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Maybe We Should Fix The Impeachment Process? – SOME MORE NEWS

(bright music) Eres Maaare Naaars! Pirate Nars! We got tales o’ swashing-buckles and gold doubloons. It’s not pirate Nars, it’s, president, it’s President Nars. Sorry that’s much less exciting. And it’s actually the
opposite of exciting. You know what I’m talking about, right? It’s this guy, he’s a complete drag and it’s still weird he’s
the president, you know? Remember when he had that show where he fired Stephen Baldwin? And now he’s the entire president? I know this seems pretty basic and like a million steps backward but are we sure he’s not doing some kind of Andy Kaufman
performance piece? We’re sure, right? Has someone asked him? Has someone asked him directly? Whatever. I guess this is the guy
we’re gonna talk about and I know that’s a bit of a bummer and there’s like, this whole
other election happening where a bunch of weiners are trying to become the person who will try to become president and we’re all fighting over which weiner would be the best one to take on Trump and there’s a really obvious winner weiner and also one of those weiners is this other even richer guy who treats women like (beep) and is just like Trump. Fun fact: Mike Bloomberg is a marionette made from re-assembled mummies with seasonal affective disorder. Tell your family. In all this election fuss, it seems like a good time for a refresher and reminder of what is at stake. Of course since we all know why the president is bad-president it might be useful to explore how he is allowed to
keep bad-presidenting. Because you remember the crimes, right? There were crimes, remember that? We had a whole impeachment
over some of them. Remember the impeachment? The one where the president was, you know, impeached. Trump has been impeached. Like, for realsies. And that’s, that’s not nothing and worth remembering forever and ever. But also, it’s kinda nothing? At least when you consider
all the new, shiny crimes the president has done since that thing where he was impeached. Crimes that we will now go over for your grim amusement
in a segment called Trump Sure Learned His Lesson From That Impeachment Yes Sir He Sure Did Glad That Whole Crime Thing Is Settled Once And For All. But you don’t have to take my word for it! – I believe that the president has learned from this case. – What do you believe the
president has learned? – The president has been impeached. There has been criticism
by both Republican and Democratic senators of his call. I believe that he will be much more cautious in the future. – Mmm. Thanks Susan Collins from early February. You’re so, you’re so right. Trump, a man who looked
directly into a solar eclipse after being told not to, totally learned his
lesson from impeachment. No need to actually
remove him from office, because he’s uh, wait, sauwey. Hey let’s see what Susan Collins from 10 days later has to say. – [Reporter] In light of
the president’s actions, do you think there’s any lessons that he learned from being impeached? – I don’t know which
actions you’re referring to. I’ve made very clear that I don’t think anyone should be retaliated against. That has nothing to do with the basis by which I voted to acquit the president. – Oh, weird! That’s so ah, so ah, so ah, so at the start of February Susan Collins said the president had learned his lesson and would never abuse his power again. Then in mid-February she seems to be totally avoiding talking
about that thing she said 10 days earlier. I, I, I, I, I wonder what happened between the first day, Trump’s acquittal, and this new, later day, not too long after that first day. Oh, right. He fired the people who
testified against him two days after his acquittal, using his power, as president, in a totally not power-abusing way at all. Because he learned his lesson, Susan. Right, Susan? Hey Susan! You still think he learned his lesson about not doing power-abuse things? Maybe we should ask you this every day of your career and then after your career and for the rest of your life. It must just be a coincidence that he fired the people who testified against him, something that the Republican senators who found him not guilty
of abusing his power urged him to not do. And to be fair and/or balanced and/or who cares anymore, according to the national
security advisor, Vindman, a decorated
officer with a long history of accomplishments standing
up for what he believed in, wasn’t fired. He was just moved from his job. Out of. In a kind of ejection, like a discharge from a gun. Along with his twin brother, who was also moved out of his job, despite having no connection
to Trump’s impeachment other than, I don’t know,
