from The Secret who totally debunked the whole Law of Attraction thing after working with it as a celebrity Life coach etc for 25 years, in my interview with him.

    And let me tell you- he was very keen to do that interview with me and state his new opinion of it all publicly. I have the interview on my YouTube Channel if anyone’s interested.

    I’ve also published a couple of articles in Medium about my research on the New Age movement, and the deep issues it creates in therapy, in terms of victim shaming and blaming, amongst the many very deep concerns I have around the whole thing. It also has its roots in a very questionable past cult, and once you start digging into the whole thing , yes, its down a very dark and creepy rabbit hole.

    So Richard you’re a wonderful breath of fresh air – I’ve too often felt I was writing and talking into a void, surrounded by many people too frightened by the bullies and thugs of the movement, to talk and push back.

    The bottom line is this – the New Age movement brings in big dollars and many sycophantic followers for its gurus who name themselves as 'the Divine' and 'God' etc , and they aren’t going to relinquish that power easily. Stay cool.

    There’s a lot more to this whole thing than meets the eye – keep digging deep my friend, Julie x

  • Lili Scheider

    Friend of mine did LOA for 18 years and after 18 years I didn’t notice any change in her life. The proof is in the pudding. Still stuck with lazy husband who hasn’t worked in 18 years. Still unhappy and depressed and controlling. She won’t do psychedelics to dissolve her massive ego and thinks the world owes her something for nothing. Pretty sad! I got tired of her dogma and there was an emergency with my daughters once and she told me to think good thoughts and I wanted to strangle her!

  • NoFapKing

    If you don't think this energetic universe is shaped by vibration you're all sadly mistaken. The genius that invented the devices that keep you comfortable was undoubtedly manifesting through visualization and intuition.

  • Lisa Sunshine

    I absolutely adore your mind. I’m in love! Lol. I could sit and talk with you for hours. The suit is pretty damn fine, as well.
    Thank you for sharing. This was fantastic. I’ve been following you for almost two years. You helped me stay grounded during a very dark time. And opened up space for some understanding to arrive. Thank you, also, for that.

  • Peace of mind of peace

    Just started watching but I'm hoping it's the confirmation of my disbelief regarding law of attraction. I don't believe in this.
    I do believe in autonomy and personal responsibility, possibilities to turn bad things into better for ourselves and others. Treating others with respect is no guarantee for being treated the same way at all. Or better. It's not always applicable
    .people always tend to create general philosophies.
    Law of attraction can also hurt others who went through misery.

  • U & A

    I have a different perspective regarding the law of attraction. It's not so much a law as it is a phenomenon: a phenomenon of the brain. We, as humans, can only process a tiny portion of the data that our brains receive. The majority is censored and left on the cutting room floor, as it were. For example, posit that you need a new bed. Just as you are looking you see sales for beds everywhere. What luck! The universe is aligned for you. The "law" of attraction has played out in all its glory! Q.E.D!!!
    What you didn't realize was that beds had always been on sale but since you didn't need one you never noticed. The universe either didn't align or it was always aligned. You just noticed because that's the item on which you were focused.There's no magical thinking involved or secrets revealed but simply the nature of our being. Just my thoughts.

  • Elaine Thomas

    Aside from explaining narcissism in a way that makes sense in my life, this is one of the best videos you've ever done! My brain works in a way that it sees both sides and needs to find a middle ground. You did this beautifully. I could go on and on, but well done, Richard. This breaks down thought and matter in such an easy to understand way.

  • Ann Shacklady

    You make me laugh , Richard.
    You are definitely all meat and I would never hit you with a deck chair !! PS I'm a happily single 66 year old. # Or am I ?? 😳😁💗x

  • RG

    I get scared of visualizing what I want now because I noticed that it doesn’t end up happing sometimes it goes the opposite direction and I have such a hard time in believing in myself, in God and just being positive also I don’t have good hard work character I just feel stuck in this universe for nothing 😔

  • Nelly Macharia

    I knew this law of attraction was super BS and narcissistic when I was having a discussion with a group of classmates and we were talking about getting children . And I told them I wasn't having kids cause I can't see the world getting any better and I wouldn't want that for my kids. I told them a story of how I met a blind man begging on the streets and I could not help but wonder whether if his mother knew that is how her child was going to turn out, she would get children. One of the girls who fully believed in the LOA gibberish completely dismissed me nonchalantly stating that the blind man must have attracted blindness and poverty into his life. I couldn't look at her anymore without feeling a bit of disgust at her lack of awareness and empathy.

  • December Leigh

    Rich, I've never criticized you in all the years I've been watching. You are brilliant BUT you dropped the ball BIG TIME, incorrect & the comments, ugh.
    Did you know water molecules are affected by thought? Positive & Negative thought directed at water changes the formation of the molecules!
    Your entire argument is based on a fallacy!
    I agree about the Secret & the internet….but did life start then? How shortsighted of you. I understand these beliefs are twisted up with childhood trauma for YOU, but when you say something you bring out the arrogant mob & they didn't see your squiggly lines in the middle! They went straight to " I KNOW EVERYTHING …IT MAKES ME FEEL COMFORTABLE" The End.

    All these people are talking about 1/3 of your diagram….incorrect by your own admission….and no one is concerned with the middle portion….because they are uncomfortable admitting they don't know everything.
    I've been watching you for years, I think you're brilliant.
    But if you think "LOA" is the same as " The Secret"…. well, you can't start with a fallacy & come to a correct conclusion.
    Saying something isn't real unless you can measure it with the 5 senses is the height of arrogance, because it's based on the assumption you know everything.

    Now everyone is claiming they know everything!
    I can answer your questions! JK, I have strong theories. No one KNOWS.

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