Medical Trainee Job Application and Interview Preparation [Short]
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Medical Trainee Job Application and Interview Preparation [Short]

My name is Dr Anthony Llewellyn and along with Dr Neel Gobin I’m the founder of AdvanceMed we run
workshops designed to provide medical doctors in training with a
chance to get an edge on their job application process. In 2015 there were
45,000 applications for just 3600 training positions I think the data
suggests that there is a concern and a bit of a bottleneck. We’ve got a great
lineup of speakers and experts who are talking about the full breadth of the
specialty training application and selection process. The focus of my talk
today was how to make a first impression and a very positive impression. When it comes to submitting a CV, filling in the application or going through the
interview process our aim today is to have you feel more
confident about this process. There’s a lot of really useable tips it’s not just
theoretical where junior doctors and it’s quite relevant in our career
progression to sort of get a good understanding of what we need to do to
prepare. For more information and to contact us. Go to

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