Mike Pence Up To His Neck In Russia Scandal, Losing Press Secretary | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Mike Pence Up To His Neck In Russia Scandal, Losing Press Secretary | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • aidan Ferguson

    Pence is a liar …we all knew that going right back to the clown act over Flynn’s dismal…none of them realised there would be the appointment of Mueller uncovering all their crimes ….they are all f’kd

  • vince baldwin

    I thought that when it came to the Attorney General Sessions Trump was up against a lot of resistance in house! Going so far as threatening there was no time to approve anyone else to that post

  • A Serious Lollygagger

    When Trump said he knew dirt on everyone but Pence, he raised a red flag. If anything were to go wrong with Trump's presidency then Pence would automatically take over. No one is perfect, and anyone who claims as much has an agenda or is a liar. The more perfect they claim to be, the darker the secret they cover up. You have to be suspicious of any self proclaimed saint that chooses to side with a nest of vipers.

  • Grover Baker

    Told everyone he wasn't a believer and disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ.. he's a liar and thief.. everything I was told to loathe.. sad ..sad …sad he needs our prayers

  • Nough Thanx

    Donald Trump is the story of a business man who became desperate for cash when the real estate industry bottomed out, and his empire was on the brink of failure. Out of desperation, he and his family took billions from enemies of the United States – Russia and others. Because Trump is a slick yet dim-witted con man, accustomed to cheating and bullying his way through everything, he thought he could deal with the devil and come out unscathed. However, the likes of Putin are not just business men. Putin and these other dictators are monsters, cold blooded killers whose ultimate ambition is to destroy America by any means necessary. How brilliant to pick Trump as an opponent – a dumb, weak, greedy, desperate big mouth bigot who to be president. Putin and his comrades executed a well-planned strategy to divide and conquer America by interfering with the election process and ensuring Trump's victory. Trump did not think Putin's plan to make him president would work, but it did. Trump's balls are clenched in a vice grip, and loan sharks are demanding yuuuge repayment. It's time for the Trumps to pay.

    Introducing the $5,000,000,000 BILLION DOLLAR WALL for "border security" because the Mexicans are coming to get us!

    Yes, the same wall Trump lied and promised us that Mexico would pay for throughout his presidential campaign. Now, Trump wants hard working Americans to bail his family out of their personal debts, by using U.S. federal funding on a supposed wall budget that will be paid to foreign owned companies. Too bad his loyal supporters can't see the writing on the wall. PI.

    America made a big mistake. Donald Trump sold us out, and he's taking his whole family down with him.

    The reason this process is taking so long is because you can't remove a president based on a hunch, suspicion or isolated offenses that a skilled lawyer can explain away. You have to conduct a complete and thorough investigation, in order to build a rock solid and well-tested legal case. You need undeniable evidence, proven forensics and unshakable witnesses. That means tracing the entire Trump klan's personal, financial, social, political and business life – connecting all the dots. You have to be able to detail the full story of his crimes from start to finish for all Americans and the rest of the world, in a manner that far exceeds beyond any shadow of a doubt. You even have to convince his followers that he really is a criminal that lied to them, used them, and betrayed them. Otherwise, there could be civil unrest, riots, uprisings or war. This must be done properly. It could take years, but I'm sure they're working at a feverish pace to bring charges asap.

  • Nemito

    BRAVO RACHEL…!! Thingking OUT OF THE BOX was and is the way to go to get to the truth of the trump presidency Matters. Bravo again dear Rachel you are doing an excellent job, you and all your team of researchers and analysts.

  • sharon cook

    The 2016 Election is A Reflection of The CORRUPTION that has been going on in America for a really long time.
    😈DONALD TRUMP took the FOUL, VILENESS of 'POLITICAL CORRUPTION' to A whole different level.
    😈TRUMP'S Demonic Cult like leadership is SICK & DANGEROUS.

  • Evelyn Bertresse

    All hail the “goody-to-shoes evangelicals!”
    NOW, it’s REALLY time to “drain the stinky swamp;” THE STENCH IS TOO MUCH!

  • Ronald Reed

    Pence brother does business with Russia and will profit if sanctions are lifted.
    Russian agent Manafort picked Pence, I wonder why Putin wanted Pence? Cover his bases when Trump got caught?

  • Investing for Tomorrow

    All the firings and resignations are merely a cathartic for DT voters. They see it as a virtual destruction of the government with all the departures.

  • teacherfletcher readtolearn

    Wow, now don't be silly! We all know that Pence is true evil being directed by Israeli religious police!!!
    Course if you loopy people would come up with something creative and original I would not have to help you out with your low I.Q. CONSPIRACY THEORIES. No wonder the ELITES at DNC didn't let you pick your own party nominee, by the way, Hillary lost to Trump. How pathetic is that?

