Mishel Doychinov, Tech Support Specialist – Trainee #FreshStart
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Mishel Doychinov, Tech Support Specialist – Trainee #FreshStart

Please, introduce yourself. Hey there, my name is Michel Doychinov I am 21 years old from Sofia, part of the ScaleFocus Technical Support Team. How did you find out about ScaleFocus? I first met with the HR colleagues at a sports event in Gerena Park It was connected to street workout and exercises. We presented some basic exercises and how to do them with my help and the help of the organizer of the event – Yordan Yovchev. How do you know Yordan Yovchev? I have been a part of Yovchev’s team for 2 years now. All of this was born with one goal – to make our sport more recognizable. We made a big step ahead by creating the Street Workout Bulgaria team for this purpose. Our leader is Yordan Yovchev. I was among the chosen ones, who were to present in front of the audience. Such as exercises and training techniques. What are your hobbies? One year ago, I created a sports module, which aims to assist and introduce beginners to the basics in street workout. Me and my team members were chosen again to be personal trainers for beginners. It’s completely free. We are highly dedicated towards teaching people everything there is to know about this sport. For a couple of years now, I have also been doing some vlogging. I upload videos with tips, practice exercises to express my point of view. The goal of all these videos is to motivate people and for now everything is going, according to plan. The best part is that when we meet in person they get even more motivated. This is the best feeling and I intend to continue motivating people to change their lives and sports culture My YouТube channel is Michel Doychinov. All people, who are interested in getting to know more about street workout are welcome to check my videos. I also do some Graphic Design in my free time It all started with something small – editing photos for Facebook. As time was passing by though, I realized the application I was using had a lot more features and functions. So, I started exploring and grasped that I could create logos, informational tables, posters and many more. I have been creating the posters, which inform the audience, for our Street Workout tournaments with Yovchev. My finest accomplishment so far is the design of a cloth. Actually, there are now 2-3 such designs I have created. They are sports T-shirts, for street workout. How are you feeling in the new team? The people I work with are awesome. Ever since day one they made a big impression on me. Each of them is good at his own thing, yet all of them are always ready to help. Everyone teaches me something new. I don’t have only one mentor, when I want to learn I simply ask and someone always responds. This not only makes your life easier, but also makes you feel you belong there. For example, Alex for example is one of the best when it comes to the System Administration. As time is passing by I am getting know his intention of creating a new system, which would make processes easier to follow, since we are having a lot of things to deal with on a daily basis. He and Veselin are doing their best to make our work process easier. Alberto started helping me from day one and assisted with all the work. Denislav, Grishata (Grigor), Marto, all of them, are all helping me with everything. I am very grateful to all of them. I have been here for 3 weeks only and I know this is the place to be. I learn something new every day. I am very glad things are happening. Let’s start over.

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