Mark Rober, Friend of Science – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/14/20
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Mark Rober, Friend of Science – Still Untitled: The Adam Savage Project – 1/14/20

welcome the still entitled the Adam
Savage project I’m norm I’m Adam and I’m mark it seems crazy that you have not
yet been on the body yeah this is perfect I love it orbit in
the cave is also crunching the first time we met wasn’t at Simone’s Christmas
party a couple years ago right met before
yeah I seen you when you did the brain candy tour I came back stayed with
Michael and we got to meet oh that’s right
I met the king’s ransom of youtubers through Michael Stevens sure that was
actually why when we went to Perth Australia
no not Perth way up north when we went to one apart one of the cities in our
Australian tour I introduced him to Jon plant permanent Technologies Co Wow it’s
you don’t raelia yeah I had no idea maybe we shouldn’t say that yeah there
be parts of this episode which by the way this could I take a timeout to say
if I do say something and it’s like I want to rephrase it
you can absolutely they’ve heard that part already so they’ll know they’ll be
the jump cuts fill in the blanks well welcome to the cave it seems like it
that’s crazy this is your first visit yeah because clearly we swim in the same
waters that’s right and and I will say I think you said everyone says this but
coming in and seeing it in three dimensions it’s just next-level I’ve
seen it on so many of your videos and 2d but 3d is that’s where it’s at it’s um
it’s way more harder II in phase right now you’re coming at a point which I’m
getting rid of a lot of stuff so you’re gonna have to leave at some of these
motorcycles yeah I will I’m gonna take somebody this looks like a beautiful
type of hoarder it’s like an artistic hoarder a high-functioning
high-functioning hoarder yeah and we’re in a transitional state I got a new
storage space so we’re trying to I’m trying to be Marie Kondo about clearing
out the stuff I don’t need the problem is you got so much freaky cool stuff
right um I just came to a an interesting Maker
perspective however in which I keep everything because everything I keep I
keep because it’s got some level of interest sparks joy yeah or it sparks
like ah that could be useful right hmm and I’ve started I’ve come to the
realization that half of that stuff I can get rid of because it’s shapes that
I thought were interesting and that I think oh maybe I’ll use that in a thing
but that’s a prop based sort of ideation hmm and it’s a certain kind of building
that I don’t do anymore very much because now when it costumes mostly
cosplay so when I have to build props they’re almost always fully scratch
build so I don’t need to save all these old airsoft guns and paintball crap and
stuff like that so I’m just slowly sloughing it off and making this much
more of a directed costume shop with the ability to make props from sweat but
you’re also not the Builder or that would like have a digital repository of
shapes and then want to browse through that way and three print one like you
would want something immediate if you build something no actually now I see
that the prop builds I do are much more sort of focused and directed to
replicate a specific thing rather than like oh this is a cool shape I could use
that as something someday that’s the kind of stuff I’m getting rid of yeah so
like I have two pianos just the mechanics the hammers and all two pianos
worth of linkages and it’s like I don’t need those anymore I haven’t used them
in the 25 years I’ve been storing them might as well let them go to someone who
will use them yeah I tend to be sort of a minimalist so yeah but I love existing
in spaces like this for short periods of time but what is your like you save your
hero pieces from your videos yeah like I have like the world’s largest Thurgood
world’s largest super so I do have those like in a storage and we’re kind of
building a shop and they will be in like the shop but yeah sometimes I will scrap
a thing though we did one like a rock skipping robot made from like a what do
you call those like you launch the shock thank you and some of them I’ll just
take down afterwards yes it’s like yeah but but for the most part the big ones
I’ll save ya okay we’re the same you just have made so
much more cool stuff I am also very profligate collection this is also true
Wall Street Journal that story I felt most seen when you have a box of cords
that you will never use right like a bit everyone has a bit of USB cords yes but
this is a whole nother you know it’s funny I like talk to crowds and I’ll do
appearances like people ask you questions about your process and about
how you store and move things around the cabin and one of the ones that this is a
joke I’ve been working on which is to explain to a crowd that every one of us
has a drawer in the kitchen that you haven’t seen the bottom of in a deck
that’s right right no and there’s a weight but like I really love that
shared experience but I also feel like there’s a laugh in there somewhere and
I’ve been trying to find it when I talk to crowds about it but I don’t get the
laugh of recognition yeah so I think I my biggest problem as a writer when I’m
trying to make a joke is that I don’t setup my jokes enough I suffer Chris
Rock’s admonition that you gotta set your joke up really solid so I got to
work on that one yeah I feel like there’s something there I think that is
the truth of it like everyone has that experience is like your problem is you
just have made and have dealt with and have seen so much cool stuff at your
junk drawer is just by definition much larger than everyone else’s alright but