being the family member of a person who crossed Trump and perhaps a good pressure point if you were trying to punish someone like some kind of obvious and cartoonish mob boss. Or maybe we’re not giving President Trump the benefit of our doubt and Vindman was fired because Trump, knowing his work, genuinely thought he was doing a bad job. Do we have a confession definitely saying that Trump actually didn’t know him at all and fired him purely as retaliation for testifying against him? Oh, good. There it is. Literally a confession of abuse of power. The thing he was impeached for and then acquitted of
because Republicans said he had learned his lesson
not to do that thing he then did immediately
after being acquitted. And that’s the name of this horrifyingly depressing game now. Not only has Trump continued to do abuses of power and
obstructions of justice, but has realized that he can also totally admit to it and
see no consequences. And he is correct. The president is correct about a thing. Hurray! On February 13th, when meeting with New York governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss lifting a
travel restriction ban on New York residents, the President of the United States tweeted “I’m seeing Governor Cuomo
today at The White House. “He must understand that National Security “far exceeds politics. “New York must stop all of its unnecessary “lawsuits and harassment, “start cleaning itself
up, and lowering taxes.” And he spelled ‘harassment’ wrong, of course he did that. Anyhoo so the lawsuits and harassment he is referring to are lawsuits against him, specifically over his tax returns. Remember those? The things where he has nothing to hide but also still won’t let us see and is going to court over protecting? Boy, it sure sounds like our president is saying that he won’t work with Cuomo unless New York drops
those personal lawsuits against him, doesn’t it? Like a, quid something something. Like a really blatant, easy to spot and prosecute quid something something where the evidence is just the president saying it out loud. Only that won’t happen and we’ll likely never
hear about it again. Just like how we won’t hear consequences over this story about how congressman Dana Rohrabacher apparently
told Julian Assange that, on instructions from the president, we would pardon him if he said Russia had nothing to do with the DNC leaks. Despite Russia having everything
to do with the DNC leaks. It’s another quid something something that Rohrabacher doesn’t deny saying and has in fact admitted to but is now claiming that Trump didn’t tell him to do it. And hey, hey, hey look, hey now, Trump says he barely
even knows Rohrabacher, a man who was considered for his cabinet. Hmm. It’s, you know how Trump doesn’t know all those crime people all the time and then is immediately contradicted with evidence of him clearly knowing the crime people he says he doesn’t know. Like some kind of compulsive liar, the president is. And it used to be that we’d have to reach back in time to show this but thanks to the whole acquittal it seems that Trump has realized that he doesn’t even have to pretend to not know crime stuff for all that long. Here he is back during
the impeachment trial talking to his fellow puffy harasser pal Bill O’Reilly about how he absolutely didn’t direct Rudy Giuliani to go to Ukraine and
investigate Joe Biden. – [President Trump] Well,
you have to ask that to Rudy, but Rudy, I don’t, I don’t even know. I know he was going to go to Ukraine and I think he canceled a trip. But, you know, Rudy has
other clients other than me. No, I didn’t direct him but he’s a, he’s a warrior, Rudy’s a warrior. – Hey, hey, hey, hey look now, hey, hey, Trump didn’t direct him to go to Ukraine. Maybe it was just a
personal hobby of Giuliani, or he was doing it for
another one of his clients that wants to investigate Joe Biden for political purposes, you know? Hey, hey now! So that was his stance and part of his defense during the trial, which he was then acquitted for, and then eight days after that said this. – [Geraldo] Was it strange
to send Rudy Giuliani to Ukraine, your personal lawyer? Are you sorry you did that? – [President Trump] Not at all. Rudy was a great crime fighter, you know that maybe better than anybody. – Hey look! It’s the president of a country literally confessing to a thing he said he didn’t do days earlier as defense during a trial for a crime. People were like, “Hey, you did this thing “that led to a crime,”
and he was like, “Nah man, “I didn’t do that thing, you’re crazy,” and then a bunch of
demented suits were like, “Yeah, we agree he didn’t do that thing,” and then days later he
