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Michigan Auto Accident Lawyers | Michigan Auto Law

Michigan Auto law has become the law
firm that other lawyers in Michigan referred their auto accident cases to
and it’s because this is all we do. It’s a total specialty where we’ve
really over the last 17 years had the top reported results. People injured in an
auto accident shoes Michigan auto law because when it comes down to it we’re
the specialized attorneys that everybody in the field relies on. Other attorneys
trust us to handle the toughest cases and we only focus on one area of the law.
One of the things that really stands apart from other law firms is Michigan
auto lost reputation and our track record for success. We have received the
AV Rating from Martindale-Hubbell for the highest possible ethics and legal
results for our clients. I have had potential clients call they’re looking
at other firms and I’ve told them that if they mention our firm to those other
firms there they’re only going to hear good things. We’re very well-respected in
the legal community especially in personal injury. As long as I’ve been
here going on 20 years has been amongst the top law firms in the state of
Michigan and the country in terms of jury verdicts settlements. In terms of
Michigan Lawyers Weekly we have made the Top Million Dollar Jury Verdicts and
Settlements Edition. The attorneys here they’re Michigan Super Lawyers, they’re Rising Stars, Top 40 under 40, Top 100… I mean you name it the fact the matters that
we’ve gotten it. Michigan auto law also has a 98% success rate which is unheard
of in this profession for our clients in terms of getting great settlements and
great verdicts for them. One of the number-one complaints about
attorneys in general is that they don’t communicate with their clients and we
are well aware of that and that’s our number one priority is communication
with our clients. We like to make sure that you are informed about what’s going
on with your case. We’re here for you and we never forget that. You can always
reach an attorney here at Michigan auto law and we’d like to make sure that you
fully understand your claim and the laws that it’s based on. Another value at our
firm is trust it’s extremely important to us that not only do you trust us…
other attorneys trust us. I don’t look at it like client I look at it more like a family somebody’s trusting me to carry them
through a difficult time in their life and I do everything I can to do that for
them. Another big value of ours is client satisfaction and we do everything we can
we go out of our way to make sure our clients are happy. I think we
have a great reputation we’re known for that. I mean our Google reviews speak for
themselves. I think the most important thing for anyone who’s been in an auto accident is for that person to do research and really look at the websites.
Look to see if the law firm is getting good testimonials. If you look at our
website at Michigan auto law you will find all of those things. A lot of people
have questions of I don’t know if I can afford attorney well here at Michigan
auto law we keep it simple we work on contingency
there is no upfront cost there is no out-of-pocket fee why the factors
insurance companies will spend a lot of money making sure that you never receive
anything and it’s very important for us to be equally aggressive and get you
every penny that you deserve in your case if you don’t win you won’t owe us a
dime this firm is run with one thing in mind that’s client satisfaction the
clients are always first on our mind whether it’s making sure we are on top
of any factor that’s going to matter to compensation for that client that way
the client has some peace of mind well I’d like to say about Michigan auto
laws I don’t believe there’s any law firm in the state that will do the
things that we would but the most important thing is relationships and the
attorneys at Michigan auto law maintain relationships to their clients and value
of their clients are as human beings

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