Mitch McConnell Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Impeachment Charade
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Mitch McConnell Hit With Ethics Complaint Over Impeachment Charade

Yesterday, the advocacy group, Public Citizen,
filed a formal ethics complaint against Senate Republican majority leader Mitch McConnell. In their complaint, Public Citizen explained
that McConnell has repeatedly made it clear that he is not going to be an impartial juror
in Donald Trump’s impeachment trial. In fact, McConnell has stated on the air that
he is in fact working with the White House and that whatever the White House wants him
to do with the impeachment trial is what he’s going to do. He is coordinating with them every step of
the way, according to him, he is the one who told us this. This isn’t hearsay or conjecture. This isn’t a report based on an anonymous
source. This is straight from the turtle’s mouth here. I am doing this, Mitch McConnell said, so
Public Citizen said, yeah, that’s a violation of your oath of office by the way, so we’re
filing this formal ethics complaint against you. Now I fully 100% from the bottom of my heart
support this ethics complaint because I do believe that Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham
for that record, because Graham has done, said the same thing, they need to be punished
in some form. Whether it’s, you know, just admonishing them,
a little slap on the wrist. At this point, I don’t even care as long as
it is some thing. If for some reason we manage to get this into
the court system and we force these two morons and perhaps who else is out there to have
to recuse themselves from the trial, then suddenly we’re looking at a very real possibility
of Donald Trump going down. Slim, I mean, I’m talking like 1% maybe, but
with McConnell gone with Lindsay Graham gone, then maybe things could happen. I mean, right now you do have Mitt Romney
saying he’s going to vote against McConnell and vote to call witnesses because he thinks
John Bolton is somebody we definitely need to hear from and he’s right about that. But one guy ain’t going to do it. Collins and Murkowski have to flip too, and
they’re really not acting like they’re going to. Oh sure, they’ve, you know, been a little
disappointed in Mitch McConnell’s actions, but they’re not going to vote against him. And even if you only get one of them, and
suddenly there’s a tie in the Senate well you got to call on the tiebreaker, and that’s
Mike Pence. Pence isn’t going to vote to call witnesses. And then we move on with this sham trial. So yeah, I think the best we can hope for
this is that Public Citizen’s complaint ends with something, because as it stands right
now, this impeachment trial is not going to do that. It’s not going to give anybody left of center
the results that they’re wanting. But this complaint, this has the opportunity
not just to punish Mitch McConnell, but to remind the public of what a disgusting, spineless
little weasel McConnell truly is.


  • Sandy Dobbie

    Corruption is alive and well in the good old USA !!!!!! And they talk about corruption in the Ukraine ???? They could learn the Ukraine about corruption !!!!!!

  • Sean Scanlon

    In some ways I don't really know whether to respect McConnell's honesty (even if it's only being honest about being dishonest) or laugh at his stupidity for admitting it.

  • William Stefens

    How about Leningrad Lindsey Graham? Not sure what will happen from this, but Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey need to be recused at the very least for publicly stating they won't be impartial in the impeachment trial. Actually they need to be forced nto resign, but recusal is a good start to show all Americans we still have the rule of law and what total disgraceful, Spineless Syncophants both Lindsey Mitch truly are.

  • D.H. C.

    Personally I don't care if Mitch is biased in his vote, but I want a real trial as the constitution requires. In the debates in passing the constitution, concerning impeachment, they modeled the articles after English law. To be a trial, both the prosecution and defense can call witnesses. Without this, it is not a trial.

  • Waxing Moon


  • JVS 3

    Let’s hope Chief Justice Roberts won’t allow Mitch and the GOP to turn this into a sham cover up joke. Let’s hope Chief Roberts places the integrity and honor of our constitutional system of government above the trump party of traitorous money/power whore weasels

  • Richard Russell

    They need to be thrown out of the office and into Fort Leavenworth for their breaking their oath to the US Constitution!

  • dans h

    His service to moscow is undeniable , but what I always wonder about his behavior is if hideous and toxic mitch McConnell really is from this planet ?

  • Captain Swag

    Literally every single Senator who has come out in defense of Donald should be forced to recuse. Unless it's suddenly acceptable to stack a jury with people who have already made up their minds.

  • Harvesta Moon

    What a bunch of SH#t !!!!! Either we have a fair trial or the Constitution is meaningless and American freedom has been lost!!!

  • Francis Leney


  • Mr. Mark

    I grew up conservative, voted for Reagan, campaigned for Bush father/son. Now I think the GOP is a bunch of ass smooching, cock sucking criminal sycophants who all belong in jail.

  • senta ukrai

    He should have complaints on his turtle shell every day he refuses to even address the bills passed in the house and just sitting on his desk.

  • Carl Taylor

    This means that someone will have to explain to Turtle-face what ethics are. That means he will have to learn about morals. And if he understands morals, they will have to throw him out of the Republikkkan party. Can't have their people corrupted by ethical concerns.