you’re about to make your junk drawer even larger yeah can we talk about your
yeah exactly your newest escapades my proverbial junk
drawer yeah you are you’re matriculating from at night in ER at television a pure
mm-hmm to to a person with a show on television yeah congratulations yeah so
yeah I mean so I’m doing a show with Jimmy Kimmel called Revenge of the nerd
that’s the name of it which is that was Jimmy’s idea that’s great right cuz so
the point the premises were pranking people who violate social norms so
people might have seen like my glitter bomb video where yeah someone stole a
package off my porch that made me sad so it’s like you know what I’m an engineer
I could do something about this so we get river
when they steal the package they open it for cameras recording him glitter fart
spray the whole thing so I told Jimmy I was like dude cuz I gonna show a few
times like let’s prank one of your friends let me like come up with
something and he’s like man our lawyers here suck he’s like everything would be
such a pain let’s just make our own show together so yeah that was like a year
ago and it’s just taking forever to like get things rolling but it’ll be on
Discovery Channel eight episodes launches probably this summer
amazing congratulate thank you it is I will have to talk yes yeah so the thing
is like you know someone doesn’t pick up their dog’s poop mm-hmm you know we’ll
build a catapult will launch the poop back at their house this is people who
are violating social don’ts Larry David style like that annoy you things that
annoy you or like this what I’m really excited about like you know not
returning your grocery cart to like the little chamber where you so I should say
we’re gonna reward people who do the right thing so if you do return your car
a drone comes down or something gives you a hundred bucks then we’ll have a bunch of
remote-control ones that there’s just so much here we’re like so one
you kind of move it behind their car yeah and they see it so they get out and
move it and then as soon as they get back their car you or you have it like
coming towards their car like it looks like the wind and then they’re like
should I get out and then you stop it and they’re like okay and they put it in
reverse and then you just floor it you know you’re putting cameras all over the
codes – right their camera platforms the way the carts themselves camera that’s
right that’s a good point yeah and then and then they’ll come out and now like
what the heck to get it and then you just you have them chase it around but
it’ll just be just faster than human so then it’ll loop back and keep hitting
their car but another important part is like they’ll be foam on the front of the
carts because we want all this to be super harmless like I don’t like good
prank that’s like messes up so not only is that harmless so everyone that allows
you to cheer for it but these are punks who are doing the wrong thing so that’ll
further allows the audience at home to be like I can get behind this well
you’ve answered one of the questions one of the problems I have with prank shows
is that they’re frequently cruel yeah that’s right
and I’m never interested in watching someone have a breakdown for for fake
reasons yeah I find that stressful yeah yeah yeah same with me that’s not my mo
I mean even with the glitter bomb you get a lot of people like oh you should
put like paint in that or like acid I mean how do you see that’s extreme but
it’s like that’s just not what I want to do and even these people that do take it
like in general I don’t press charges like come to an understanding it’s like
alright well they got glitter and they have us pay off do you have have you had
people willing to sign an appearance release yes so if you see their faces
unblurred so in this one I actually sent some of the footage beforehand to Jimmy
and he’s like dude you need to give the facial expressions on these are so great
he’s like you can’t blur those so one of his producers called them up and worked
his magic and so my god so years ago there was a article I can’t remember
where it what publication it was in but it was by someone whose job was to get
appearance releases for cops and they said specifically never hard yeah it was
really not a hard part of the job because everyone looked at it as a
silver lining in a shit d situation right right so I go well at least I’ll
get on television and maybe maybe something good will happen from that look our president has shown that
there’s a little downside but they’re pretty diligent on TV I mean you guys
who did it too well we always I mean so where we where we ended up with the
difficulties was like like you our ethos on Mythbusters was never to make a fool
out of any right yeah which is why we never did an episode about dowsing which
is to hold a fork stick and look for water which is totally bullshit by the
way no one’s and dowsing never survived double-blind tests I don’t care if your
grandpa’s a dowser he’s he’s he’s not full of shit he probably totally
believes it and people may pick up visual cues from the landscape about
water but it’s not from the fork stick that being said right in order to do an
episode about dowsing I’d have to have a control I’d have to bring someone on
yeah they’d have to show them failing and I
make them a fool and that’s not a narrative of myth-busting I’m surprised
that never came up in Mythbusters in other ways so things like astrology
images things like we never so we never did things in which we’d have to prove a
negative yeah so we never did astrology or Bigfoot we did pyramid power and I
still regret it and I’m sorry about pyramid matter but yeah we looked for
