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The year is wrapping up and a lot of people
are talking about goal setting and what you want to achieve in 2020. But before we even get there, I wanted to
touch on something that you found really interesting and I was kind of surprised by. I had never talked about the law of attraction
or manifestation publicly really, but I did a video on it recently and I talked about
how I manifested $1 million and meeting Oprah and Tony Robbins and Marine Forleo and all
these crazy things that have happened, because I use the law of attraction and I’m a big
believer in the law of attraction. And I know that you might be thinking it’s
a little woo woo, it’s a little hippy dippy, but I believe it to be true because it works. And so I wanted to make a followup video because
the amount of DMs and questions and comments I got from that video has been so overwhelming. And a lot of you are asking me, “Where do
I even start with the law of attraction? Or I’m really interested in it. How do I start manifesting what I really want?” And here’s what I wanted to talk about first. The law is already working for you. So the law of attraction works, even if you’re
not trying to work it. And you might be thinking, “Well, I don’t
have my dream job or my dream car yet, so it’s not working.” And that’s not what I mean. It actually means that good or bad, the law
of attraction is constantly working for you. So whatever energy and vibration you’re putting
out there, is what you’re going to be attracting, good or bad. So the first thing to understand about the
law of attraction is that it’s always working. So if you’re excited to dive deeper into this
topic with me today and how the law of attraction really works and how to manifest anything
you really want, give this video a like hit the subscribe button. Do it already, really it’s quite rude if you’re
here and haven’t subscribed. Make sure you subscribe and hit the bell to
get notified every single time I post a new video. So, first thing is the law of attraction is
always at work, good or bad. It’s more so up to you and what you’re putting
out into the world, that’s what you’re going to attract. If you’re putting out negativity and bad vibes,
then you’re going to get that right back. It’s like a boomerang effect. And what’s really interesting is there was
actually a study done in 2017 that said you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals
and the people in this study were 42% more likely to achieve their goals when they wrote
the goals down over and over again. And they did it on a regular basis. So that’s a big thing that I wanted to talk
about in this video is that, the law of attraction isn’t just about thinking about what you want. It’s also about taking action. And a small action that you can take on a
daily basis is to write down what you want. And that’s a simple thing that’s going to,
based on this study done a couple of years ago by a psychologist in California, make
it 42% more likely that you’re going to achieve it. And the other thing that you need to understand
is that the subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between reality and what you
want to manifest and attract. So often times when I’m writing down what
I want to attract in my life, I will include things that have and haven’t happened yet. So I’ll say things like, “I’m so grateful
for my health and I’m also so grateful for the home that we’ve got right on the water
in Vancouver.” We don’t have that home yet, but I know it’s
going to happen. So I write it down as if it’s already true,
because that’s another big part of it. So you have to think it, act on it, and believe
that it’s already true and already done in order for something to actually manifest into
reality. That’s really how the law of attraction is
going to fast track and really start working for you in your life. So you have to think it, believe it, see it,
act it, do it as if it’s already true and as if it’s already done. So maybe you’re in a really crappy place in
your life right now, but you need to act on a vibration that is higher, more positive,
and change your outlook and perspective in order to actually achieve great things and
attract good things into your life, because if you’re on a low vibration, the universe,
whatever you want to call it, feels that and what it’s going to serve back to you is crap. And you’re going to get in fights with people
more often, you’re going to attract crappy opportunities, you’re going to create more
friction with people in your life. Whereas when you are in flow and the law of
attraction is really working for you, you’re going to feel like things start to come to
you really easily. And the only way to be in that space is to
be open and to be in a really good, healthy, positive mind frame. So let’s talk about more how you can manifest
that and start acting on that in your own life to start making sure the law of attraction
works for you. So the really simple way to understand this
is that everything in the world has a vibration. Human, nonhuman, doesn’t matter. Everything has a vibration. And you’ll notice that when you’re having
a really good day or when you’re in a really good mood, things just seem a little bit easier. And that’s a perfect example of the law of
attraction at work. So if you’re having a bad day and one thing
goes wrong, does it oftentimes feel like everything’s going wrong? That means that you’re in a negative vibration
or a low vibration and you’re only attracting other low frequencies, people, opportunities,
conversations, etc. So good mood, good head space equals good
opportunity and attracting the right things and being more in flow in your life. That’s just a really simple thing to understand. So getting yourself in a positive head space
right off the bat is so important. That’s where having a gratitude journal in
the morning is vital because if you’re grateful, as soon as you wake up, you put yourself into
a good receiving head space to receive the things that you really want. You’re basically a magnet for whatever it