  • Roger Sprague

    Also mention that he will not bring legislation up for a vote Why is he collecting a pay check when he refuses to do his job or let others do their jobs ? seems a lot like ( Taxation without representation) to me ! Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey should be removed and held in contempt of their Oath to the Constitution ! and unwillingness for any form of justice for their constituents and the rest of the American people ! This trial will be another s#it show just like Kavanaugh !

  • The Philosopher of Culture

    As of NOvember 2000, the Republican Party has thrown all forms of ethics out of the window in favor of financial interests. America is pillaged and Republican Party is facilitating that which is why they are so strongly supported by corporate interests.

  • Denise Warner-Dodson

    America has become a "democracy" where law breakers are in charge of our laws. Republicans are  thumbing their nose at what people have died for.  The republicans don't want democracy. If we don't get these people out of Office America is doomed. Might be time for another "March on Washington" (like the fight for Civil Rights in the 1960s).

  • Linda Volp

    When it comes to Trump, McConnell has never been ethical. The fact that he has yet to introduce any of the legislation passed over from the house, shows that he would rather let Trump complain about "do nothing Dems" than to do his job and keep the legislation moving. Now with the Impeachment trial looming, Mitch has run to the White House to find out what Trump is doing and get instructions on what he, himself, should do. In a normal trial, McConnell would be rejected as a juror because of his contact with the defendant. In a normal trial, McConnell would be rejected for publicly stating stating that his mind was made up before the trial began. I realize McConnell feels his job is just to stack the Supreme Courts with judges that would benefit the GOP agenda, and messing with the legislation that might benefit the American people is just not something that interests McConnell at this point. His statement of not introducing any bill the president will not sign, is bull, there are ways around that problem. Senate passes a bill, the president vetoes it, The Senate votes again and overrides the veto, and it goes through. McConnell seems to thing the American people are stupid and can not see the corrupt actions taking place. The future of the GOP is riding on this impeachment, and if they refuse to hold a fair trial and listen to both the evidence and witnesses, then they can guarantee once their terms are over, the chance of re-election will be slim to none. It makes no sense for any Senator to risk their reputations or their careers for a President who in the past has cycled through political affiliations when the mood strikes him. Trump was a Republican, then an Independent, then became a Democrat, then registered with no political affiliation, and finally back to Republican. This proves he has no loyalty to any party or indeed, how the government runs. While he says he is a Republican, he is just a Trumpist, and his goal is to enrich himself and manipulate the laws so he can someday be king of America.

  • Grand Man

    So what how many times has been in the wrong and nobody will stop him and his horrible wife🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢

  • Google User

    You have to be a special kind of stupid to knowingly break your oath of office…

    And then confidently announce it to the World, repeatedly. 🤦‍♂️#BitchMitch #CorruptGOP

  • Dra Esters

    Good to see someone outside of TROF sees Mitch McConnell for what he is and is doing. He and
    his mentor remind me of Jim Jones and David Koresh leading this country straight to hell!!!

  • 22 Y.O. Forever

    One of the pieces of legislation passed by the House and now languishing on the desk of Mitch McConnell is the, "For The People Act of 2019," to expand voting rights, limit partisan gerrymandering, strengthen ethics rules, and limit the influence of private donor money in politics.

    Mitch McConnell pledged that the bill was "not going to go anywhere in the Senate." In March 2019, McConnell said he would not put the bill to a vote on the Senate floor, "Because I get to decide what we vote on." As much, or even more, than Trump, this arrogant, smirking obstructionist must be voted OUT of office.

    The "For The People Act of 2019" is perhaps our last chance to stop the dead-end hell slide we are on heading toward a fascist state of the Plutocracy, by the Plutocracy, and for the Plutocracy.

  • old fogey

    If Susan Collins and lisa Murkowski aren't gonna flip they why do they support the Lincoln projects negative ad campaign? Think farron mite have misjudged them?

  • Phillup Brinkman

    You need to do a show on the Democrats that voted with Republicans to stop impeachment! We need their names, and States they represent! These republicans in democratic cloaks need to be removed from their positions!
    “Fight the powers, Fight the powers that be!” ❤️🤗🖖

  • Zack Asante

    Mitch…… ’ My job is to make Barack Obama one term president ’, and to make the criminal mob boss Trump two term president .

    Good 👍 job Russia / Cocaine Mitch .

  • Crusty Cobs

    This complicity has been apparent for a long time. Fantastic that this was filed. Ethics are important.
    Somehow Trump and his ilk, and those who vote 'Party' over the Constitution, dismiss Ethics altogether.

  • Jay D

    Good get all those criminals Republicans out. They are just like their boss.

    Mitch, the bitch is all up his #45 ass. Mitch, and his ugly wife need to be in jail for those fraudulent contracts they have.

