• Exculpatory Shōgun

    Hey Moms Demand Action , you want action? Arm yourselves, so you and your family won't be the next victims of a mass shooter. That would be "common sense" , you subjective idiots. Hey Minnesotans Against Getting Shot , don't wanna get shot? Maybe you should arm yourselves so you can prevent a criminal (mass shooter) from shooting you. Because a criminal doesn't give a damn about your cries for more gun control laws. Smfh stupid idiots.

  • Craig Hanson

    Red flag gun confiscation is disingenuous and dangerous. These laws are only a political flexing of legislative might. If a person is truly a danger to themselves and others this wouldn't be a prudent and proper procedure in any instance. This flagrant violation of rights will only be perpetrated against cooperative law abiding citizens. This picks a fight where there wouldn't be one, pits law enforcement officers against the public, and directly against their oaths to uphold the constitution, for them to be the politicians' henchmen, and our likely executioners. It creates an unnecessary endangerment to anyone even near that address when a red flag ordered sqaud comes a knockin'.
    Firearms are very personal and treasured items, well cared for heirlooms in most households. The thought of letting anyone touch your firearms, let alone assume possession of a prized collection you've invested a lifetime to acquire at great expense, getting SWATTED by an anonymous tipster… you can see how this scenario pushes the "from my cold dead hands" decision to be made hastily under duress, under an immediate direct threat of violent force, to comply to property seizure and the stripping of your rights.
    The threatening person should be what is removed from a situation, hopefully to receive help. If in fact legislators are concerned about saving lives with gun legislation, look first to how crimes involving firearms are prosecuted and punished. You have all the laws on the books you need already. Try enforcing those first. Law a biding Americans are "Fast" becoming "Furious" with liberal politicians conniving to further strip our constitutional rights from under us.
    You would think they are afraid their constituents want to shoot them. With the anti-lynching bill passage it seems they're also afraid of rope. Must be trying to save their necks from some kind of imagined Bastille Day type of people's revolt storming the Capitol, dragging them outside and stuffing them into the awaiting woodchippers lined up around the block. Perhaps imagining a big surprise Arbor Day Celebration, changing the political landscape by painting it red.
    No panic button is left un-pushed in an election year.

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