McConnell’s Impeachment Rules Designed To Hide The Facts: Katyal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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McConnell’s Impeachment Rules Designed To Hide The Facts: Katyal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • Steve Harding

    We are witnessing the Death of democracy. People of America, for God's sake rise up and protest against this blatant corruption of your great country. Residents of Kentucky should make it very clear to McConnell that you won't stand for his continued blocking of justice. Do not let him get away with shielding this corrupt and criminal president. The United States is being flushed down the toilet. All your allies around the world have abandoned you. The Russians and the Chinese are laughing at you. If the people of America don't defend your democracy, very soon all 3 global superpowers will be run by authoritarian dictators.

  • Jay Mamaril

    Rachel: "I'm not a lawyer. I don't even purport to play one on television." Katyal "Neither is Dershowitz, so don't worry about it.." Katyal just restored my faith in lawyers LOL SMH Dershowitz

  • Rich X

    MaConnell is the worst of the low life politicians. He serves a dying party trying to keep them alive with immoral infusions.

  • Tony Rebel

    There will be an election in November, and we the people will have the last word, he will be gone. Moscow Mitch do your thing we the people will get the last laugh.

  • Philip Fontaine

    MSNBC already whining, they know Trump will be acquitted and their reason is Republican's aren't playing fair. It's a cover-up. Quote… The trouble is they can't prove Trump's innocence… No the REAL trouble is they can't prove he's guilty. Innocent unless or until proven guilty in America Katyal.

  • Shana Smith

    Moscow Mitch Abuse of Power is unpatriotic & dangerous to America National Security. America we must work together to vote them all out of ofc. God help America come together to remove this cancer (Trump, GOP Party, & his cult of sick-a-fans). Thx God for always being in control 🙏

  • Richard Garcia

    American people are the “profound victims” because the American people take everything and everyone for granted and these Mobster GOP Republicans know their constituents. Enjoy your processed foods.

  • Criss Mullen

    Maddow You need to prove your allegations not just proclaim them like they are Gospel Just so you know Gospel means the Bible which leaves out your comments born out of conspiratorial political hatred

  • Epenesa Jennings

    We, the people have been overlooked. We will remember every senator come elections. We will remember youre cover up and greed.

  • john norris

    At MSNBC and CNN… in the past Trump's name would be mentioned in a negative way 500 times in a day… New word that and you will hear more is "COVER-UP"

  • Tom Purcell

    In an ironic twist where the Soviet Union leadership gorged itself on show trials, the filth that is the Republican Party have decided to adopt a "no-show" trial strategy. Given their obvious collective malfeasance and outrageous chicanery, I can only assume that the Republican Party – while already deciding to acquit President Pending ante iudicium – have themselves concluded beforehand that Trump is as guilty as a mutton molester caught in a field with his councils round his ankles and with bits of wool stuck to his post-climactic bell end.

    Yet their cowardice prevails……

  • Jeffrey Liddicoat

    its the Roger Ailes / Bill O'Rielly defense or what Jeffrey Epstien would have used … I did no harm to those young girls I just advanced their careers

  • Poe Lou Chan

    I have a business idea. I will build a facsimile of McConnell's future grave and charge people a buck to spit on it. I'll be rich, rich I tell you, mwhahahahahahah.

  • agent 007

    And we want North Korea, china and the middle east countries to be democratic nations while at the same time, we are insulting the idea of democracy and constitution. I am an American traveling around the world to gain international markets for my company, but I am embarrassed every day when ppl know my nationality. A lot of us cant see it, but this administration will have a negative impact for generations to come

  • Marius M

    all this is so disheartening and frightening: are we moving to the second American Civil War ? make no mistake, this is dangerously real.