    He and his boss are Assholes 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

  • rstoc7

    I sometimes forget the reason why I entered a specific room but I still remember how republicans talked and felt about trump before he got the nomination.

  • Don Ghidoni

    One of the whoelses out there is Roy Blunt there standing behind the turtle. Here in Missouri we call him the Joker. Cat a picture of him smiling.

  • Nikki Arko

    Moscow Mitch and Lindsey Graham should recuse themselves. I hope Republicans can look past party and draw the right side of this trial. History will be recorded. Republicans will have a legacy of choosing party over the people.

  • John Burke

    Okay…am the only one thinking these Republicans 'against' Mitch are only saying this until the impeachment actually reaches the Senate? Then, in typical-fashion do the exact OPPOSITE?
    I mean, it's another bait-and-switch right out of the GOP-playbook.
    I don't understand how this scenario goes unnoticed and not talked about. Those motherfuckers are suspicious, to say the least. Someone help me out here. Am I just off in my thinking?

  • BFKC

    Uneducated Rape-publican weasels: What, ethics?! Never saw Pepe the frog mention that while dressing up as white-supremacist ISIS.

  • thricefan89

    Moscow Mitch is King Trumps vassal … didnt Murica found itself on democracy and separation of powers?
    Republicans are so anti American

  • Cris Briones Fourzán

    I wonder why Congress didn't remove McConnell and Graham from the Senate, and got Barr disbarred and fired, when they know those three are traitors.

  • Cris Briones Fourzán

    Mr. Farron thank you so very much for keeping us informed.
    I have become an admire of you, Pampantonio, your news, and your channel.

  • Cindy Pierce

    I don't care if I'm pro Thrump or not this is important to hear the truth. So maybe Mitch McConnell needs to to be confronted and told the people will not let this happen. All this tells the people Thrump is guilty even before the trial begins.

  • Barry Werdell

    Mitch McConnell is not a Wiesel, he is the head kangaroo in the kangaroo court. He doesn't take his oath seriously and thinks he works for Trump and not the citizens of the United States. I hope he climbs on top of all the bills he hasn't submitted and jumps off.

  • Truth lyons

    Sneaky snake McConnell is a very "Wicked" person since this 4th grade administration has taken office, he's gotten worst with all those overseas deposits!!!

  • Dave Edwards

    "Straight from the Turtles mouth".
    Nobody actually thought the REPUBLICANs within the Senate would hold a fair trial against Trump.
    This is clearly a Kangaroo Court, with no intention of holding this President responsible for Any of his actions.
    Even with All of the Evidence gathered,these government officials refuse to do their duty, simply because it doesn't bode well for them.
    This so called "_Party Unity_" is nothing more than a den of criminals protecting each other.
    It's amazing how so many people can support these people,given the mountain of information pointing out cover ups, criminal activity, and basic corruption committed by the "moral leaders".
    "Good men and women" my ass.

    The problem here is while doing these corrupt things, these people accuse Others of being Traitors,not American, not patriotic..etc.
    When did being a Patriot,or loyal to the United States,pivot on loyalty to the REPUBLICAN White Nationalist movement,or Anything remotely detrimental to the well being of our nation?
    Let's be honest with ourselves,if they won't be.
    The REPUBLICAN Party has been usurped by the Organization.
    It's mission is to undermine our government,divide our people with confusion and Disinformation.
    Using the racist rhetoric and Bigotry eagerly embraced by the masses, the have managed to actually convince people that HATE is good..
    Patriotism is Only for "American people"
    (WASPS), and being a Citizen is Only for White Nationalist America.
    This dogma is straight out of the Nazis/Marxist playbook.
    Trump knows this, and plays the game extremely well.
    This has reached a Cult like status, even to a point where threats of Civil War has been declared by them constantly.
    Lately,it has been stated by some of the most radical that if Trump losses the 2020 Election, Civil War is the next step!
    Unbelievablely, the Repukes Embrace this, and pushes this beyond our shores!
    However, there are people who still believe in The Constitution, and it this effort that helps keep the country on track as direct opposition to the New REPUBLICAN Party.
    Freedom isn't dead, just asleep.

  • delinda6865

    All This crooked Corrupt mess going on in the Republican Party should be a turnoff for those who thinking about switching to Republican Party!

  • jfsfrnd

    Impeachment Trials and the Senator’s Oath of Impartial Justice
    OATH, noun
    A solemn affirmation or declaration, made with an appeal to God for the truth of what is affirmed. The appeal to God in an oath implies that the person imprecates his vengeance and renounces his favor if the declaration is false, or if the declaration is a promise, the person invokes the vengeance of God if he should fail to fulfill it. A false oath is called perjury.

  • Marilyn Reallon

    Moscow Mitch and Lindsay Graham needs to recuse themselves from the impeachment trial since they already have their minds made up before they even heard the evidence!

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