Murphys Law in Full Effect… (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 140
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Murphys Law in Full Effect… (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 140

Na this should be good, except I’ve forgotten how to drive Well most of you should know that we’ve recently made it to Antigua after a bittersweet 14 day crossing Things went back to normal after Riley got the official all-clear from the doctors I introduced you to the incredible Atlantic rowing ladies who just did the same crossing that we did only they were on a tiny rowboat and it took them 60 days We got a few jobs done before soaking in island life and the Caribbean Sun while it lasted These little squalls are a bit easier to deal with on anchor On the Atlantic crossing they just sneak up on you out of the blue like I said, we could just go downwind a bit, but this is a seriously powerful one Hell of a parking spot This was full last night Elayna Georgie Crystal hooked us up again with a mad ride. Na this should be good except I’ve forgotten how to drive so as you can see here We’ve got a car for the day because we still haven’t provisioned since the Atlantic crossing So there is nothing on board and we have two guests who will be joining us for… Wow Riley! I haven’t shut the door We’ve run out of vegemite So yeah, there’s nothing on board and we’ve got Christian and Katie coming today. They’re arriving which is another reason why we got the car cuz we’re gonna pick them up from the airport ladies and gentlemen you’ll notice that I’m driving Which means there’s going to be huge arguments on this trip there really is Olives, ah, Kalamata, been there. How long do they take to go ripe? just a few days okay, ill get two then. Ahh oh my gosh You got pineapple the sweetest pineapple in the world is it? amazing.. apparently the sweetest pineapples in the world nice to meet you, whats up?! hey mate how ya going? They’re the sweetest pineapples in the world Really? I love pineapples, i love this thank you haha no worries Right so meet our friends everyone we’ve been in contact Christian for a while to try and get him on board because we really love what he does and You know we thought it would be a nice little catch up, and he’d enjoy his time on the boat But we’ve just been on opposite sides of the world like for as long as we’ve been trying to organise this Yeah and we’ve got Cathy here with us, too, whose come along for the trip So can you guys just explain a little bit as to what you do? Yeah, sure. Yeah, you go ahead first well I do fashion, beauty and lifestyle videos and im from Peru What were you saying that you were concentrating on Anti-bullying? yeah, yes, I’m actually doing a tour for bullying awareness Along Peru. I will love to do it internationally. It’s an option, and it’s something I really enjoy doing because It’s coming from my own experience, I was very bullied when I was younger so I just feel the responsibility of sharing my experience to other people to try to avoid these kind of situations okay Well i’ll try to be nice to you whilst you’re on board. Hi my name is Christian. I make travel videos and for the longest time We’ve been in contact, so it’s awesome to finally be here on the boat I’ve been watching on YouTube for ages Yeah, yeah a lot of my videos take place in Southeast Asia, Thailand, Philippines, Laos Cambodia all of that kind of expanding the travel horizons and.. very very happy to finally organize and get your onboard mate and wonderful to have Kathy on board aswellM Yeah, good […..] What do you think of the boat Christian? it’s amazing I’ve seen in the videos, but like to see it here in person now it’s totally different than the experience and I think It feels bigger it feels bigger for sure especially when you get out on the deck and you see how much space you have out there because we’ve heard both But yeah im just interested to hear what people think I’m already getting into the lifestyle shoes off Yeah, we were all supposed to be here for a week But they don’t actually know we’ll be staying here for at least a couple months good luck You have to fight with Riley’s dad on that one. Yeah What do you think of the boat? I love it. Yeah? I’ve never been in a boat like this Okay so this is a new experience for me, and I really like it you haven’t been out at sea yet, we’ll see what you say afterwards Yeah, actually I have to I have to admit. I’m a little bit dizzy Oh really? yeah, but I don’t know if it’s the beer That I had or it’s because I’m really dizzy.. we’ll see tomorrow I have pills great I will survive alright Have you ever slept outside yeah if we get a calm night I wanna do it […] walk up that hill today with the pretty nice view Well, I just thought I’d ask if you wanted to come We’ve waited for a while, but you didn’t wake up, so now we have to wake you up Otherwise we’re going Ok cool it’ll be really nice. You’ll love it. Yeah ee didn’t want you to miss out my shoes are gonna get wet We decided to whip the crew into action this morning our guests didn’t know it yet But it just so happened that we were expecting the worst weather to hit Antigua since the hurricane last year We feared for our friends. It was probably going to be quite an uncomfortable week ahead Im about to get belted with rain, so nice Come on, come and eat your food first na. It’ll get cold can you come in on that? whats going on here Riles? Im just explaining to Christian about the water maker pretty riveting stuff Yea its fascinating Well, I actually love this thing. It’s great. Yeah. We are autonomous self sustainability is key Especially here when we’ve been just been running it off the solar panel I mean that’s phenomenal Yeah so where does the water go after it’s like been used by the sink or the toilets straight in there, straight in the ocean the toilets we’ve got a holding tank until you’re out in the ocean Yeah most of it just goes straight into the water So we try and use if you look at our detergent, It’s environmentally