was like, “Oh I mean, “yeah, I actually did that thing “but whatever (beep), “thanks for the pass, Trump 2020!” And then the world just kept on going as if that wasn’t totally messed up and enough to sink any other president before this forsaken year. For the people who’ve always understood the objective reality
that Trump was guilty but also realized that
there was nothing anyone would do about it, this
is probably no surprise. But it’s kind of chilling to realize that Trump is also one of those people. He knows he’s guilty, and he knows it doesn’t matter. He’s a teenager learning that adults can’t legally hit you despite how much you harass them. A house cat discovering that no matter where it (beep), someone will pick that up. Or a down-on-his luck man realizing that the great lady-sea is the last haven of true freedom. God, I wish we did a
pirate thing this time! My whole, my whole thing is pirates now. We read headlines about how the DOJ has suddenly reduced Roger
Stone’s prison sentence while the president and
guy Roger Stone worked for and helped the campaign of tweets out a direct attack and obvious lie about the people who prosecuted him causing them to quit the case. A bold-faced and undeniable act of obstruction of justice and corruption by the President of the United States in the light of day, and we hear about it, and feel helpless to stop it. And know that most likely Stone will get a full pardon. Because the GOP majority has made it clear that they are going to support Trump for obvious partisan reasons no matter what he does, and we’re apparently unable to stop them, despite them and everyone else knowing that they’re all lying. It’s (beep) scary, and a clear indication that the system is broken. And even worse, when we can’t even, we can’t even keep up with it. We’re like Lucy shoving the
chocolate into our mouths, but if the chocolate was also (beep). Trump’s (beep). We’re eating so much of it. All the time. Until we die. Here’s another story
about how Trump Hotels, you know, the hotel
business our president runs are charging the secret service, aka the taxes we pay, insane rates to stay at the hotel, which they have to stay at
to protect the president, who owns the hotels. Remember how he’s like been violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution since day one and yet
that’s still not a thing that has gotten him removed, even though it’s more than enough? Again, all of everything
I’ve just discussed came out in just the time since Trump was acquitted and then totally learned his lesson. This is all just the span of weeks thanks to our newly
empowered crime president. (bright music) And again, still wouldn’t be surprised if this is some performance art piece and if it is I guess, I guess I thank you, Mr. President, for pointing out how our
government is so broken that the power of the executive branch was kept at bay by a (beep) honor system this entire time. Something is broken. And as we all know at this point, that thing goes far
beyond one ragey weirdo pratfalling into the Oval Office. Specifically, we now know
that the impeachment process is an absolute joke. The thing many assumed would save us from a blatantly corrupt president grifter didn’t work. Our brakes have failed and we are careening
toward the rocky cliff wondering if it would be better to at least swerve into a tree. This tree. Fun fact: Mike Bloomberg is a literal tree that came to life thanks
to a magic top hat filled with NDAs. Pass it on. So what happened? What needs to be fixed? Let’s assume, happily and for a moment, that Trump won’t last the next election and the country will quietly move on like a hungover guy
sneaking out of the aquarium with eel bites on his junk. Like this totally hypothetical man realizing that his sexual attraction to long-fish just isn’t worth the ensuing medical bills, we too can learn from our embarrassment in part two of today’s video, coming right up after a word from me. Hey folks, do you like wireless earphones from a company co-founded by Ray J? Well guess what? Hi. We teamed up with Raycon
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case can charge earbuds four times on a single charge! Click the link in the description below to get 15% off your order! Isn’t that right, Rayconny The Earbudman? Okay! Okay. And now here’s part two! Hey Let’s Fix Impeachment I’m Not Attracted to Fish Maybe You’re The One
Who’s Attracted to Fish You Do It It’s You. So how is our impeachment process broken? Well for starters, it technically isn’t. We impeached this president, right? He’s a big ol’ peach forever. Peach-Man, the halls of history will echo for the rest of days. Princess Impeach. Peach-o-Trump-o, is his name-o. And so on and so forth. No, the actual thing that’s broken, and this should come as a surprise to exactly nobody, is the Senate, who failed to actually
carry out the impeachment and remove Trump, Mr.