things and at one point for one episode and I’ll be very circumspect about how I
described this for one episode we brought in a quote expert who showed up
and was so bad yeah we wanted to fire him but we were already pot committed
he’d spent so much of our budget getting him there and setting up for him right
that we ended up making him look even more amazing because that was the
narrative of our show yeah I will not name him that’s why you’re doing the
show you’re still doing YouTube stuff – yeah yeah where YouTube is still my
first love and I put it back on the TV thing like a lot because it’s like you
know you have people you have a channel that does well on YouTube you have TV
producers you come out of the woodwork yeah it’s honestly several one or two
emails a week where it’s like okay let’s take what you do on YouTube only let’s
put it on TV where I could make less money I fewer people will see it and I
won’t have creative control like where do I sign right so it’s like that’s
what’s amazing about going out with Kimmel that’s really really a terrific
collaboration I think they have a lot of deep know-how storytelling but also
dealing with networks yeah that’s right and also like you know I was able to get
executive producer but even with Jimmy like there’s been a few things already
that I’m like Jimmy I think it should be this way and he’s like yeah of course
and he’ll send an email and yeh verily it becomes that way right so having him
in my corner is someone like a champion and he gets it like that makes it a
little bit different so it’ll be exciting for me to just like see how it
works but again YouTube is my first love I plan on making my monthly videos still
just as much because I plan my now like I have all my videos for 2020 like
really planned out smokes yeah if you aren’t serious
very forward-thinking tomorrow I’m filming for my February 2021 video
that’s a little I’m going to JPL so yeah because their curiosity or the next
branches your first first love that’s right my first so so yeah I will film
that but yeah and I have all my videos planned out and so they’re in different
stages which is why I’m able hopefully to do some bigger stuff is you know it
just takes a long time for some of these builds and yeah yeah and the television
shows gonna absorb your life like a sponge yeah I know I know is he so sad
because I people keep promising that won’t be the case but they’re people who
are incentivized to tell me that and so I trust you more than I trust them it’s
good you’re going to have to you are the only one who’s gonna fight furless base
and you’re just gonna have to kind of find places to take it and actually also
build infrastructures to deal with it like I was a Elian Mythbusters tenure I
hired my first assistant and to be frank all the other mythbuster hosts making
for having an assistant but later they all had like you you definitely need
help with the infrastructure once you’re branching out yeah and like so exam that
what would they do like as an example they’d be able to do it like take care
of stuff that some of the more quotidian stuff that sucks up time then you don’t
have to do but like you know it’s not required that I screw 150 screws on this
thing they could do research for me on other stuff other projects keep things
burning got it along where my attention that’s the thing is that the show will
just it’s your time it definitely I think up but it’s also that mental
energy because every episode is this puzzle to solve yeah yeah yeah what do
you want to happen what’s possible what did you actually get right I’m terrified
I’m fully aware this is you Asian where it’s like I have no idea what if I if I
knew what I was siting myself up for I probably wouldn’t have done it but it’s
just like I need to do it oh I have such an important piece of the first
rough-cut yeah well make you want to cut yourself
I think you’ve been preparing me for that the
first rough-cut will unhinge you because you’ve made youtube video yeah that is a
genre that is yours yeah it is you’ve made them the way you wanted to make
them it’s been organic you’ve grown up doing that so that’s a specific thing in
each video you have a set of invisible algorithms that you hold it up to to see
this is right this show is a whole new beast yeah and it will be its own thing
but the first assembly cut is how you all figure out what it’s going to be and
thus it’s not going to be anything like it’s going to be kind of weird and miss
Plitt paste and there’s gonna be strange points in it and you’re gonna feel like
we have no idea what we’re doing I’m really glad you say it cuz honestly
that’s probably next time that’s my number one fear because I’ve done stuff
I did that thing with Shark Week like sweet or last year with Discovery
Channel and with the same raw footage they made a cut and I made my YouTube
video and I may get in trouble for saying this but when I watched like what
I did and what they did I’m just like that what they did feels like typical TV
yep like that’s what the redditors are trained for it’s good yeah that’s right
yeah you know they suspenseful they build up suspense at a moment that
wasn’t suspenseful and it felt artificial to me hmm
and I’m just like I’m terrified and I you know I’ve brought this up like I
need to have real control over the edit because I think that’s part of the
special sauce of like what I do with the channel like I want to be part of that
and I’m terrified it’s gonna come across as like not my brand and feel like
typical TV so the biggest advantage you have is that you self-produced all your
stuff right so that you understand your pace the character that you are a lot of
