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Microsoft Trainee Program | Eyra

(upbeat music) – We’re in a very interesting
stage in our business. We are transitioning into a more consultancy services business. With that, we are in
the lookout for people that will be interested in changing and transforming the art industry, and this program was a perfect opportunity for us to find young talent that we can just train and develop and just nurture, so we can get our goals, as well, and also support their career. We have Attack Taha Analic
joining Artis Group as trainees. They’re amazing, we are
very lucky to have them. They have a growth mindset. They have the potential, the willingness, and they have introduced
massive value to our company. Definitely I would
encourage any other company. I’ve been selling this
program to some of my network. It’s amazing, so yes, got for it. (upbeat music)

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