Meet Shelley Doorey-Williams, Sionic Partner and governance and gender diversity expert
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Meet Shelley Doorey-Williams, Sionic Partner and governance and gender diversity expert

I’m Shelley Doorey Williams and I’m a
partner in the Wealth Management and Private Banking practice at Sionic
typically wealth management firms look after private individuals and families
and small institutions including for example charities I think there are some
global challenges that the industry faces but I think there’s also huge
opportunities so if we think about society at large at the moment we have
some global challenges everything from climate change right through to
sustainability and the financial services industry can actually be a huge
force for good and a huge force for positive change if we get this right and
I think we have to pull together as an industry and work very very closely
together to try and see whether we can actually become an industry that can be
that positive force for change corporate governance plays a very
important role in making sure that organisations are controlled and
directed and operated in the way that they should be and in the way that
people expect them to be and that’s where trust can be rebuilt I think when
it comes to addressing some of these global challenges that we’re all facing
such as climate change the financial services industry has a huge potential
role to play because the financial services industry is making investment
decisions on behalf of individuals and organisations and institutions every
single day and they can literally put their money where their mouth is by
making decisions that are actually for the human good by investing in
organisations that have positive change agendas and also by directing
investments away from organisations that aren’t willing or able to play a role in
that governance plays such an important role
in the way that organizations are actually run and operated because
organisations are making their decision at the board level and that’s where you
need accountability and transparency in order to help the organisation to be as successful as it possibly can but more
importantly than the organisation just being successful doing it in the right
way one of the examples is actually State Street and they made a big change
when it came to gender diversity and before International Women’s Day they
actually made a statement that they wanted their underlying companies that
they were investing in to make positive changes around gender diversity and of
course most people are very familiar with the statue that they put in New
York next to the bull of the young girl and so I think organisations can make a
stand on issues where they believe that they can actually really make a positive
difference people who don’t work in this industry find it quite complicated
understanding the different types of institutions the different players in
the market and how they are interlinked and how they work together so I think
far more simplistic simplicity and clarity within the industry I think
could be a positive thing and I think would be a sign that we’ve moved in the
right direction and I think for the industry to look more like the clients
that they serve and there’s been a lot of research about diversity within the
industry and we know that this industry when compared to others is less diverse
and I think improving levels of diversity looking more like the clients
that we actually do serve in the industry would also be another good indicator
obviously all of this in addition to the fact that hopefully we will have
improved levels of trust in the industry overall.

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