people showing up but for their first television show have none of that
groundwork and what that all means is when you have a problem with the Edit
you’re not just saying this is wrong you’re gonna be coming and going here’s
how we fix this yeah cuz I fixed this authenticity problem and countless
videos over the years here let me do a piece of voiceover we’ll shoot one more
stinger for this thing and then we’ll use this from the first cut and it’ll
make it say okay so you’ll be presenting the solutions along with the program as
opposed that just doesn’t feel right exactly
yeah I already prepared them for this I was like look I’m not gonna be I’m
really good at working with people I’m knocking
a micromanager but I probably spend a lot of time in the Edit Bay on the first
one and and Jimmy’s like do not apologize for that you need to feel
proud of this oh this is your thing so it’s like okay good
I mean honestly editing is the most fun part of the whole process oh really so
you spend time and I know I don’t but I love I I just I find the the the
watching it come together sure and then looking at that rough cut and figuring
out ways it can be fixed cuz like I think the very first you know early on
in savage builds we just took the first day of building and roughed it out to
kind of show discovery the way we were thinking about it and it was a great
test case because nothing happened in this assembly because it was like you
know four hours cut down to 20 minutes right but it had all these beats in it
that were indicative of how we wanted the show to go so we got to kind of
allow discovery to see where we were gonna go with the cinematic look there
are specific ways in which we wanted the narrative what’s the problem Suffolk
it’s your poem solving and pre-production tell me when you get it
you have a huge leg up in that you’ve already been a you’ve already you are a
problem solver in this round right you’re not brand new you’re not just
creating more problems you’re actually building right solutions but ya know
that’s good to hear because that is like one thing like I still edit all my own
videos which people think is crazy but it’s like that’s I like that that’s
I think that’s the fun part yeah and so it’s like you know I see this thing that
youtubers do sometimes this is like a little bit of a soapbox for me but it’s
like they had a little bit of success and they feel like oh well the script is
I need to scale up and I need to now hire an editor and someone behind the
camera and someone to write and and they need to make it bigger and bigger and
it’s like for what like what is your goal if that’s like really what you’re
going for then you could but it to me it’s the equivalent of like cranking up
the treadmill it’s exciting at first you get to do these things but at some point
the dopamine wears off and now you’re sprinting at this really fast pace and
like that’s the definition of burnout when you’re running really fast and
you’re not you’re putting all this input in and you’re not getting the same
output you were getting so I like very protective about like I have a really
small team like I just hired my first full-time person
like because I like this like I’m protecting that little flame of
creativity and people like oh you should write a book and do a podcast and go on
tour with respect I know you currently yeah three of those things yes but I’m
like I’m like no like a bus it’s like a hell yes it’s like a no for me and I
really just because I saw a family’s yeah well that’s so the four years since
I’ve been doing Mythbusters has been a very slow accretion of our core team
here which has grown very slowly right but the best part about that is the
collaboration right like the tested producer cameraman editor Joey family
and I like the there’s so many little beats of the way test videos get edited
that grew out of he and I just watching cuts and mingling right each of us
bringing ideas and all of us bring the ideas like yeah
watching that process is it great and it’s not just hiring a transactional
thing to do one thing for that’s right it’s the collaborate it’s very
collaborative yeah totally totally I’m very excited to see this show if there
is if you need look I’m at your disposal URI I know just not a guy who leaves
poop on the side of the road you’d like to add if you need a machine shop you
come on over go go oh right and you’re shooting this in the Bay Area yeah yeah
I’m what it’s summon the bay that’s right because I live up here like you
so yeah the lair where we got gonna come and ie8 and do that stuff will be up
here just to make it easier on me and then we’ll go across the country and
critically in one party record States our lawyers have already told us because
like there’s certain states that you need permission from bombarde yeah you
know otherwise it’s like a felony like it’s real it’s real crime yeah I mean I
don’t want to go to too many details I will say this year for the glitter bomb
I’ll order it up pretty hard and got like several advice from like to know
like if I’m crossing lines and I mean everything we did even subtle things
were like was like by the book so there’s ways to do it you know what’s
funny though about lawyers yeah is that you start out a thing like from the
abstract you’re like well we’ll just figure out what the rules are and the
answer is there aren’t any specific rules it’s more like what
is the safest path or sucess market will bear that someone will then you are
protected that’s right it’s managing risk right but even giving someone to
tell you like the right percentages on risk risky right totally because it’s a
need lawyers incentive is misaligned incentives they’re just gonna say like