  • weburnitatbothends

    The whole world are profound victims Neal, this is a formative moment in time for global politics and the world's perspective of USA as relevant or not in the future

  • joseph prosser

    Maybe the tack should be for Democrats to support Trump’s right to a fair trial. It can be argued that GOP senators and the president’s lawyers are railroading the president towards a guilty verdict and are depriving him access to exculpatory testimony from first hand witnesses. Already Dershowitz has said that president Trump has committed high crimes and misdemeanours but the president is being denied the means to publicly refute this characterisation of his actions in the senate.

  • Robert Russell

    And why does the degree of Republican corruption seem to be surprising to so many people? Moscow Mitch has been engaging in corruption long before Trump ran for office. Last thing either want is to have the truth be made irrefutable.

  • Waset Amaru

    Trump: It was a perfect call!
    Reporter: Then release the transcripts!
    Trump: No!
    Reporter: Why not?
    Trump: Because I don't want to…and you can't make me…so there!

  • Susie, the World's Greatest Expert on Everything

    We should be asking what McConnell is gaining from running a fake trial. He is desperate to preserve his power in the Senate – but is he also desperate to protect his wife from prison ? Or his friends ? Or business dealings ? I suspect there is much more to this story that we the people have a right to know.

  • Akela DeWolf

    Actually the constitution says “ the senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachment’s “
    That means the senate doesn’t have to have a trial , if senate leadership decides not to , because the constitution doesn’t stipulate a trial “ must take place “

    ooops! )

  • Milen Boyer

    These people are mean Trump committed the best crimes he's capable of and he deserves the credit stop holding the boy back. He really isn't very smart.

  • jlocey87

    GOP will not stand up to the president because they would rather lose their country than lose their election or spot on capital Hill and they are all in favor of lining their pockets b4 they are out of office… It's a given by the way they are covering up…

  • Alan aka FANG

    Still selling the same Con Job ..

    It's Innocent until Proven Guilty ..

    They don't have to prove he is Innocent .. anyone saying that they do is lying .. like these two Fake Talking Heads are

  • 15k DOW 2022

    “The Democratic Party is a ‘center or center-conservative’ party and there currently isn’t a ‘left’ party in the United States”

  • Big L Williams

    I think the only people fooled by this tactic is the sycophants who watch Fox only. When all said and done we the people need to go after FOX next.

  • Thor God of thunder

    I'll be up at midnight watching for sure… I haven't missed a single public hearing yet…these idiots think Americans won't pay attention they're dead wrong

  • M P

    Our only hope is intense protest and our vote. McConnell, Barr, and Trump, Inc. et al CANNOT AND WILL NOT take our democracy without a fight!!!

  • John Gemhunter

    Moscow Mitch is just another Republican trying to secure a job in the WH if Trump is re elected . And because he will certainly lose the majority in the Senate, Moscow Mitch is putting his career, along with his sheep, on the line to promote and defend Trump no matter what. If slippery Trump pulls it off in 2020 his new Chief of staff's name could start with Moscow and end with Mitch…Just sayin'

  • gangigirl1

    I can't believe that the GOP thinks that they are "winning" when they have to blatantly lie and scheme to "win".
    History will not look kindly on this era of politic$ over country.

  • One Day

    I'm from New Zealand and it astounds me the amount of power people in the positions of President, Senate Majority Leader and the AG have. This version of democracy is too open to abuse and corruption. The 'checks and balances' appear ineffective that just get played out. USA seems to be losing its way. It's sad to watch.

  • Harry Sher

    There you have it right from the mouth of an astute law scholar Neal Naktal elucidating the nefarious rules laid out by the croaking ole 🦃 Mitchy Moscow!! FF's who holds trials at midnight's, only mobsters do meeting in graveyards and or under bridges, to pan out shady schemes, who to rob or execute 😈😈😈 ALL MEDIA OUTLETS & TV STATIONS LAY IT OUT IN YOUR NEWS ARTICLES AND BROADCASTS OF THE ABOVE, EVEN IF IT MEANS CNN AND MSNBC KEEP REPEATING MITCHYS SHADY RULES FOR THE TRIAL SO THE 🇺🇸 PPL CAN SEE AND DEMAND FULL HEARINGS OF WITNESSES ETC !!! THE THUG AT THE TOP; 🦃Mitchy; Barr; Graham all gotta GO 😈😈🖕🖕

  • New Information

    There should be NO INTERNAL travesties regarding, America's, security; unless someone is on a payroll, than the, American-people's, payroll!