is that you’re putting out there. So simply put, the law of attraction is basically
a magnet for whatever it is that you’re focusing on. So if you’re focusing on bad things, you’re
going to get more bad things. If you’re focusing on good things, you’re
going to get more good things. So the key to making the law of attraction
work for you is really twofold. The first thing is, you have to know what
you want. If you’re feeling kind of lost and you’re
like, “I don’t even know what I want manifested in my life,” start with something small. Start with things like, “I am healthy, I am
fit. I am working out once a week.” If you’re not doing that right now, write
it down, put it in your schedule, and that is the law of attraction because you’re saying
the things that you really want to feel and you’re taking the action to do them. So start with small things. You don’t have to start with these big audacious
goals, but you have to get clear on what you want. If the universe is unclear on what you want
or what you want to attract, you’re not going to get it because you’re sending mixed messages. And you also have to understand that the universe
doesn’t hear negative. So if you say something like, “I don’t want
to be late,” you’re going to be late because it only hears “I want to be late.” It doesn’t hear, “I don’t want to be late.” So really be conscious of your thoughts and
the things that you’re putting out there. If you’re constantly saying, “I’m broke,”
guess what? That’s what the universe is going to hear
and it’s going to serve it back to you. So you have to put yourself in a head space
of what you want and what you want to be achieving in your life and putting it out there constantly
in order for the university to serve it back to you. So getting clear on what you want and by just
writing some things down, that’s a great way to gain that clarity. And just checking in with yourself is a great
way to get in some clarity. Also, anywhere in your life where you feel
a little bit of jealousy or envy, that’s a pretty good clue that that thing is probably
something that you really want, but you’re scared to say out loud. So start writing it down. Start playing around with those ideas and
thoughts because those could be the things that you really are after in this life, but
you’re just afraid to go after them. And the second part of this is, once you know
what you want, you need to believe that it is already true and act on it as already true. I gave an example in my last video that before
I even had a car, I would go to really nice dealerships and I would test drive cars just
to know what it felt like because I was like, “I want to act and believe that this is already
true and happening for me.” And then I got the car that I really, really
wanted a couple of years later. So it doesn’t always work overnight. Manifestation doesn’t always happen overnight,
but it really is simple when you break it down. Thoughts become things and the more that you
think about good things and you’re in a good head space, the more great things you’re going
to attract into your life. And it’s simply is just being more conscious
of how you’re showing up, when you wake up, when you get up out of bed in the morning,
and you can probably see the law of attraction at work, most prevalent in your relationships. If you’re getting up in the morning and you’re
not even saying hello to your partner or your boyfriend, or you’re in a really crappy mood
the moment you get out of bed, your partner is probably not in the best mood either and
probably doesn’t even really want to be around you. So that right there is the law of attraction
at work. What you’re putting out, you’re getting back. So being really conscious of your state and
how you’re showing up in the world is the first place to start with the law of attraction. But the really simple way to understand this
is, the thoughts that you think become the things that become reality in your real life. And in order to manifest what you really,
really want, you have to believe it, you have to see it, you have to act on it, and you
have to think about it and write it down. You’re 42% more likely to achieve what you
want when you write it down. So the best place to start is, one of the
biggest questions I got asked is, where do I even start with this? The best place to start understanding the
law of attraction and where I really into it was I actually read the book The Secret,
which is probably one of the most popular books on the topic. So I can link to that below in the description. And then there’s also a movie called The Secret,
so you can watch that too. You’ll be astonished when you watch it, the
power of your thoughts and how you are creating your own reality right now with your thoughts. And that’s why it’s so important to be so
conscious and aware of the things that you’re thinking. So that’s my little breakdown of what it really
means and how you manifest whatever you want because it is possible. If you watch this video, it’s crazy the things
that I manifested in my life and it all starts up here. And you can look at it in your daily life
and especially as an entrepreneur, if you are an entrepreneur, all of the things that
you create in your business didn’t exist before you thought about it. Disney didn’t exist before Walt Disney thought
about it in his brain. If he didn’t think about it first and act
on it, it wouldn’t have happened. That’s the law of attraction. You can manifest anything you want, but you
have to put yourself in the right head space. So that’s my little breakdown. Let me know what your big takeaway was from
this. What do you want to manifest in your life? Let me know in the comments below. If you enjoyed this, hit that like button. Be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get
notified every single time I post a new video. Thank you so much for watching and make sure
you check out this video on how I manifested $1 million. It’s pretty crazy. See you in the next video. Bye.