no to everything you know someone said this to me at the beginning of my
divorce fifteen eighteen years ago they said looked a problem about bringing
lawyers into it they have to be brought in but lawyers operate within an
adversarial system yeah that is it’s not that they want to do that that’s just
how it works and so it’s like this and so it’s really hard to shift that
perspective and like the more adversarial they are like the longer it
drags on the more they get paid like so on Mythbusters the legal team at beyond
productions would sit and watch every single episode like all six lawyers from
beyond and they would look for any product names that were spot able within
that they’d have to go then and blur like high-fiving each other for spotting
products off-camera I showed you one of my favorite techniques for obscuring a
look I’m totally easy what’d you say about Europe we’re projects for less
this year I mean it’s a still blowing my mind that you have 20/20 all sort of
like how did you not just get that point but let’s say a year ago when you’re
thinking about 2020 like did you look back and say these are
my dream projects and yeah so I’ve been making videos for since 2011 so like
nine years and at first there was always the fear that you’re gonna run out of
ideas right but what I found is that’s like you always have or like I always
have six months to a year z’ worth of ideas like in a notebook that you’re
only staying in front of so yeah it’s just I wish I could if it’s like
off-camera I’ll rattle off two people ever all
twelve videos on camera there’s a sense or it’s like I worry about this a little
bit less now than I did when the channel smaller like someone’s gonna you know
scoop they say oh yeah yeah yeah especially as the ideas get bigger more
complex I’m more I’ll say one cuz I’m pretty confident well they want to see
the the mark Rober implementation of an idea yeah but also you lose if you’re
not the first to do it it’s harder to move it’s very funny traveling around
the country with Michael Stevens because the number of I mean obviously the over
25 set was my crowd in the under 25 so I wasn’t very specific lit but the there
was a clear feeling from all the teenagers that loved Michael Stevens
that they all thought he had a super easy job they’re all like man he’s just
not doing any work and Michael like in his Q&A would be like man I’m just like
you I just work a lot harder say it that arrogantly I don’t want to put words in
his mouth but I’ve met few people who work as hard as Michael steve-o and
that’s the thing now they do like polls for kids in school and it’s like what do
you want to be when you grow up and it’s like now youtuber is above astronaut
what it’s like and I to me I want to get like not in China though I want to get
self-righteous and judge that but then I’m like wait hold up I quit my dream
job at NASA to make literally the embodiment of that pull that gets
everyone pissed off that’s hilarious so one video I’ll tell
you this is likely my March video is I’m making a robot that will set up a
roomful of dominoes so like a gym full of dominoes so you you Yuri that’s all
you turn off the lights you come back in the morning and it’s like the gym is so
a Roomba that yes Domino and my first thought was Roomba too and this is why
this has been an ID on my bucket list for like two or three years and I’ve
tried to go at this like several times the problem with the Roomba and I want
to give too much away but it doesn’t scale right right we can put hundreds of
pounds of shit into it and we keep going back and get it back it just does not
slow down which are really difficult engineering challenges very difficult
rive weighing 150 pounds and then drive weighing a hundred pounds less than that
less than that and the precision you need and like loading it like how do you
load it that’s a huge problem in and of itself
you know numberphile Matt Parker was here and he’ll be back again in January
he’s talking about flipping a coin 10,000
times which he did to his family’s great consternation one week but we were
talking about building a machine that could flip a coin a hundred thousand
times and I spent several days diagramming it out only to conclude this
is a gigantic problem this is really hard to solve something that could yeah
flip a coin and then read its value and then recirculate and flip that coin
again just that is that’s interesting you’d almost want to do it like is it
cheating to have it like colored so like optically you could say hey that’s red
that’s not at all but that’s a great idea yeah because then because otherwise
it’s harder to read the difference but then where do you go get it and how do
you write like every second you lose in the flip I’m understanding now more the
circulation has to happen quickly a coin has to be gotten to it you could
probably do a same coin it doesn’t okay you could probably do it with multiple
coins but that doesn’t it yeah so it’s same issue here it’s the scale of it and
like even I’m guilty of is what you told me that I was like I could know so
here’s the one more wrinkle is that when Matt did it he wanted to find out how
often it did heads or tails and at 10,000 flips a British pound coin which
is my favorite coin actually landed on its edge 14 times out of ten thousand
flips so he’s flipping it white onto a table or something
I think that’s what landed on it’s much more annoying or team catching so the
Machine I built what I would build would have to be able to accommodate that we
try it with a nickel and see if a nickel lands on its edge it’s gonna be less
than 14 out of 10,000 yeah but we still have to accommodate for it why so I love