friendly, so it’s not bad to put it in the ocean Yeah Do you have a washing machine on board? No way, too heavy so this one here was jamming up a fair bit on the crossings so I’m just mucking around with it, greasing it up, spraying it with wd-40, making sure its all good. It is windy out here. I know. Holy heck We’re off around the corner, its only 3 nautical miles, we’re not going to go far We’d really just love to jump in the water and go swimming in some nice clear water, so hopefully that’s what we’ll find Done a fantastic job with the dishes, thank you very much youre welcome arms and core engaged oh my gosh are you ok? come outside I promise you’ll feel better, come out in the wind, thats the worst place to be What was that? 8.9 knots with just the head sail out Navigating through a very narrow bit of reef with a bit of a storm behind us Just gave Kathy some ginger, because she was feeling pretty seasick and even though she hates spicy food I was like, “eat it” because she was missing and I was like she better not be down below That’s the worst place to be if your going to be seasick She was trying to have a shower, and I was like “get out here” and she was like “I feel sick” And I was like “I bet you do” But it looks like she’s feeling a little bit better now all loved up on the front of the boat Poor Kathy it happens So what are we doing now Enjoying some healthy wraps. I’ve never had a wrap without meat before, actually thats not true I had a peanut butter wrap once I was gonna try and bust into a spontaneous freestyle rap about healthy foods. Oh, yeah I wanna hear that na yea come on! na. But we’re just going up into Jolly Harbour Over here, which would be very protected, we’ll probably pick up a mooring ball, should be a jolly good time should be more stable We need to stop doing this.. more stable than a normal house yeah Are you alive? yeah, i surrender Alright pull it in We decided to drop anchor sooner rather than later We decided on jolly harbour Which is quite big and surrounded by holiday villas private houses a golf course a few shops and restaurants We had heard that it was fairly quiet though Holy, alright we gotta get on land It is stronger winds than ever the waves are crazy the boat is like this actually have to hold on, the boats like jolting Kathys dying So we asked the neighbors to watch our boat for us We got the radio on channel 68 so hopefully they radio us air our boats dragging coz it is blowing a gail right now its like the worst and we decided we’re gonna go climb a mountain, because there’s nothing else much to do ‘Clima de Montain’ ‘Clima de montan with me amigos’ What do you reckon guys? Yeah, we’re just in search of better cellphone reception so hopefully we can find it up there We just asked a security man how to get up these mountains, and he couldn’t exactly tell us how he kind of looked at us like we were crazy But he pointed us in the right direction It might end up just being a long flat walk, I don’t know if we’re going to get up here But there’s a really nice beach up here anyway, so it’s happening Where are we? I dunno wheres my boat? We just climbed high enough to get a view of La Vagabond, and she’s still in the same position so now we’re trying to climb this mountain There was a fork in the road, Christian and I said go left, so we will be to blame if this goes nowhere least there’s lots of fire hydrants around though well we got a beautiful landscape, but most importantly we’re gonna pull up Fergie’s national anthem because Which we haven’t seen yet Yeah memes come first What have you found here pantalones? There was a little kitty so i chased the kitten down here but it ran away But these are people’s private jetties and really nice houses Time to go there’s way to many spiders around here, seriously, everywhere you look there’s spiders. This boat mustn’t have been moved for a long time Youre from Australia, you cant be scared of spiders Oh I am, and cockroaches too What a beautiful day it has been.. yep what did you say sorry? It has been fantastic oh No, it started pretty shit because it was windy and the water was murky, but we went for an awesome walk now we’re having some beers but now we have calm winds and two wines and a box of beers so life good again and some sick sunnies, oh yeah, oh yeah Everyones showering and I’ve just cooked an amazing pasta. and they’re all gonna be very excited when they come out here and have a look at it There is depth They’re alive I was all alone out here a moment of quiet though wow this smells delicious We’re gonna turn the saloon into a slumber party room and maybe watch a movie Also this was designed like this? yes and how often do you do this On the Atlantic crossing like every day, mm, for night time Ok got surround sound […..] Im going to show you how to make, golden milk one cup of plain milk, of your choice So you going to need turmeric, agave nectar, or you can use honey, and pepper To help absorb the turmeric. Here’s a list of everything that turmeric is good for.. its pretty good Milk is hot You want a pinch of turmeric, you want a squirt of agave, and.. I’m gonna need two hands to grind this pepper a pinch of pepper as well bellissimo Wakey-wakey Pookie, how’d you sleep? No bueno? No, i had to keep an eye on things every now and then Well thanks for watching that one guys Please don’t forget to give it a like if you liked it and hang around for part two of sailing with these guys We head north and the weather finally decides to clear so that’s very nice of it Please make sure you go and check out Kathy and Christian’s channels Kathy is really funny And you can see that comes through in all of the stuff that she does especially if you speak Spanish that would be even better and Christian is a travel vlogging wizard extraordinaire He’s doing some really great things. They both make awesome videos We love following their stuff, and we highly recommend their channels, so go and check him out They’re really good all right, and that’s all from us. We’ll see you next


