MANIFEST MONEY 24 HOURS OR LESS | Real Results (Manifesting Money Law of Attraction)
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MANIFEST MONEY 24 HOURS OR LESS | Real Results (Manifesting Money Law of Attraction)

Hello Friends, welcome
back to this channel. My name is Christa Bello and this is
how to manifest money into your life instantly. You May be you’re in a situation right now
that we can call rock bottom that you desperately desiring some money
coming to your life and that is okay. That is the intention of this video
because I’ve been there severally. That I will almost be reaching my rock
bottom money level that’s be like, Ooh, and money will always show up and that
is what I’m going to share with you and in fact beyond that I’m not a fan of
just manifesting money here and there, here and there, tomorrow you’re
broke, next tomorrow you having money. I’m a fan of consistent
money manifestation like you
becoming consistent money attractor and if that is
what you are interested in, let’s just go right into it right
now. First, before we go forward. I want to share with you some resent
experiences that I have with manifesting money into my life. There were these two coaches that
i really wanted to work with. You know that I’m a fan of
investing heavily into myself, especially since i quit
nursing and quit engineering. Those career paths were not serving me, they were not aligned with my purpose
and I finally went on the path of my purpose, I have been investing massively into my
life cause I know that that is the only way I can get ahead of my purpose. I can beat all the time I’ve wasted
going in the wrong direction. And mean while I don’t really care
when I want to invest into coaches. If I have the money, I just go
right into it and invest the money. In this situation. There were these two
coaches I wanted to have in that month. They are implementing some things in
their businesses that I had wanted to learn, but this particular month happened to be
the month that I’ve spent so much in my business. That the only option I had was to wait
to the next month when financial status can like be more buoyant. Anyway, I wanted to really work with these
coaches this particular month and I said, okay, if my bank account is not telling me that
I can go ahead right now I can engage with my money manifestation technique
and that is the same thing I’m going to teach you in this video. That particular
month I manifested these two coaches. The other one we are in the
same mastermind together
where we pay every month to be in this mastermind and I was just on
Facebook that day and she just posted to the group like, Oh she’s looking for four better clients
and if you’re interested let me know and I will see if you qualify. I was just on the Facebook when she
posted that and at the same second she posted was when I saw
I’m like wow, why not? I’ve been looking forward to work with
you. I just send her a message that, Yes, I’m in and she said she will check with
me to see if I’m qualified to work with her and then she check she is like whoa, we were great match to work together
and that is how I work with the first client the same month and that saved
me not less than $2,500 US Dollars. And for the second coach,
when he post on Instagram, I will like the post if I like the post. So this particular time he posted one
quote and I really liked the quote. I just clicked like and immediately
after he just went into my inbox and say, hi Christa, how are you?
We’ve never talked before. He has never had any personal encounter
with me. In fact, he doesn’t know me, but I’ve been following him for two years
just following him and also watching his YouTube and it just scrolled into
my inbox. and he is like, how are you? And we were chatting and he said,
have you heard about, my course, he mentioned the name and I said, yeah, I know your course of course and he’s
like, will you like to have it. I say, Oh yes. And he said okay. How about you
pay this amount instead of this amount? I’m like, really? In summary. That is how the manifesting of these two
coaches saved me not less than $3,500 U.S Dollar. So what I would have invested $5,000
U.S Dollars minimum ended up investing $1,500 US Dollars even less than that
because that was in Canadian now. So you can see how money
can come into your life. Without necessarily even coming
the form of money. So in that case, I manifested $3,500 U.S dollars
and you too can do the same thing. And if you want to do the same thing
and not just even manifesting money from here and there, but consistent money
manifestation, let’s go into it. And the first thing that you want to do
is to know the amounts that you want. How much do you desire? I know that you
have many things you need money for now, but what is priority and
the summary of all of it? What do you need the money
for? How much? And by when? Because that was what I intention and
normally said I needed 5,000 I needed it this month and I needed it for my
personal development to learn these skills from this coaches, from this
courses that I didn’t have. I needed to get it so you want to be clear
how much you need by when and what is it for the moment it’s clear to
you and then cast your intention. I would go into that,
So how much you desire, what you’re using it for
and by when has to be clear. The next level is to rewire
your money self-image. After you’ve known how much you need, what you need it for and by
when you want it manifested, I want you to right now start
wiring your money self-image. You want to rewire your money
self-image from that of Broke, Por into that of abundance especially
for those who were born in a very poor environment or average environment. You don’t know how much work you need
to do with your money. self-image. Our current money level is a reflection
of the money self-image that we carry. Have you observed that you’ve not been
able to really go past on a very high scale the income you’ve been
having for many years back? So if that is your case, you really need to rewire your money
self-image from that of broke poor to that of abundance and wealth and how you do
this is to intentionally see yourself. as a consistent money manifestor. You don’t want to be earning money that
is from hand to pocket and like the money, you run out of the money every month and
you have to wait for the next payment you want to turn your identity into that
of consistent money manifestor and if you’re interested in doing that, that is why I’ve written this ebook
called how to manifest money consistently and that is why I did this particular
ebook. I put my soul, energy, passion, skills that I have
to create this ebook for you, for you to learn how to manifest
more financial income consistently. The main purpose for writing this ebook
is to help those who think that they cannot make money by following their
purpose, following their passion. Because I was in this same
category when I was a nurse, I was afraid to follow my purpose because
I didn’t know how I’m going to earn money be paid for what I was going to
do with my purpose. I didn’t know that, until I had to learn that to
know how to monetise your skills, how to learn it from different
coaches, different mentors, and I’ve put some of my skills, in fact
immense experiences into this ebook. So if you want to learn how to manifest
money consistently while living your highest purpose, download this ebook,
it will be a game changer for you. The nest thing you want to do to manifest
money immediately into your life is to redefine your current money reality. I know that you’re currently needing money
desiring more money and it looks like you are broke but is that your chosen
reality is that what you believe your reality is. Don’t forget your
reality is your manifestation. So instead of seeing it as if Ooh!