  • RJinspire

    Back showing support and loving your video while travelling across Russia. Please check, just one of my videos when you are not too busy 😂


    Very good video! Many people don’t know the “Secret” that been used by the planets most influential people for decades.Big Like 👍🏻 Don’t forget to build a vision board, it works! Write down what you want from the universe and believe it’s your destiny 😎✌🏽

  • Lisa Capron

    As a mother of nine and a Certified Pediatric Nurse, I'm always telling parents that they need to phrase instructions to their children positively… children, particularly children under about age 6-7 don't hear "negatives" in instructions. For example, "don't slam the door" they are going to hear (and act on) "slam the door"…. so you have to say "please close the door carefully"…. "don't hit" becomes "we touch nicely"… and so on. Interesting that toddlers are on the same energetic force as the universe! Great video… thank you!

  • Amanda van der Gulik - Financial Literacy

    Beautifully said Sunny! The Secret movie was what changed my life way back when it was first released years ago! Using that and the law of attraction vision boards, gratitude journals, mindmovies and so on have made such a tremendously positive change in my world. Just like how you met Oprah and so on, I've met so many incredible mentors, like Dr. Ben Johnson who was featured in The Secret.

    We were bumped up to 'comfort class' on our honeymoon trip to Florida and he was our seat mate! We took a fun picture together. And that's just one of the amazing things that have happened in my life after deciding to use the secrets you share in your video today to make the law of attraction work in my favour (since, as you mention, it's working anyway, either for or against us depending on our focus.)

    I think most people who are afraid to talk about it or consider it 'woo woo' just don't realize that it's not only a wonderful energy vibration, it's also using our brains to focus on the outcomes we are most deeply desiring. It's kind of like how my mom said, back when I was pregnant for the first time. She said, 'you'll notice that when you're pregnant, you suddenly see pregnant women everywhere!' Boy was she right! Give it a try, focus on noticing red cars … suddenly they are everywhere!

    There are just as many blue, black, yellow, green cars, but your mind now only notices the red ones. It's about training our brains to focus on the end result we desire. Like you mentioned about the house on the water. I know you will get that soon because you have made it your focus so now only opportunities that will get your there quicker become the things you'll notice and because of your pure motivation you'll take the action necessary to make that your new reality!

    Your video today, Sunny, was such perfect timing! I was literally yesterday writing out my next 5 video scripts. I had decided to do a goal – setting challenge for my members where for 5 weeks I'll walk them through all the steps needed to actually manifest their most important goals, from figuring out which goals to go after first, to how to make a vision board, to creating that healthy wealthy mindset for life and so on. Seeing your video today was like the Universe was saying to me, 'yes Amanda, go for it, this is what you need to do!'

    Thank-you Sunny for that little extra push. I so look forward to your double dose of weekly inspiration and motivation … and actually actionable steps. You are my favourite mentor for success here on YouTube. I look forward to meeting you in person one day soon and taking my photo with you too! (I've added that to my vision board, of course! Right beside Oprah!) Big BIG hugs.

  • Anne Clay

    Great explanation! You made it so simple! I already manifested a 1780s colonial homestead in New England, now I will manifest the money to fix the barn roof, put in another bathroom, laundry room and a fire alarm system so I can officially open as a women’s retreat center. Also manifesting 10k – 50 k subs this year. So the tricky part is, and maybe you can make a video on this, what if you partner is casting that magnet the wrong way? Like if you are both pulling for the same goals but one person believes and the other person only sees the bad. It’s like the proverbial 2 people wanting different weather. Only one gets their wish.