Peach-o, orange man face, as foretold in legend. It’s because they’re terrible, and partisan, and slow, and greedy, and terrible. But especially, terrible. And we’re not going to fix that without fixing how we elect them, which we can’t fix without fixing how we do our elections, something I’ve talked about in the past. LIke a maniac apparently. Things like ranked-choice voting and multi-member districts would greatly help this problem. But also, as U.S.
Representative Bill Pascrell pointed out in this opinion piece, Congress is hilariously understaffed and under resourced, corporate lobbyists now spending far more on Congress than taxpayers do. Meaning that there’s less of a reason to do the people’s bidding than to do the companies’. As Mr. Pascrell described in his article, in 2016 there were more
than 6,200 tax lobbyists on the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation while only 130 aides were on the side of the American people. But this profound lack of resources wasn’t always this way and in fact only happened in the ’90s. Why? Because of this guy. Oh hi, Newt! So glad we get to talk about you. It turns out that back
when he was House Speaker, Newt Gingrich cut two-thirds of the staff from the Congressional Research Service, Government Accountability Office, and Congressional Budget Office, as well as defunded the Office
of Technology Assessment. All of these sections were designed to give Congress the power to look into issues themselves so they could make informed laws. In other words, Newt Gingrich made Congress dumber
and without resources, something only a totally
honest person would do who wanted the best decisions
made in our government. Oh and fun fact, during this time he also used those same resources to work on his personal
campaigns and projects. I don’t mean to point fingers, but is anyone surprised
that the GOP found it beneficial to make Congress less informed? Like doesn’t that make all the sense considering that they are far more likely to be paid by the tobacco
and oil and gas lobby and be against LGBTQ
and reproductive rights and all those other things that require you to ignore science? Of course they would cut spending to the learning part of their brain. Of course they would do that. And to make it worse, no one seems to talk about this that much or realize it’s a problem. Here’s an article from Real Clear Politics criticizing the democrats’
handling of Trump’s impeachment, citing how during the Nixon scandal the House of Representatives didn’t hold any official proceedings until conducting an extensive bi-partisan investigation with 51 days of hearings and then turned the findings into very specific charges against Nixon. The article is framed as if they simply can’t understand why Pelosi isn’t doing it the same
as they did in the ’70s while completely ignoring what our ol’ friend Newt did in the ’90s. So yeah, if you’re wondering why we used to be able to accomplish baseline things like a Clean Water Act and actually holding
presidents accountable, it’s because there once was a time where senators of any level of experience were able to get proper resources and time to pursue
actual political action. Was it perfect? Probably not. But was it more perfect than what is currently happening? Probably yes. Ah jeez, so that’s a problem. One that has made impeachment
completely ineffective. Assuming it was ever
effective in the first place. During the Clinton impeachment, a hilariously quaint set of accusations by today’s new president standards that nonetheless gives me an opportunity to point out that Bill
Clinton is a rapist. During that impeachment vote, nearly everyone voted on party lines, just like nearly everyone voted on party lines for Trump. But the Constitution requires a two-thirds supermajority to convict. And so when Congress is
so incredibly divided by party lines and no party is ever likely to have a huge majority and when the GOP or perhaps future Democrats are so blinded by partisanship that they are willing to reject basic reality, it’s just never gonna happen. The jury can’t also be
friends with the defendant or in this case, sad
sycophants of the defendant despite that defendant
constantly abusing them and the people they work for. Like obviously they can’t. We had a whole movie
about this and it was, it was fine. A perfectly fine movie,
so says the opinion of the person who wrote this joke. So until we fix a congress filled with understaffed, partisan hacks, we need another way to remove an unfit president from office. One of the more common and most hilarious
suggestions from the media during the trial was that Trump should be censured by the Democrats, which is literally just to officially condemn his actions and then move on. It’s a great alternative, Washington Post, thank you. Who added that impeachment
was terrible for the country and that we should instead
make a formal complaint against the president
who would totally stop doing crimes if we just
scolded him for it. Great thinking there. It’s weird how many opinion articles are out there trying to convince people that a symbolic gesture will totally make a difference and cause Trump voters,