  • Miss Sqoz

    Remove the traitors….all of them. Mitch, Trump, Pence, Barr, Rudy and everyone associated with the WH and send them to jail. They are not above the law.

  • Angus

    Here is another remarkable aspect of the proposed manner for these proceedings which Rachel drew my attention to. Consider this: the reason the proceedings are scheduled to begin at 1pm, is due to Justice Roberts still being required to fulfil his duties at the Supreme Court in the mornings. So, this means Justice Roberts schedule will look something like this: Wake up 7am, eat and prepare to sit as Chief Justice for the most important cases in the nation, presumably beginning at 8-9am. Break at maybe 12 in time for a quick lunch. Get to the Senate in time to begin the impeachment trial proceedings at 1pm. Each day is scheduled to comprise 12 hours of trial processes, which if as previously mentioned will likely exclude meal and break times, and therefore finish at 3am. And then travel home and if he's lucky get to sleep by 4am, only to need to wake up at 7am again and repeat the process again the next day. It would seem Moscow Mitch either expects Justice Roberts to sleep through half the proceedings or be mainlining crystal meth and cocaine to stay awake. Way to go Moscow Mitch!!! Sounds like the very best kind of justice Putin and every true American could hope for right???

  • Myriam Gapella

    The sad, corrupt, despot, geriartric, low life McCONNELL, WILL FAIL, in his coverup of the truth about trump and Russia .GOD is watching. The LIGHT will shine.He will be gone in disgrace. JAIL should wait for him and his wife.

  • Sean Breen

    Mitch McConnell is literally asking a real Republican to take action against he in the rest of his communist traitors. Not the first time the Republican Party has betrayed the country, not the first and the Republican Party has worked with the Russians to betray the country. Mitch McConnell is part of the same party that embraces Canadian Ted Cruz, whose father was involved in the Kennedy assassination, and oligarch Donald John Trump who has history reported was using the Trump towers as a financial mediately between Saudi Arabia and Bin Laden prior to September 11. Everyone knows that the Republicans who went after George W Bush and created the commission report, outlawed the patriot act were working against the country. Mitch McConnell was against the patriot act because Mitch McConnell was an enemy of George W Bush.

  • Caspian Blue

    This corrupt presidency and deceitful, vindictive, immoral republican administration will have a severely negative impact for many years to come

  • Fernando Castillo

    This is about white men getting away with murder but no one else. If you ever doubted that systemic racism exists, here’s a perfect example.
    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the pretend-trial of DJT.

  • B Storm

    The idiocy! Oh I want to PROVE Trump is innocent. I know no witnesses, no media coverage, no evidence and hold the trial during the witching hours! Anything to keep this corrupt, venal, rapacious thing in office! That way the Republican party can continue to RA*E the USA while everyone looks at what Trump is doing. No big surprise here, everyone already knew the Republican Senate would never vote to impeach Trump. They could care less about what he does legal or illegal. They just need him out front distracting USA citizens away from what the Republican party is doing: Letting the Republicans destroy our Constitution, Packing the Supreme Court and lower courts with individuals who care only about the Republican party values NOT OUR LAWS, repealing all the financial protections for citizens, removal of regulations to protect the environment, selling off drilling and mineral rights in out National Parks, allowing DeVos to place the death knell on our education system, and continuing the destruction of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and every program we have that actually helps US citizens all so the ultra-rich can become richer.

  • K Matsu

    "Ive heard Dershowitz . . . . . dont worry about it."

    Brilliant! Who needs Colbert when you got Katyal?!. Im already laughing off this latest assault on democracy.

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