    My biggest takeaway to the key to wealth & law of attraction is be positive & have faith like Sunny 😊👏♥️ Thanks for making this video cuz sometimes in order for me to understand things clearly; i have to hear it more than once. Everything is energy & i try to be as positive as i can even tho things can be challenging. I wrote down my goals before 2020 & after i finish this comment; imma do it again. Everything is gonna work out especially if i keep listening to good people like you. I pray everyone achieve their goals. Be blessed

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    I am so grateful for all my customers in my wellness business and I’m ready for more! Thanks for delving more into the law of attraction! It’s important to build hope in people so they can take charge in their lives!

  • The Spirit of the Cosmos

    Thank you Sunny for this powerful message. It's all so true. I am using LOA to clear past life and present life karma by giving and giving to others. This is important to me and I know once I clear the karma I will then receive for manifestation of more of my dreams. Feels great! Much Love and Light to you! 😇 🙏 ☯️ ☮️ 😍

  • Jannelle Giacomo - Glow With Keto

    I created my first vision board in May 2019. The past couple of months I have really made being conscious of my every thought a priority.

    The past several weeks have really opened my eyes! So many things on my vision board have manifested, some in ways totally unexpected. Everything is falling into place.

    Everything you said is SPOT ON 🙌🏼

  • Chris Pietschmann

    Many great tips and advice on how to drive yourself to be successful! These are true points on thought manifestation; regardless whether you believe it's the result of God, the Universe, the Law of Attraction, Grand Design, your subconscious, or any other belief.


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  • W.M. MaGustavo

    Everything that we want already exists in the frequency of abundance. How do we get into alignment with it? We must do what we are passionate about and we must let go of the people, places and things keeping us in limitation. This process will open up the space we require in order to allow ideas and opportunities to flow into our lives – so that we can take both impulsive and inspired actions towards manifesting our dream lives. Much love 🙏

  • WisteriaSuriRanch

    I manifested my alpaca farm with red barns <3 I had always wanted a farm since I was 8 years old, so I was always day-dreaming about it 🙂 until I actually created my farm! Be childlike and imagine all the fun possibilities- and you'll be happily surprised at the gifts that come your way! Sending blessings and much love from the farm <3

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    So much of LOA just makes sense – naturally we’ll experience most what we focus on and create – but so few people talk about the law of ACTION with it. Even to the universe, action speaks louder than words!

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    Something weird really happened. I had scripted visiting a place together with one of my loved ones. And surprisingly it came true to the tee BUT it happened not for me but manifested exactly as I wrote down for the person who was involved in the script as accompanying me in it. I was completely excluded from it but everything else came true and with that person also. I wrote it in past tense with lot of emotion and in the first person. I'm really puzzled and stumped at what went wrong and what I did wrong. I felt fooled as if it was all a joke on me!

  • Christa Bello

    Exactly what my friends and clients find hard to understand is when I ask them "Do you know that whether you believe in the law of attraction or not, it's already working in your life", they usually give me a face such as😏. SO glad that more and more people are getting more aware of LOA and using it to manifest their big dreams including myself. Wishing you all the best , friends out there reading this.

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  • Madison Manathunga

    I love LOA actions. I’m SUPER focused on my language and the “universe doesn’t hear the negative”. So much so that I have stopped saying “No worries!” and instead say “You’re so welcome” or “easy done” or similar instead.

  • One Guitarist

    Excellent video, Sunny! LOA is indeed always working, but too many people look for problems and negative things, so they end up getting more of what they look for, more of what they feel, and more of what they focus on.

    When you can control your mind and thoughts (meditation, diet, exercise, practice all helps), you can actually use the LOA on a regular basis. It's pretty addictive once you understand it and use it 🙂

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    Thank you for your energy and sharing your experience ❣️

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  • Scott Tovey

    My big takeaway?
    I have three!

    1) This is not "the law of attraction", it is "the law of walking by faith" and "the law of reaping what you sow".

    "The law of attraction" is used by atheists that do not want to acknowledge the fact that there is a God.

    Romans 1:17: For therein is the righteousness of God revealed from faith to faith: as it is written, The just shall live by faith.

    Galatians 3:11: But that no man is justified by the law in the sight of God, it is evident: for, The just shall live by faith.

    Galatians 6:7: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.
    8: For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.

    2) You just taught walking by faith better than 99.9% of the preachers I have ever heard teach on faith in my 48 years of hearing preachers preach. They always teach to just believe and never add into it the fact that you have to act on that faith and do the work.