this idea what was it what was the point of him doing this thing just to show
empirically that I do show empirically the the split but also to see how to
look at literally edge cases when it yeah so that’s that’s the thing with
this one so I built a one build it was like a dart board that gets a bull’s-eye
every time uses like a vikon motion capture system tracks the dart board
moves in like it’s 400 milliseconds and up to this point that I’ve been like my
most complex build but honestly that amazingly even though
seems I think more complex to people this domino thing is several times like
up to an order magnitude more complex because of the scale and that’s the
challenge I need to figure out for the YouTube yeah yeah yeah because they have
a little like fisher-price toy so you’d be like twenty dollars in row and
sometimes you’re like pre sensitive to comments oh no you’re like I have this
toy when I was like ten you’re already mad at a guy sometimes they have that
sensitivities because you know how to like frame the video to get ahead of
that right the obvious kind of yeah so I now I’m sort of having this fantasy I’m
picturing you at a cocktail party with a bunch of older adults
yeah and I’m saying what do you do yeah and you saying I’m a youtuber and
they’re thinking oh that’s really cute young man yeah what are you gonna do for
a real job and then I imagined I picture in my head you telling them what you
make from YouTube videos and watching their jaws hit the ground yeah it’s I
don’t go to that no of course yeah of course they were like swing our dicks
around you’re absolutely right like it’s such an issue
you get pat on the head by adults but yeah nothing you’re not an adult no no
no no no no you’re a hundred this is such a true thing and this is like
almost one of the reasons for doing TV sadly it’s cuz when you say like oh yeah
my youtubers you’re like oh that’s adorable my grandson has a YouTube
channel and there’s no non douchey way to defend yourself in that position
because you’re like no no no it’s like different I get bored like there’s just
nothing you grow your a steam communicator yeah I think like yeah
generally if like someone asked me on an airplane I’ll just be like I do some
science communication yeah like I won’t even
I mean sometimes if it gets into it I’ll say it but like it’s such a complicated
thing to explain without sounding lame and it’s a very it’s a it’s a unless
you’re talking to someone but conversational trees that grow out of
just the yeah but that’s actually come back to once I’d said that to do it on a
plane who’s sitting next to me and it’s like I feel like they’re obligated to
ask me a follow-up question if I say like oh I make youtube videos so I was
like oh I just do like some science stuff and
was it and then like a couple people came up and it seen me on the flight or
like after that he’s like maybe I am early in mythbusters’ I was asked to be
Captain Nemo for the Coney Island Mermaid Parade which is how they opened
the beach at Far Rockaway every year in New York City and Patti d’Arbanville of
sweet lady d’Arbanville Fame Cat Stevens song and she was on but it was the Denis
Leary firefighting show it’s not burned me it’s rescue me rescue rescue me
anyway Patti d’Arbanville sitting in this rickshaw with me being dragged
through New York as part of the Mermaid Parade and when people keep coming up to
me at a certain point and this is like set third season of Mythbusters she was
like what the hell is that show again you know I care so I’m a soup you were
on Kimmel recently mm-hmm yep like two or three weeks ago yeah what did you do
on the show we announced so this is my first time being on the couch that was
fun it was it’s a lot less work it turns out to be you never get to sit on the
couch yeah so normally the times I’ve been on before I have like a bit you
know I always he has to go cook something you don’t get to sit on the
couch so this was like part of it was I’d wanted to come on earlier to do team
tree stuff you know we’ve done the tenth trees to talk about it so part of it he
I got to talk partly about team trees because that was right as we just
crossed the finish line and then we also got to talk about the show and I would
say plus glitter bomb so it’s like those three things we kind of hit that’s
exception it was really fun it was cool I I have only been on Kimmel show once
he slapped me in the face oh really yeah we were doing a slo-mo
shot of him smacking me in the face very funny bit where we’re getting ready to
go in the rehearsal and we’re chatting about the White House press
Correspondents Dinner because the year he hosted it was the year I got to
actually go and we chatted about that for a second
and then we’re like just a word now the show’s going is you know it’s like a
freight chain so now the show’s going to Willis out Jamie does this thing and
then it’s time for Jimmy to smack me and you can see it dawn on his face that
he’s actually about to like a semi and very sweetly Jimmy goes I’m sorry that’s
cool man he’s like here we go he really laid into it I mean not as hard as Jamie
smack was much harder that’s amazing yeah he is uh he’s exactly as average
like I don’t know you you have experience meeting people like that a
lot more than I do and I’m sure some are like as advertised
and some are like oh yeah he’s kind of a jerk it’s a mixed bag Jimmy though he’s
like the real I give exactly what you thing up to his office and stuff he
knows all the security guards he’s physical he’s talking about their
families he’s he’s just like the real deal but the thing I liked was the White
House press Correspondence Center is totally surreal it’s totally bizarre the