many of whom are convinced there’s a deep state conspiracy
against their president as foretold by the sage words of 4Chan, to see the error of their ways. No, perhaps we should
brainstorm some solutions to actually make a difference. Just a thought. Politico had a novel idea, which was to ask a group of legal experts with advanced knowledge
of the Constitution what we should do. You know, the kind of
people who at one point might have been able to work in Washington back when they liked
having smart people around. Their solutions address
two really obvious problems with the Trump impeachment process: the blatant partisanship in the Senate, and the fact that people could just ignore subpoenas for some reason. And hey, maybe they
shouldn’t be able to do that. As one Professor of History
in the article suggests, perhaps people who refuse to testify in an impeachment should go to jail. It’s a fine idea. And while doing that might have some legal and political repercussions, it would be very helpful during a time of constitutional crisis. Like the one we just had, you know? Additionally, as a teacher
of constitutional law and politics later suggests, members of the Senate and House should also be treated with scrutiny, specifically vetted for
conflicts of interest and being forced to recuse themselves if any arise. To save time, this would be done by having each member go before the Supreme Court and swear to having no conflicts, and then if we think they are lying because some of them
would definitely be lying there would be a more
comprehensive investigation of that individual. In short, we need to, at the very least, make the act of refusing to cooperate with an impeachment a way
more punishable offense. And it’s actually weird that this isn’t already a thing we do. And hey, speaking of
laws and court and stuff. Another idea floated by a
former assistant U.S. attorney is probably the most obvious, which is that we should
probably have a branch other than Congress
weigh in on these things. For example, while the
Department Of Justice has guidelines preventing them from charging a sitting
president with crimes, maybe they should not have guidelines preventing them from charging a sitting president for crimes? Maybe there should be specific guidelines for how the DOJ would be able to actually indict a sitting president when someone, I don’t know, investigates a bunch of crimes they did. Like maybe they shouldn’t just have to go, “So uh, here are a bunch of crimes “in case anyone wants
to do something about it “at some point, okay, goodbye forever.” That would be an easy fix, huh? Or hey, maybe the Supreme Court could get involved? It’s not a crazy idea,
as Alexander Hamilton mentioned in the Federalist Papers that it was considered, saying, “Would it have been an
improvement of the plan, “to have united the Supreme
Court with the Senate, “in the formation of the
court of impeachments? “This union would certainly
have been attended “with several advantages,” before adding, “But nah, let’s not do it,” and then singing about Yorktown or whatever that crazy
kook did with his time. And as a constitutional
law professor notes in that Politico article, the founding fathers ultimately assumed that members of Congress
would naturally reject any president that abused his power despite party lines. Which is just, adorable. It’s also a pretty huge
thing to keep in mind that when impeachment was invented, it absolutely wasn’t
designed to work this way. It was made in good faith that we would never be in the situation we are in right now. Meaning that the founding fathers were objectively wrong about this. And you know, probably wrong about a lot of other things. So there’s no question here that this does need to change. And soon. Because whether or not we vote Trump out, he’s made it extremely
clear to any future grifter that the buffet is wide open, and in this current broken-ass system it is extremely easy to get away with whatever you want no matter how badly of
a dumb liar you are. And so if the best case scenario happens and he is elected out, one of the first orders of business really needs to be how can we make sure that doesn’t happen again. And if we can’t fix
that, then I don’t know, maybe let’s not have a government. No more government. Just toss it out and go by some kind of, like a code instead. Like a, like a pirate code! Argh yeah bucko let’s form a pirate brethren where we settle disputes
through clashing steel and a hearty jig! Weigh anchor and send that
Jolly Roger a-flappin’ in the tall winds! No presidents! And all the gold and rum and beautiful sexy fish we can lay our hands on! See, I got us back to pirates. The transition was a little sweaty but I got us there. It’s a call back, you see. And I got the fish sex thing in there too. For levity because everything I said was terrible and depressing. I hope you enjoyed it. As the credits roll. (bright music) I don’t actually have sex with fish. Hi! Thanks for watching! Make sure you like and subscribe and go to our links and
websites and Twitter and we’ve got a podcast
called Even More News. We have a Patreon, I mentioned already, YouTube, hi!


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