Meet Mike Garstang | Consultant Solicitor at Olliers
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Meet Mike Garstang | Consultant Solicitor at Olliers

Right well my name’s Mike Garstang and
I’ve been dealing with the criminal defence arena for over 40 years now
and earlier this year I thought well I probably served my time and perhaps at
that stage it was time to hang up my briefs. But having tried a few weeks and
the weather not being too good I decided I could no longer sit and watch daytime
TV. Consequently I had an invitation from Matthew see whether we could do
some business together and he could bring me back out of the woods and I
accepted his kind invitation to join the firm, act as a consultant and continue to
do what I’ve done for many many years. I have to say that up to now it’s working
pretty well. I’ve got a degree of freedom for my own time but my problem is I
still enjoy the job that I’ve done for over 40 years so that’s why I continue
to do the job that I do. Long may it continue. So if you’re interested in a
consultancy role at Olliers pick the phone up, email me, I’d love to hear from

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