    3) There is a fallacy in this teaching. It is said that as long as you are positive only positive things will happen to you. That is a fallacy because in reality; bad things DO happen to people that are being positive and good.

    A good example of bad things happening to good and positive people is the story of Job in the book of Job.

    Despite his righteousness and not having done evil, a whole lot of bad things happened to him, bad things that God allowed to happen. Now, as Job was going through his ordeal he did tend to get a bit negative on occasion, and that should be expected when people are going through hard and drastic times. His friends condemned him, and his wife condemned him, but Job, despite his ordeal did not loose his faith in God. In the end, God said that Job's ordeal was without cause meaning, despite his accuser, and despite his friends bad attitudes, Job did nothing to deserve the trial.

    Job 2:3: And the LORD said unto Satan, Hast thou considered my servant Job, that there is none like him in the earth, a perfect and an upright man, one that feareth God, and escheweth evil? and still he holdeth fast his integrity, although thou movedst me against him, to destroy him without cause.

    You can throw out all the new age "law of attraction" mumble jumble and stick with your clearly defined and understood teaching of faith and you will have the exact same outcome unless God decides to test you.

    The problem with claiming that bad things won't happen if you are always positive and believing is that there are times when God decides He wants to test people to see if they will keep His commandments.

    During this test, God will allow one not deserving to go through a trial of hard circumstance. That individual is being tested but then, so are those people that are in that individuals circle of contacts. They are being tested to see if they love the Lord their God and will keep His commandment to "love your neighbor as yourself". Christians are tested to see if they love Christ to keep His commandment to "love one another even as I have loved you."

    Typically, the ones going through the hard trial tend to pass their test though not perfectly. The people in the circle of contacts however, tend to take a judgmental attitude towards that one suffering and end up like Job's three friends; failing so miserably that they kindle God's wrath against themselves.

    Job 42:7: And it was so, that after the LORD had spoken these words unto Job, the LORD said to Eliphaz the Temanite, My wrath is kindled against thee, and against thy two friends: for ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, as my servant Job hath.

    So yes, being positive will bring good things into your life, but always take care and never assume that a person going through hard trials and tests is a negative person attracting negative energy.

    It may just be that God has decided to test you to see if you will obey His commandment to love that person despite their apparent negativity or negative circumstance.

  • Tom Billard

    Its not a law please wake up its new age crap actually the original sin thinking you can create reality with your words etc sorry only god can do that. I mean seriously if it were true there would be no poverty sickness etc. I mean where are all the trillionaires? Why would you limit your income if this were true? Lastly you keep attracting people like me explain that . ps the universe is a collection of dying molecules it doesnt give anyone anything. Christ on the other hand is insulted with you so called law and you will answer to him

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    The law of attraction responds to your vibration, basically everything in this entire universe is just energy vibrating at deferent frequencies and that includes you. Your thoughts are also energy that vibrate out into the universe and attract back to you similar circumstances people situations and things. When you use your thoughts to support your desires and fuel them with positive emotions you emit out the frequency of your desire and it must come back to you. Use your thoughts to day dream about your desires and think about them WHEN IT FEELS GOOD and if it no longer feels good or you can only focus on the lack of your desire then change your focus to anything else that does feel good. I really love the Law of Attraction it truly changed my life and I was inspired to create a youtube channel to help people understand more about it, how to use it and the science behind it. I hop this helps you guys and HAVE AN AMAZING DAY!!!

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    The vibration thing is so real. A simple example. When you get your hair done and you're walking down the street and you can see that you're getting more noticed by complete strangers.
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    Yes! Great content Sunny! I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, and I actually was into it long before the secret came out. I still struggle with it because I do have severe anxiety, that severe anxiety keeps me in a place of fear which does not mesh with the law of attraction. I have searched all over for answers on what to do in this situation and have yet to find the answer. My biggest take away from this video is to write it down. Perhaps if I write it down several times, I can re-wire my subconscious mind.

