Mick’s Story – Accident at Work / Solicitors Negligence
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Mick’s Story – Accident at Work / Solicitors Negligence

It was a quiet day.
I was waiting on the sidelines waiting for a job to come in on the radio and computer
to tell me what to do. I got a radio call. Pick up box xxx or whatever,
take it and put it somewhere else. I was facing the other way so I thought that
all I have to do was turn round and go and get it so I drove forward, turned and then
it fell. When I fell it didn’t hurt.
It didn’t hurt at all to be honest. It wasn’t until I was actually in hospital
that the pain started to kick in. I broke my foot, broke my elbow, I broke three
bones in my back. After the accident my Mrs and her friend went
to the Citizens Advice Beareu. Mick was in hospital I didn’t know what to
do to be honest so I thought that the best thing to do was to go Citizens Advice and
ask them. The lady we spoke to recommended the particular
solicitor that we went to. That day we went to see him and he told us
that we had a good case and he would be more than happy to take the case on. We just assumed that he was the professional
and he knew what he was doing. We didn’t know any different.
I hardly spoke to him the first year. The odd letter here and there. We hadn’t heard from him for a long long time
and I kept saying to Mick “We haven’t heard anything from him, do you think that that
is right?” Before I knew it three years was up and I
didn’t know at the time that you only get three years lilmitation to get your case to
Court. Mick phoned him and that is when he said “You
need to come in and see me because your case is dead in the water”.
His exact words were “Your case is dead in the water”.
He kept repeating that it happens to a lot of people and it is just one of those things
that happen and he kept saying things like that and making excuses. My Mrs, Jean went onto the internet, did some
reasearch and came up with Mulderrigs. I scanned the internet and found Mr Mulderrig.
I emailed him and the next day Paul, Paul Mulderrig called me back.
It was a completely different experience to the first solicitor.
He was constantly in contact, constantly having meetings with him.
Things just started moving. I saw Mr Mulderrig more times in the first
two months more than I saw the first solicitor in the first three years.
He could have been just round the corner actually. He sent me to see a bone doctor, foot doctor,
orthopaedics, mental health people and so much more.
It was roughly four years in total from when I first called Mulderrigs to the end of settlement
but it seemed like a good four years. Once I got that cheque, I didn’t think that
I would get that amount to be honest but I was pleased with it.
It ment that I could do things that I couldn’t do before. It was a great weight off your shoulders to
know that it had been dealt with and that it got justice basically.
That was it, I could just draw a line under it and get on with the rest of my life. I couldn’t reccomend Mr Mulderrig enough.
He got us justice for a start and I will be forever greatful to him.
He said what he was going to do, he got it done and the case is closed and I couldn’t
have asked for a better ending. I just wish that I would have gone there first.

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