number of weird famous people from all these different avenues of the world and
so when I said to him you know I was there when you hosted it he was like oh
cool and then you could see him think about it and he goes wasn’t it weird it’s totally weird yeah I took a picture
with Rick Santorum and yeah yeah I didn’t recognize him at first but as in
person Rick Santorum’s handsome oh really
I didn’t expect that but Christmas Christmas we took a picture and his kids
and his parent Lee his kids were obsessed with Mythbusters which is like
I can disagree with this politics but that’s not that’s not bad guys kids
watch the show and then just before the picture I told him I was diametrically
opposed to everything he stood and he went great and we took a picture that’s
amazing so you’re just starting pre-production now mm-hmm so you’re
starting to outline what you want to do yeah exactly yeah yeah think about the
possible are you are you are there items on your bucket list that you never
thought you’d have the budget to do that you’re now getting to explore
yeah there’s like and again I’m probably needing a lot of
trouble for this but there’s there’s like one of the things is we’re gonna do
like I’m gonna kind of be like Ashton Kutcher and Punk’d where he’s like yeah
we’re gonna have like a Winnebago of sweet justice where it’ll kind of follow
us wherever the prank is gonna be it’ll be there and it’s we’re gonna we’re
gonna make it look like the Winnebago from Spaceballs like really rundown when
you go inside it’s gonna be like super pimped out and super rad you know
astronaut chairs and a wall of TVs and like licorice dispensers from the roof
you push a button and like a Reese’s Pieces catapult puts it right in my
mouth like that’s kind of like I that’s I wouldn’t get to do that it’s almost
like a set it’s almost something like that and I’m gonna work with like
production or what do you call the people who like to set designers and
what like storyboard stuff so that’s gonna be like fun that’s fabulous I mean
cool I think is such an extension of what you do anyway like I wouldn’t this
be cool if then yeah totally and on my youtube channel I probably wouldn’t like
go to that extreme or I tend to not like think so big so this will just be a fun
experience for me to like see what it’s like when you have like a team at your
disposal and really really good creative people to like help you and collaborate
with like that’s the part I’m pretty excited about I’ll bet ya even though I
won’t be sleeping for six months like just be like living off redbull yeah
it’s definitely a monk’s existence and advice yes please the moment you
finished shooting that’s also why the first rough-cut usually unhinges you
because you’re either in the mid production or you just wrapped and your
brain is kind of spongy right um that like months after production give
yourself a lot of leeway oh just like to decompress I guess after the firehose of
production um when I finished Mythbusters Patrick Brewster told me
that I was gonna become unhinged she was like I was on the show for six
years and when I stopped like the whole world changed and I wasn’t ready for her
and so this is one production cycle but still at the end of it you’re gonna be
like so like plan a trip away somewhere give
yourself some time off but for Mythbusters then was it like how many
months were you on and then off it was non-stop
I said what is three months on two weeks off three months on two weeks off for 14
years Wow and like what sassy of the you know how much is how many months is the
season like six months no discovery doesn’t air seasons like 20 episodes of
blah blah blah then one as many as they can get nicely more is better but like
we just shot oh basically that was the most we could shoot three week three
months on two weeks off was what Jamie and I could do without dying right and
we built the show around that we made as many episodes as we could per year on
that scho shooting about 42 weeks a year that’s crazy that’s crazy okay okay in
our defense we kept bankers hours we were home by 6 o’clock it oh really guys
how did that’s how that’s how I survived it’s a long term true freight train cuz
you filmed it up here in the Bay Area commute was 10 minutes for both of us oh
that’s great and so that’s what made it st. yeah because it wasn’t 60 weeks
it wasn’t 15 hour days it was it was reasonable right um you know that was
based on all sorts of different factors yeah I kind of sculpted and adjusted and
we had the luxury of a show that like had great ratings for over a decade yeah
there’s a lot of room to perfect the model can I just say by the way and I
know you hear this all the time and so it like stops moving the needle but yeah
that show is certainly what I what I the point I want to drive home is like you
inspired so many people myself included like a lot of what I do is kind of has a
Mythbusters angle to it and what I think is so interesting is like you’re not
like what you did there wasn’t just inspiring people like one to one but now
I’m turning around and I’m inspiring like the next generation right so it’s
like this concept of like you never know like to me like success the definition
success to me is like what is your what’s the net Delta of like how much
the bet the world is better because of your influence right and there’s people
who are really rich who buy the world’s evidence are successful but they’re like
by my definition AB hey oh my god no I’ve been totally
there’s a few in potentially in high positions of power I mean it you know I
don’t know you’re reminding me of the guy I met at Ted who has like a 5,000
square-foot shop just to himself because he cashed out of like a dot-com thing