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  • Storytelling with Ev

    This is so amazing, thank you for breaking it down, Sunny! I used to unconsciously manifest things (a 10-month trip across Europe) but what's weird is that when I did my best to manifest things (especially abundance and a stable income), it was always out of my reach. And it didn't occur to me that even though I was consciously manifesting this time (doing all the work: gratitude, scribing, etc) the reason why I wasn't manifesting anything was because my desperation was blocking me. I was desperate to create the income I wanted and that just stopped all my manifestation power. It's kinda insane how even the thought of yearning for something could shut down all my power but it did. Not sure if anyone else has felt this either!

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    Thanks Sunny!! I’m a big believe I. The Law of Attraction. It’s been so great to see you sharing this info. Lots of Love to you for all your beautiful inspiring content!! ✨💖✨

  • Samera's

    Great video My biggest takeaway is to write your goal over and over but whats bring in reality the feeling you already have it and how do you feel now. Sunny where did buy this white journaling notebook 📒? thank you 🙏 😊

  • Triumphant Tiff

    Law of Attraction works when you believe that there is ENOUGH for YOU! There's enough love, attention, wealth, happiness, and power for you. Life has your back! Have a blessed day on your journey to elevate your life!

  • Katherine Kendall

    After watching your first video and many more😉 Oprah coming to my town was announced within days which I'm going to tomorrow! AND I was able to manifest a trip with my mom which we have been wanting to do since I was a kid which we will be going on in September. I'm also working on my new business and YouTube channel. It's has been amazing!!!

  • Your Own Empire

    Anyone else click the video and instantly hit the like before hearing anything she has to say?
    Cuz ya just know it's gonna be good, lol

  • nairbvel

    One of the best things about the Law of Attraction is that even you think it's total bunk and nothing more than a fairy tale, it pushes you to think positively, hold positive thoughts and release negative thoughts, and practice gratitude — all of which have been repeatedly proven to make one both happier and healthier in clinically provable ways. You literally cannot lose with it, no matter what. 🙂

  • Banting Recipes

    I totally love LOA! I still haven't done my vision board for 2020 but hoping to get it done this week. Thanks for this Sunny ♡

  • Usualmike Television -Toy Showcase

    I would like to manifest a huge building with my name on it or my company name and being proud to know I employ so many people and create wealth for myself and others. I love the idea of how you can make us think in a positive way to achieve your goals. As a teenager I wanted to own a BMW. No one in my family ever had that car ever. I envisioned myself owning one and since those days I have had 3. I just used positive thinking! Thank you Sunny! Love your videos!

  • Parran Daddy

    My desire is simple, in theory. I wish to manifest a career. Problem is I have no idea what I want to do. I have been in insurance sales, medical sales, and the restaurant business. While studying Marketing in college I interned with my local AAA Baseball team and Chamber of Commerce.

    I graduated in 2006 and was never hired by any marketing firm. The only people who would hire me were sales managers. One of the biggest problems, is that I graduated before the age of social media and that is what every company wants their marketing staff to know about. I learned all about traditional marketing, but there wasn't a single class offered in social media in 2006 because it did not exist. Now there are entire majors, like a B.S. in Digital Marketing, which just blow my resume out of the water and make me appear to be a dinosaur. But, I digress.

    I truly don't care if I get a career in Marketing, I just want a career. Today, I was offered something that could be what I've been trying to manifest. It is a non-sales job which utilizes another major skill I have, which is extensive knowledge of my home city. The pay is very low, but I believe the universe may have come through with this. Still, I won't and can't say that it is my dream job, because I have no clue what that is.

    I get glimmers here and there and I even have a short list in my head of business ideas I believe I would enjoy. Thing is, they all require at least some capital to start, which I don't have.

    So, how do I figure it out? I have begun trying by watching videos like this and making positive affirmations of success and abundance while doing something I LOVE.

    The universe should be hearing me, because I am bombarding it with my positive affirmations of what I want, my dream career. And I am blasting this outloud and on every forum I find. If you have some feedback I would love to hear it. Thanks for the video.

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    CLEAR GO TO GUIDE in Law of Attraction. LOVE IT!!! Thank You @sunnylenarduzzi
    To help get clear on what you want @melrobbins FREE #bestdecadeever is REAL good. Am doing it myself right now.
    Thank You Sunny n tean for your awesome videos!!!

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    After seeing your latest videos, I started to believe in myself, much more than before. I believe this will the year of my ascendance. Thank you for your advices! I do have an idea of how to live better, from now on

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