  • Ryan Morgan

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  • Jason Peter

    Great videos Elayna and Riley! A note for your guests who get seasick: I used to get very seasick and tried numerous over-the-counter remedies of which none worked effectively. I now use scopolamine which, here in the U.S., has to be prescribed by a doctor. It is like magic. I can go out on the water and enjoy myself without getting sick. I can even drink beer! Hope this helps.

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    Riley, I wouldn't use WD40 on the tracks due to it's kerosene content… You should use one of the excellent products made by an Australian company "Inox"


    Sorry < I have been watching all your videos and have not yet been a Pateron…but will now. Love to watch your Florida trip. I will be looking forward to it. Owned 8 sailboats now. I am 62 and probably not sailed more than 50 nautical miles. I loved all the boats I owned but never had anyone to sail with so spent al my time cleaning and then selling them. Might BUY my 9th soon but it will only be 20 foot> hopefully from watching you , i will sail a little more. Thanks for taking me on your dream. My belief, crazy as it may sound, is you are soul mates and have been together many lifetimes and this is your destiny. I hope this will happen for me next visit. God Speed and ENJOY the ADVENTURE. Remember the difference between an adventure and an ordeal , it attitude. You both have it.

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    I get the impulse that this lady feels. It sucks to be bullied. In the short term, anyone who is being bullied would feel better if they weren't being bullied. So we think if we can make this stop happening to these people we can make them feel better and we did a good thing, congratulations us. But do you know what else is unpleasant that people who are experiencing it would feel better if they weren't? Pain. And there is a real condition where certain people do not experience pain. Must be great right? Wrong. Their lives are very difficult. They are constantly breaking bones, they are constantly in the hospital, they destroy their joints, they have no idea what their limits are.

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