Master of Laws in Advocacy – Program Highlight
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Master of Laws in Advocacy – Program Highlight

– [Female] Being in the courtroom
just sort of sends chills up my body. – You have no script. Your script is whatever
your mind can come up with at that second. You have to be sharp. You have to be on. – Honestly I feel like
I was born to do it. – American University
Washington College of Law’s Advocacy Program is one
of the top ten in the nation. We want you as one of our
advocacy’s LM students to succeed. When you come here with a
certain goal we make sure that we know that goal and
that we help meet that goal. – I wanted to go into trial work and people’d see my
experience and they’d say, “Well why trial work?” Doing the LLM has really given me a chance to tell employers that I’m
serious about what I want to do, that I’m serious about the
program and that I’m serious about the job. – I’ve had an opportunity
to take trial advocacy with a federal court judge so when I do go up into a courtroom now I’m
not scared or intimidated because I’ve already had that experience. – There’s a feeling when I
go to meet with my advisors that they are doing everything
they can just for me. They wanna see their students succeed. – Attorneys that are
willing and ready to go into a courtroom and try
the case to its best. That’s the type of lawyer
that we’re creating.

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