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Microsoft Trainee Program | Jenny & Grace

(gentle music) – Basically the reason why
I joined the program is we saw it as a great
opportunity to introduce young females who might
have not had the same experience as us into the tech industry. Something that could be quite daunting if you didn’t come from like
an educational background. So it was a really good
path and we could act as a mentor and help them
to get into the industry. – I always think of being a mentor as like it always goes both ways
and that’s particularly with this program because it’s
quite a wide range of age. You find that you are both a mentor but also a mentee at the same time so we’re sort of helping each other. And it’s a great way to build a network. – It’s having those little
conversations that aren’t so structured and that you can
have that friendship basis. – Don’t limit yourself in
what you think you can do or what you think you might
be able to do in the future because anything’s possible.
(upbeat music)

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