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Moe Levine on Advocacy | Trial Guides

(tinkling music) – Shortly after I started working with Rick Freeman on Rules of the Road, Rick told me about a special lawyer that I needed to check out. His name is Moe Levine. I worked on the Moe Levine book that eventually became
Moe Levine on Advocacy, for approximately three years. And over that time I continued to try to find Moe Levine’s family so that I could get the
rights to publish this book. Finally we were able to find them and put the deal together
to bring Moe Levine to Trial Guides and since
we have published two books and multiple videos and
audio recordings on Moe Levin who is just incomparable to anybody else. Levine handed down some of the most brilliant
closing statements, ever, and I will continue to read everything that I can find on him so
that I have it in my universe of knowledge when the defense
throws up some small issue that Moe Levine dealt with,
probably in the 1960’s, when he did more than 2000 cases at trial. For those of us who
won’t be able to ever try more than 100 trials during our lifetime, using Moe Levine’s
experience on the 2000 cases that he tried to a jury
allows us to have a depth and wealth of knowledge
for our closing statements that is absolutely incomparable. Rick has called him the
Shakespeare of trial advocacy and I would certainly agree with that. If you don’t own Moe Levine on Advocacy you should pick it up.

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