You are broke. Ooh! You are poor. See it as this is an opportunity for
you to know what you don’t want in your life. See it as, wow, this is an opportunity for me to know
what I don’t want in order to create was your desire. See it as an opportunity
for you to be driven by pain, for you to go into your game. Cause sometimes when we are in a very
broad situation is when we know what we don’t want is when we are like, Oh my God, I don’t want to be earning this amount
of money, I want this abundance, I want this wealth. I
want this prosperity. So that is what is happening
to you right now. In fact, if you are watching this video, it shows that you desperately don’t want
that kind of situation and that is the mentality you want to carry it. This
is showing you what you don’t want. What you shouldn’t settle for. Make sure your decisions
are not based on emotions. Let your decisions be based on where
you’re going and using your pain right now to fuel you. A video I did right here, buttresses more on how to
redefine your money reality. The video talks about what you
should do when you don’t have money. It goes deep. The next thing you want to do to manifest
money instantly into your life is to place your money order. You
know the amounts you want. You already know money is an energy. You have already defined your-self image
around money that you’re not a poor, broke person, your
consistent money manifestor. You’ve already also redefined your
current money reality that this is not you being broke. This is
not you’ve being poor. This is you knowing what you don’t want
so that you can go into what you want. Now the next stage is to place your money
order. How is That done? Is by asking. Ask the universe what you
want. Ask yourself what you
want speak it to yourself. I am a consistent money
manifestor. This month, I manifest this much into my life. You keeps saying it without any
emotional fearful attachment to it. Say it for fun. The best thing that has helped me in
manifesting my desires in life is to practising all these things I’m
telling you in a very fun-full way. So you place the order by declaring what
you want and asking how you can get it and then declaring that you
get it. That is a trick. The next thing to do to manifest your
money immediately is to believe that it is already manifested. You all know
that the moment you place the order, like I’ve said in several videos, it
happens immediately in the spirit. Like Bob Proctor said, everything in life is created twice first
in the mind and then in the physical and when we create something in the mind, it’s like when you cast the intention
and the moment you cast intention, you place the order,
you know what you want. It’s manifest immediately in the spirit
because your word is that powerful. So know that is already manifested
and then maintain the faith that it is already manifested until it manifest in
the physical. Everything we use in life. Everything in this house
was first conceived in the
might of some people before they start to take actions believing that
they can have it and then it happened. Now we just buy it. We don’t have to
go through the process of thinking, creating computer we just
buy. For your dream life, you have to be the ones to go through
the creating point in your mind, so you are the creator. Next way to manifest your money right
now into your life is to not cancel the money order. This is probably the biggest reason
why many of us fail at manifesting our desires, that including money,
relationship or whatever, and that is because we place the order, ask what we want and then we
cancel the order by doubts, fears. We say we want this Much in our
life, we desire this relationship, we desire this money and then the next
we are like, I doubt if this will happen, maybe it will never happen. Then we
start crying, we start having fear, self doubt. That is you
canceling the order you placed. The law of attraction of faith
does not care what you are saying. Whatever you believe is what
we manifest into your life. So whatever order you placed, if you are
now placing, the order of doubts, fear, limiting belief, anxiety. That is why you keep on manifesting
because as a man thinketh, so he is. So whatever you keep thinking
is what you keep on manifesting. So make sure you keep thinking
the order, placing the order, maintaining the faith of the order that
you’ve declared that you’ve placed and make sure you do not cancel
the order on this side. Make sure you only
maintain faith to declare, you maintain faith to deliver your
order by gratitude, by visualization, meditation, prayers, declaring,
speaking, imagining, talking, anything you can do to make sure
that your order is maintained. Faith to maintain it is important. Don’t
cancel the order. Beware of self doubt. Beware of fears that cancel the
order, maintain faith, faith, faith and your money is
on it’s way. And lastly, I want you to know when your
money is coming your way, what are you going to
maintain? Faith or doubts? I bet you would choose faith because
your money is manifesting right now. The money you need for your life more
than that is manifesting into your life and don’t forget, don’t stay in the
level of manifesting money today, being broke tomorrow,
manifesting money next tomorrow. Going to the level of being a
consistent money manifestor, a consistent money attractor, in
fact, write in the comment below. I am a consistent money
attractor and how to become that, download that ebook which is manifest
financial income consistently while living your highest purpose. Download the ebook now and you be on your
way to living your highest purpose and making high income at the same
time. Thank you my friend. Don’t forget this is an abundance
nation and we share what We learn, we share what is good to others.
We are not living in cast city, we live in abundance.
So we share this value, we share this video to other
people who might not have it. Share this video friends, guys and subscribe hit the notification
button and look forward to the next video. This month we are going into
streaming to you three videos every week. I hope you’re excited about it
because I am excited about that. I love you guys so much. Hit me in Instagram and let’s
keep the conversation going. Love you guys and have a wonderful time.


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