and made millions and has five thousand square feet of tools that he doesn’t
know how to use and almost never uses and it made me enraged to hear that
that’s a long way of saying like I think what you’ve done is really cool you’ll
never really know the true impact but like it could go on for generations and
like hundreds of years it always moves the needle you never when you’re doing
your thing at your best you’re not thinking about how it will land you’re
thinking about the story you want to tell and the structure of that but
you’re never trying to like get it elicits a specific response out of
people when you’ve got a really good one as you know for yourself then every
single time someone tells you that it it moved the needle for them it’s powerful
and it’s it’s humbling yeah yeah so thank you okay you’re on I love what you
do and I love the way you do it I’m super freakin excited about this show
and seriously if there’s any way I can help okay either with advice or material
support okay we’re awesome excellent yeah I think people who violate social
norms beware request okay dudes who talk on their cell phones in public and women
do it too but really it’s so much more dudes especially here in the Mission
District can we workshop it real quick yeah so what do you think so
so people who talk is this like on a subway is this walking down the street
the a few weeks ago at my local coffee shop ritual mmm there’s a guy literally
you know how you’re on the phone you’re on your headphones and you’re walking
around your apartment yeah doing that yeah this guy was doing that in a coffee
shop talking at this volume in a coffee shop going I don’t know ii funding
around right now word if they don’t come to the table with more money in a bubble
so like i would want so i love the idea of people actually taking down people’s
personal information and then calling them oh ok so i but that’s also kind of
unhinged my friend a friend of mine was behind a real douchebag
at a at the inglourious basterds movie screening with tarantino here in the
city and he’s behind this guy and he was watching this guy I’m sorry I’m gonna
derail this first that’s mine he’s watching this guy chat with his friend
but constantly tweeting on Twitter and my friend started following him on
Twitter and saw that what he was doing was every time someone had a good joke
he would read it as his own no watching him do this so my friend like at a
certain point was able to figure out cuz the guy was super insecure not insecure
his security protocols were terrible right so at one point he gave out his
phone number and so my friend wrote it down and a week later the guy said I’d
like a Starbucks and he tweeted about being in Starbucks and I’m like working
on my screenplay and my friend was like fuck that guy so he called that
Starbucks yeah and he was like hey is so-and-so there I’m looking for a friend
of mine he’s on the laptop he’s probably wearing this baseball cap and they went
and got him and he came over to the phone he’s like hello and my friend went
is this so nice yes you’re a douchebag so that’s more extreme and I think we
should get what if you what if you could beam their own conversation back to them
later I’ve seen people who do you like to the
the mind people or they hang around people who are loud on their phones and
their YouTube videos this and then they they engage like they’re on their phone
too and they they respond to them as if they’re having a conversation oh that’s
funny right next to him right next to them and so like you see them realize
over time like that’s wait are you talking to me and look yeah that’s good
that ya back I probably wasn’t on the phone he’s restarting like flex why go
yeah let’s close the deal for a milli is totally airplanes – yeah yeah so would
be kind of great if after they’re called they’re listening and it sounds like
music or radio but then it’s actually their own conversation being played back
to them yeah that’s good you could do like maybe a speech jammer going back to
more I have you seen those pranks which I think are hilarious where maybe you
follow this guy and where he’s at later you like yeah yeah I’ll fight you yeah
yeah yeah I’m down at third and fourth I’m wearing a red shirt and a white hat
yeah bring it just and that’s what the other guys wearing
that’s really ballet but you could also so you can’t build at you can’t use
active jammers in the United States oh really
no speech jammer speech Nevers you can’t use an active radio subscriber and the
United States the FCC knows but a passive radio jammer
so suppose someone’s out in public talking on the phone and you get like
people moving basically maybe they basically bring screens near him and sounds like it like yeah I’m sure our
comments will be filled with suggestions yeah yeah yeah yeah other violations of
such norms and we’ll take them I think we’re actually gonna put out like we
have a bunch that we’re doing but I think that’s the beauty of this is it
this resonates with so many people kind of like with Mythbusters like what myths
would you want it you guys would put that call-out right so this is the same
like from Twitter what what uh what bothers you the most and let me get like
the vigilante justice for you we will include links to all your social favors
in the comments below so people can go and tag you alright mark yeah this I
know you don’t need anything more on your plate but I’m just gonna say we got
to build something together okay all right so 2020 time let’s build something
together deal awesome official okay you heard it here first yeah see his next
week nice


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