  • Lore Bay

    Wow, so many, I had forgotten the number, just knew it was not normal. This right here shows you some crooked mess is going on in that house, nothing but confusion,. Here we are at the end of 2018 which had more tragedies, God is not the author of confusion.

  • Kamal Ramdass

    Any leader that begins to sack credible patriotic STRONG intilligent knowledgeable people&replacing them with poodles yes men/women puppets…get de drift…

  • George Ayers

    Stupid b** some of those will be head of a Military Tribunal for people like you! You are in the dark and have no idea which coming under martial law very very soon! Left-wing media is finished so is deep State and 70% of Congress! And the fence will be built under martial law by the military under military spending!

  • George Ayers

    One more thing Jeff sessions did exactly why he was there to do, and that is to rack up all the sealed indictments that will be rolling out very soon! The left-wing is just so blind you couldn't see anything going on right under your noses.

  • George Ayers

    That smug look on her face is going to change here in about a week, and she's just the type that would have to be put somewhere where she can be watched, because she's the type that is going to end up hurting herself.

  • George Ayers

    Yeah it was off between Trump and sessions because you guys are blind and don't see anything! They were working together LOL right underneath you our noses LMAO

  • J. Muller

    This woman knows she is lying to her viewers and they have to know she's lying. Can you imagine the mentality of people that watch this and believe it?

  • david williams

    Pence was the Governor of Indiana which is the central headquarters of the international pedophile ring operating in this county. To say he didn't know about it would be ludicrous!

  • Tattletale RED

    Don’t know if you know anything about nothing is by coincidence. What Rachael is on too, is a pattern that is endless until next year 2019.

    Why is this date so important in what is unfolding, because the pattern works like this.
    2+0+1+9 equals number 12. This is the number that follows another incident with a clear sign on what dates and numbers are.

    Number 11 represents the Twin Towers which were destroyed on a date that is documented as the order of events. There is no coincidence that 911 means emergency. Nobody important elites dealing with those towers, were not there on that date. Nobody because they already knew what was going to happen.

    Next up after the last false alarm is the number 12 … which again is no coincidence because it’s telling us that Trump will be the Hanged Man as this represents a man who is upside down which is the same as a Lier – backwards or upside down.

    And finally the fact that 666 stands for the AntiChrist in biblical teachings and we have a demon in the White House who has a residency in the Temple that happens to be located in New York the Home of Satan’s Mose vicious killers in the country.

    Numbers and Numerology represents the Spiritual messenger from God. They are Perfect since they all begin and end at ZERO. In other words KARMA…. What comes around goes around, so beware to treat others the way you want to be treated – is the bottom line in this message.

  • William Johnson

    Pence and other republicans must be up their ears in this Russian mess. How many people can be impeached at the same time. and why did Jordan get away with his sexual misconduct and others had to leave.

  • Bob Donnelly

    Knowing the hypocrisy of this administration, wouldn’t be surprised if God bothering Pence wears women’s clothing, and hangs around in bars.

  • Farmer Bob

    I don’t doubt Mike Pence knew about the Russians, but he wanted VP so bad. He made the choice to sell out himself & America! No doubt he considered that he’d never get the votes for President and no one else would ever ask him to stand as VP on their team. This was “Mike Pence” time in the spotlight, and he had to have it🤢🤮. Vain, self serving [email protected]!

  • Pam Timmins

    A crooked "President" a crooked VP and all the others what a messed up Trump Administration also Donnie Jr and Kushner & Ivanka. As a continued distraction Trump makes stuff up to build his wall when all it is is a means to fleece the American people out of billions of dollars Trump wants 5.7 billion as a starting point with as high as 25 billion for his wall. Smoke & mirrors people.

  • Claire Deiotte

    Yes build a wall and keep all those criminals and felons out!! I want my wall money and I'm shutting down no 0ay. A use I'm stealing it. For my own felony TREASON tritors

  • Vicky Paulson

    He's not a good christian, because he lies just as much as Trump, to cover up what Trump has done. I'm sure Mueller knows it, and will bring this up, as well. There are no ethics in the Trump administration, and Trump proves this every day.

  • prppn Cosmo

    It hilarious how CNN, MSNBC, CNN and even FOX have completely missed what is really happening all around them Now either they know and refuse to report on it, which proves they're fake or, they really are as dumb as the people say they are

  • Kay Bergstrom

    They kept Sessions so Trump would have a dog to kick and the rest of these dogs could continue their shady dealings.

  • Betty Boo

    Pence is an oleaginous, homophobic, religious, lying, creep, brown noser and Trump lover just to save his job.Oh how MOTHE and family must be SO proud.

  • LoveAndLight 360

    What an epic American fail! This inept administration under- estimated this governments amazing ability to sniff out Russian assets. #republicantraitors

  • Silvia Delariva

    They all got hired in some of the millions of seasonal jobs successfully created by your Executive. No, not Pelosi, Trump.

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